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by: Ashley Jerread

SWK 320 WEEK TWO SWK 320-003

Ashley Jerread
GPA 4.0
Human Behavior and the Social Enviornment
Mrs. Jacquelyn Lee

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About this Document

Here's week two!
Human Behavior and the Social Enviornment
Mrs. Jacquelyn Lee
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashley Jerread on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SWK 320-003 at University of North Carolina - Wilmington taught by Mrs. Jacquelyn Lee in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see Human Behavior and the Social Enviornment in Social Work at University of North Carolina - Wilmington.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
SOCIAL WORK 320 WEEK TWO NOTES 83115 Systems Theory quotAll things connectedquot VS Ecological Theory quotEnvironment mattersquot Reading Review PE person in environment approach Micro Mezzo Micro Approach Biopsychosocial Approach Systems Theory Ecological Theory Strengths Perspective Readino Review Explained PE how the environment affects how a person behaves Micro individual amp family Mezzo Groups amp organizations Macro Bigger social environment EX UNCW Environment Social physical amp natural Biopsychosocial Approach immediate social environment narrow individual focus The biological psychological and social aspects of an individual can include assessments but not always 0 Systems everything is related understand that the environment impacts individual Ecoogica impact on your development based on the environment how does it change the individual Strengths Perspective all people have the ability to change amp overcome being able to recognize an individual39s strengths amp capitalize on them There39s lots of overlap between systems amp ecological theory Strengths Persbective Person is de ned as unique traits amp talents resources add up to strengths 0 Consider cutura valuestraditions resources skillstalentstraits coping strategies familiesfriendscommunity support networks Resilience Theorv Assumptions Key concepts Philosophical underpinnings Strengths limitations Conceptual Framework Professionalsocialization Presocialization gt Formal socialization gt practice after formal socialization Process of ongoing change and outcomes Model Roberts39 Seven Stage Crisis Intervention Model Follow Action Plan Generate amp Explore Deal with Feelings amp Emotions Identify Major Establish rapport amp rapidly establish relationship Crisis Assessment Theorv Construction Inductive reasoning theory temporary hypothesis pattern observation Deductive reasoning con rmation observation hypothesis theory What is the Purpose of Theorv Theory is set of propositions derived from and supported by evidence 0 Purpose 0 Explain amp predict human behavior Explain amp predict impact of larder social structures Explain amp predict social problems Guide social work practice Inform social policy Direct social research 00000 How to Apply Theory 0 Theory helps us 0 Understand human behavior gather research 0 Helps do something with the information gathered o Lenses to receive information from client researchers practice wisdom Guide your practice o Identi es needs 0 Identi es how change may come about 0 Guides interventions chosen What is TheorvMindedness quotEveryday perspectivequot A tool to link thought and action in practice Rejects the notion that anyone can ever possess a full arsenal of theoretical knowledge Re ects a willingness to make informed choices on the basis of theoretical knowledge and consider the fact that there s always additional knowledge to be gained TheorvMindedness Allows a Practitioner Assume a thoughtful framework in applying theory to inform describe and guide practice To not only critically apply theory to practice but theorize from practice Provide both purpose and rationale to practice methods approaches and decisions Identify what they do not know and to ask useful questions in pursuit of understanding information and eventual practice application Eliminate the need for thinking in terms of quotgapsquot between theory and practice Theorymindedness moves beyond the bifurcation of theory and practice Application to Practice 0 Use critical re ection Consider all aspects of person and environment Draws on intellectual contributions to understanding human behaviors Avoid rejecting theory as useless theory dogmatism and undisciplined ececticism Instead cultivate selfawareness develop a knowledge of theory that acknowledge person and environment and evaluate shortcomings limitations of theory 922015 EcoMapping Paper amp pen diagram of ecological system of the client system individual family or larger to explore relationships with elements of the environment groups associations organizations other families and individuals An assessment tool often used with families Designed to achieve a holistic or ecological view of the client system Collaborative identi es needs and resources Elements to Consider lncludino in an Ecomab Systems in the focal system39s environment EX individuals groups organization etc Individuals sexgendersexual orientation age raceethnicity mentalphysical health concerns Characterization of relationship ow of energy Ecomap Key Characterizing relationships between systems Stressful Tenuousweak Broken Positiveresource Uncertain Strengthintensity Arrows pointing to client Arrows pointed to system Arrows pointed in both directions Decide what kind of lines or patterns that you should use for your ecomap Darker lines represent a stronger relationship Genogram Description of inheritance Family tree with notes genetic information Helps understand relationship of family


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