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US history week 6 notes

by: Kenzie Busick

US history week 6 notes History 151

Marketplace > Colorado State University > History > History 151 > US history week 6 notes
Kenzie Busick
GPA 3.7

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About this Document

Getting into Victorian Values, the change in architecture, and interiors of Victorian homes.
Clara Keyt
Class Notes
Victorian Values, Victorian architecture, US History, 1900s
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kenzie Busick on Monday February 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 151 at Colorado State University taught by Clara Keyt in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see 151 in History at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 02/29/16
Week 6 Notes 02/22/2016 ▯ Victorian America (1837-1901)  Reign of Queen Victoria ▯ Victorian Values  Race/Class o Second immigration wave (1820-1870) o Third Immigration wave (1881-1920) o Gave rise to industrialization in cities  Gender o Separate Spheres  Women stayed home, men went out and worked  Display material wealth o True womanhood/manhood  True man- success and moving up corporate ladder, aggressive, rational, making money  True woman- virtuous, submissive, domestic, “the great civilizer”  Technology o The industrial revolution o Factories, mining, milling o Technology in the home o Infrastructure- railroads, canals, bridges o Telecommunication- the telegraph  Space o Landscape engineering o Picturesque & romantic- cemeteries, parks (any public spaces) o Architecture o Urban vs. rural ▯ Architectural changes  Victorian architecture reflects.. o Increase in capital o Rise in consumerism o Rapid growth o Industrialization  Railroads/expansion of US economy  Tied national economy together  Steel/timber/materials to build a railroad  Capital: increase in money  Ability to deliver to a mass/national market  How society changed as a result of industry producing mass goods o The bureaucracy of the railroad o The growth of the middle class o The growth of cities o Society changes -> building practices change -> balloon frame housing  Balloon frame construction o Advantages of balloon framing  Quick to put up/ship  Simple and lightweight  Flexible design and use  Democratization  A lot more people had access to it, affordable  Also leads to the mass production of brick ▯ The Victorian home  Represents a shift from agricultural to industrial society  Cultural belief system of Victorian Americans o A continuation of the new middle class, but much larger o Compartmentalization- hierarchical society o Control- behavioral societal o Individualism- spaces express personal taste, needs o Consumerism- buy, buy, buy! ▯ The types of Victorian Architecture  Second empire or mansard o Asymmetrical or symmetrical o Windows in the roof, many balconies  Richardsonian Romanesque o Popular for public buildings in the West o Had masonry walls (rough on outside instead of smooth) o Often had towers o Asymmetrical  Queen Anne Style o Most prominent style o Complicated roofline, towers, balcony, porch, mixed materials, textured, lathe-turned spindles, projecting bays  Free classic Queen Anne o More modern-like ▯ Victorian interiors  Reflected compartmentalization  Parlors- represented the face people represented to the public, decorated by women o Very draped, more stuff to display-> more wealth you had  Dining rooms- decorated by men- more masculine o Behavior was taken very seriously when eating at someone’s house, there were many rules involving etiquette  Private areas o Bedrooms and bathrooms ▯ ▯


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