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Week 3 Notes

by: Julia Alexandra Lord

Week 3 Notes Art 275, Cjs 307, Geo 207, Mat 113, Phi 101

Julia Alexandra Lord
World Arts:Visual
M. Duncan-Flowers, S. Kethineni, A. Bloom, J. Cier, D. O'Connell

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About this Document

Detailed notes from week 3 with pictures!
World Arts:Visual
M. Duncan-Flowers, S. Kethineni, A. Bloom, J. Cier, D. O'Connell
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Julia Alexandra Lord on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Art 275, Cjs 307, Geo 207, Mat 113, Phi 101 at Illinois State University taught by M. Duncan-Flowers, S. Kethineni, A. Bloom, J. Cier, D. O'Connell in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see World Arts:Visual in Art at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
Art 275 World Arts Week 3 Notes Abbasid moved into Damascus decided it would be better if the center was moved eastward 9 Chose to move it to Mesopotamia 0 Close to trade routes and accessible by boat 9 Named the city Medina alSalam quotCity of Peace 0 The city was never actually a city of peace Built by AlMansur in 762 built on a circular plan Has a Golden Gate Palace and a Green Dome Administrative offices and residence are located along the outside 9 Ruler s palace located in the center 9 Also has gardens pools and pavilions 9 Has a Great Mosque o MasjidI Ijami 9 The city has a double layer of walls with a moat in between 9 Aligned with major streets N S E W o This creates four subdivided sectors 9 The whole city became an administrative center and residence lived elsewhere 9 This plan doesn t exist anymore was founded by alMutasim in 836 9 Conflicts with Turkish guards 9 They trained children for battle 9 This was the 2nCI capital 0 Didn t last a full century 9 The wealthy moved here 0 No solid economic structure 0 Economy collapsed 0 City was abandoned I The city still exists today because it was abandoned The two capitals of the time were Baghdad and Samarra Seven years later the son Caliph alMutawakkil who was a cruel ruler built 9 It was very large with many aisles 9 Decorated with mosaic at the top and marble below 9 Hypostyle supported on brick piers 9 Has a flat teakwood roof 9 Square mihrab in the qibla wall 9 The courtyard has deep multiaisled porticoes 9 It had 2 sets of walls 0 Inside was made of brick 0 Was reinforced with semicircular bestirs 9 Spiral tower that rises to 165 feet 9 External ramp to the top 9 Has a domed pavilion that is open with arches and colonets 9 It was damaged during the Iraq War 9 It is now called a minaret 0 Symbols of power 0 Establish power of Mosques 9 Used for call to prayer Caligraphy in the Qur an 9 quotbeautiful writing 9 Highest most respected form of art 9 Part of the decorative elements 6 liqug liulir lLaslmni li39illic F39nliali 1Ililquot K lll1lh i 1Iliquot 55 i39I39 K39Iliic gameJ1le I H mhaj IHHVI39 The Most basic calligraphy is at top and progressively becomes more advanced 9 High court functionary 9 quotfather of Islamic calligraphy 0 Created the first system J j w a of proportion h o 6 CurSIve scripts MU aqqaq I Calligraphy masters create those styles In the 19th Century bn Muqla System of Proportion and Cursive scripts takes off 9 The calligaraphy is based off geometry 9 The Which is easy to write is 9 is found on buildings as ornamental There were 2 formats of the Qur an 9 Early and late 9 Had many volumes 2024 9 Written on Parchment from Animal skins o Kufic script 0 5 lines per page 0 Written Horizontally rather than vertically 9 These were the first luxury editions of the Qur an 9 Copies of the Qur an were made 0 Only had 5 perfect copies 9 There were 114 0 Broken into 9 Arranged by size large to small During the 11th century the Qur an is written vertically on paper which becomes the standard format 9 Several critical marks to help vocalize the Qur an o Qur ans were handmade and handwritten up until the 19th century Elephant Water Clock Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices Automata 9 Written by AlJazari in 1206 In the beginning of the 13th century 9 Manuscript was copied and illustrated in 1315 9 Modern doityourself manual 0 Instructions on devices that were made 9 The water clock marks every 30 minutes Bronze Ewer 9 9th century Iran 9 Cast in one piece with a simple shape 9 Made for wine and water 9 Many different sets 0 Some were preserved 9 Bronze is soft enough to mold Islamic glass in traditional Roman shapes 9 Glass making techniques mold blown glass blowing 9 Hot working techniques manipulation of hot vessel application of glass to the surface 9 Cold working techniques engraving cutting grinding o Grind glass surface to create designs Lobed green glass bowl from Western Asia in the 9th10th century 9 Green glass heats slowly in Kiln and would sag into the mold o It would cool and then they grind the surface to create the design 0 SplitPalmettetree like quotBlack and Red Bowl from Nishapur Iran in te 10th Century 9 Muslim potters create ceramics 9 Made out of earthenware 9 Kufic inscriptions of blessings inspirations etc 9 with a whitish color Polychrome Bowl with Blossom Motif from Iraq 9th Century 9 Utilitarian wareeveryday ware 9 Cobolt Blue glaze 0 Had an impact on Chinese later on Bowl with Man and Leopard from Egypt Late 10thEarly 11th Century 9 Luster paint sulfur silver copperoxide Red ochre yellow ochre vinegar


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