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Business Info Systems

by: Camren Kiehn

Business Info Systems DSC 340

Camren Kiehn
GPA 3.66

Michael Pangburn

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About this Document

Michael Pangburn
Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Camren Kiehn on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DSC 340 at University of Oregon taught by Michael Pangburn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 60 views. For similar materials see /class/187202/dsc-340-university-of-oregon in Decision Sciences at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
Using Management Information Systems Purposes of Information Systems Chapter 2 DSC 340 Professor Mike Pangburn Businesses need find ways to leverage IS to achieve competitive advantage There are eight principles of competitive adv Create new productservice Enhance productservice Differentiate productservice Lockin customers Lockin supplier Raise barriers to market entry Establish alliances Reduce costs Example 2 possible info systems for carrental company Which principle a Information System as Part of a Car Rental Product Daily Senrice Schedule November 17 2005 Sta mIID 22 Sta mLName Lubrication ServiceDate SenteTime Vehicth Make ServiceDescripi39lm 11r17mos 1203 AM 153893 Feed Sildlnbe llfl39h ZJ S 1103AM 12448 Toyula Shdlnbe Staiin ilD 2 6 Stalin Name Alignment ServiceDate ServieTiJne Vehicth Make ServiceDescripi39lm 1 1r139rmos 903 AM 12448 Toyota Fm erd alignment inspect Siaiin will 2 8 Sia nnName Transmission ServiceDate ampwieTime Vehicth Make Model Mileage ServiceDescript39lm 111179305 1111 AM 15389 Foul Etpimer 2244 Tmmissinnodl charge b Information System that Supports a Car Rental Product Which principle Example 2 poss39ble 39nfo systems for log39st39cs company Very successful implementation recognize this company Consider the CA principles supported iw mi mm m w 39Fewms 15min 14 CAJMKFSJwww tcum C smu ruckInst A nsslank Pmmuncu rasmlp mam Logan Home 00mm Mm yum sliiullmu m mm mm m vackzuzdmziis Commame Mme mm W Scier mac se39we 5mm an Wm Seieci pa aging V r v weight M uxmiian iMwmkMih v v arson Education 5 L 7 quot quot quot u ml WWW r us Doliu Bilhnu vielails minmennn SEHCEV inicm39m v mmnmanmyacc 39 Amen m M Mon slilullmnl amus E Adam my Les em 13960va in at hwy v immanmmm ammx mammalax Serverside storage of recipient data n m Eda m Fm M mwmmac om ABC Ship Yucklmsmry A rass Ennk Pu linens ransmplnznam x ecumme Heme Dackaue um In a scnneg 5mm mmgm x Iumuuu w mm was mm manyname P w W ABEEanayw w camme my ummu 5W Andrus o W sum M K n cm W mm m usww 9m W my V Hillmudemls m we mummm Sender WW V n mm n m telephone 20 555 9999 5 N V D Flesufzvmu ai SanMMde WW I mm m m mm mm Why make it serverside rather than clientside lnteg ated Email Noti cation qui W mum mew Faveus rods mummy A mlwk mum MShlu Report Snncmsznm39es I mnswmwm e W gs d mm imam 13mm nAEC mm H mm mm WW 3 I exceea7 quot cmuus muw lup a 5mm vumny mummy 3 vmi max on an as iomliun 39Aac Orv Qiklt gnmchmcmrmuesl Us i I I I h Ramnwmmm 7 muvvgvljighigimxuinv WWWW mmumwgmuimw Wm mmms W isliiummu ind m i m mm usmnc mm m Emmi rwnedm M mm m Which of the CA principles are supported Integrated label printing u vnn Fl Edit View Favunzes T Is Help Oauk v v N ff 1 Seanh J yFavoviku Law 57 LI mumIwwm mm venue Macon ZZiISIEiIK L39m willl lllllllllllllllll llullll l To Ken Johnson 201555 5 0Wquot Prentice Hall SelecxPnnlev One Lake Street Upper Saddle River NJ 25 R f AUobat Auto Acrobat Auto Auto Auto Canon 563 630 on e PDFWvllel PDFWntev Canon lt Slams Ready L T Hk 7915 5892 2013mm a a ocalmn Comment Canon 630 07458 NJUS pegmange An page name For mmple 512 Numbclolcooies 1 OPages 1 V g r l l i 2 2 3 a Emev ellhelasmle page numbeloiasmle l l H Shipping Label Your shipment is complete Which of the CA principles are supported Fedex recap a Product and information delivery system 0 More than just physical logistics 9 From what we have seen does the IS they developed address Productservice o Barriers Alliances Costs Information Systems for Problem Solving 9 Information systems can also be used to solve problems a Problem definition 0 A problem is a perceived difference between what is and what is not 0 Not always easy to define since it depends on one s perspective Example You buy a new laptop and it fails after 2 days You call in spend 30 minutes on hold and with CSR seems to have fixed problem A day later same problem arises fix didn t work Call again new CSR has no record of your prior call asks you to repeat most of the same trouble shooting steps What is the problem here What issue could a new system help address Problem definition continued Your perspective the problem is that the fix didn t work and the 2ncl CSR had only the same fix CSR s perspective I need to be able to pull up records verifying precisely what steps have been previously taken Production manager We have a design or manufacturing problem and we need to track failures and why they are occuring All personnel in the organization must have a understanding of which definition of the problem the information system will address Problem definition continued Consider the perspectives in the prior example Three types of information systems could address those three different perspectives Need to track problems and their effective solutions 0 KMS Knowledge Management Systems c Need to track customer information and our interactions 0 CRM Customer Relationship Management 0 Need to track sources of production problems 0 QC Quality Control information system Customer Relationship Management CRM System Sales Product Service Activities 81 Repairs Customer customer Customer Purchases Database Support Calls Customer Customer Returns Training A knowledge management system KMS is an information system for storing and retrieving organizational knowledge This knowledge can be in the form of data documents or employee knowhow KMS goal is to make the organization knowledge available to 39 Employees Vendors Customers Investors Exa m lo 3991 Microsoft Knowledge Base Customer Support KMS Support Representative Problem r Internet Databases 1 Resources Help Manufacturing Topics Specifications Training Materials These resources are stored as collections of related data typically in relational databases o we will learn more about relational DBMS s in Chapter 4 Decision Types 9 Developing an information system is to facilitate decision making 9 Decisions occur at three levels 0 Operational 0 Minutetominute hourtohour daytoday decisions o Supporting IS are called transaction processing systems TPS 0 Tactical textbook calls these managerial decisions are medium term decisions 0 eg allocation of resources o Supporting IS are called management information systems MIS 0 Strategic decisions making concern longterm organizational issues o Supporting lS are called executive information systems EIS DecisionMaking Processes s A framework for decision processes 0 Structured there is an understood and accepted method for making the decision 0 Unstructured there is no agreedupon decision process a The terms structured and unstructured refers to the decision process not the underlying subject Decision Types and Decision Processes Structured Operational Managerial Strategic Information Systems in DecisionMaking a Two basic approaches 0 Automated information systems 0 Make the software handle the processing and decision logic 0 Humans start the programs and use the results 0 Augmentation information systems 0 People will guide the system 0 These systems augment support or supplement the work done by people to aid in decision making Relate back to the chapter 1 Five Components of IS Framework Hardware Programs Procedures Automated Information Systems Augmented Information Systems Relate back to Decision Types and Decision Processes Automated Systems Augmented Systems Structured Operational Managerial Strategic Steps in Decision Making Q There are five steps 0 Intelligence gathering 0 Alternative formulation Choice 0 Implementation 0 Review 9 Thinking about these specific steps helps us identify specific corresponding information systems that might be helpful Steps in Decision Making Inte ligen ee gathering I What is t b e d eci tied I What are the decision criteria 1 Dhtain relevant data 139 Communicatiene a pplica ens ie mail 39eid ee cenfe re nei ng word pie eeseing prese ntati eni ue W a nd re perting ey39ste ms Data analysis applieatiene Mterneii39re farm uletien What are the choices I Eernrnunicatiene applica one Che ice I Ana hrze choices against criteria using data Select alternative 5 pre adshe ete 39 Fl nan Ciel med eling IJther modeling Imple me ntaij en I Maire it so Enmmun in atie he a ppli ca one Review Evaluate resu he of dee39eion If necessary re peat process to current and adapt 39 Cemmunieatinns Ilue rir a nd re porting r S preadehe ete and ether anel y eie Summary Competitive advantages Problem identification 0 Solving problems for employeescustomers with different perspectives requires distinct IS Three IS types KMS CRM and QC Decision types shortterm to longterm Decision processes structured vs unstructured IS in decision making automated vs augmented Five basic steps in decision making 0 Each can imply different IS needs


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