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Economy Pacific NW

by: Krystel Connelly

Economy Pacific NW EC 432

Marketplace > University of Oregon > Economcs > EC 432 > Economy Pacific NW
Krystel Connelly
GPA 3.85

William Whitelaw

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About this Document

William Whitelaw
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Krystel Connelly on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EC 432 at University of Oregon taught by William Whitelaw in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/187262/ec-432-university-of-oregon in Economcs at University of Oregon.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
ECON 432 amp 532 I NOTES amp COMMENT 2 APR 09 LEC432 09 02 ADMINISTRATIVE TRIVIA ADMINISTRIVIA A B 0 New Folks From Andrew get handouts from TUE s class Circulation List Handed out today check your names phone numbers and email 1 inform Andrew of any errors 2 if your name doesn t appear it s most likely because either a you checked No under Circulate or failed to check either Yes or No or b you didn t ll out and submit a questionnaire Quiues 1 Quiz 1 a Part 1 takehome due 8am today b Part 2 inclass rst 20 minutes of class today 2 Quiz 2 a Part 1 takehome handed out today due 8am THU 49 b Part 2 inclass rst 20 minutes TUE 47 class Focus on AMOS i Ch2 Figures 22 amp 23 ii Ch2 Appendix Figures 2A1 2A2 2A4 O ice QampA Today I ll remain in MCK 125 until 950 then MCK 240B if anyone plans to see me Team PNW Telecommunications 1 From you to me a 1st choice email And always copy Andrew unless it s personal and con dential b 2nd choice fone You may call me or text message me at anytime on my cell 5419545152 You re unlikely to get me on the rst try so leave me the relevant phone numbers and all the times when you re willing to take a call eg during 200500 am If you say quotAnytimequot I ll interpret that literally so prepare yourself for a call before 500 am You might also warn those who share your phone If it s a weekday emergency andI don t answer my cell call my offcampus office 6870051 2 From me to you Check your email daily Workload 1 College students should expect 34 hours of work outside the class for every hour in the class For example if you ve got 15 hours in classes per week you should expect 4560 hours of work outside class for a total of 6075 hours of academic work per week That does not include the sprints for midterms and nals The point If your teachers do their jobs then you should have no social life See Dave Barry on College website Remember Matt Damon s high school drama teacher Just do the work kid wzv MODELS See Miscellany at the end of these notes A Descriptive How things are eg phone books road maps the census quotThe study of urban amp regional economics begins with the observation that population density varies enormously from place to placequot Mills amp Hamilton Urban Economics 53911 edn 1994 p4 What percent of the EugeneSpring eld urbanarea population lives in Eugene Does the percent of land occupied by manufacturers differ between downtown Eugene and the area west of McKinley between W 11th and Highway 99 Does the price of land at 839h amp Olive differ from its price at 19 h amp Agate B Explanatory Why things are the way they are eg Y YX1 X2 X3 or the devil made me do it w does the price of land vary enormously across EugeneSpring eld Suggestion Examine de nitions distinguishing between describe and explain C Predictive How things probably W171 be eg Yt 1035Yt1 To predict project or forecast accurately one must have a good explanatory model Will the crime rate at 15th amp Hilyard increase or decrease in the next 10 years D Normative How we d like things to be eg goals objectives E Prescriptive How do we get from where we are to where we d like to be III A SYSTEM OF FACTORY TOWNS A Recall the H11 H12 matrix B To create a factory town we allowed only one household to introduce new technology re ecting scale econornies C Create Fig 22 by l letting other entrepreneurs use the technology or create their own technologies embodying scale econornies 2 allowing entry IV RESOURCESORIENTED FIRMS AND PROCESSING TOWNS A M lat oriented industry Fig 22 1 p29 pam2 sl We ignored the cost oftmnsporu39ng the mw materials urban goods shirts 2 p29 pam2 s4 an industry cost oftmnsporu39ng output is large relative material inputs B Mate ids oriented industry Fig 23 1 p29 paws sl opposite extreme 2 p29 paws s3 an industry cost oftmnsporu39ng material inputs is large relative output FIGURE 2 2 System of Factory 1m Nat pm or nanny mm m of homemade hm FIGURE 2 3 System nfl mcekxing lnwns 24 Dumnve mm cormlnm A A y pm yr ln vx n l nnles w m v l wnh a dame of 15 miles beween mm 1 m equilibrium worm specialize y i i I w t 39 l 39 l I i y 5 tttt lot 200 7 Diwnw hm mmlinc m mu pm rmn m n m I mm m In processing plant mm lhel e um pmmrsing plan 5 gonna mm o a norpmmmg mm develop Mm dismnm iv 80 miles Luvc ham V Appendix L ocation Decisions of TransferOriented Firms De nitions pp 356 TransIEIarienlea39 rm dominant criterion for choosing a location cost of tmnsporu39ng inputs and outputs Procurement cast cost of transporting raw materials to the production facility Distribution cast cost of tmnsporu39ng the output to the output market Assumptions p 36 A Resource oriented firms Table 2A1 Fig 2A1 X distance from forest to actory m physical weight of input A transportcost rate of input PC m t1 39X What are the units of measurement DC we we may TABLE ZA l MUIIet dry Weights for a RestiurceeOricmcd Firm Input wand Output bats Physical weight lam 10 3 Transpan tats cost pct39 Inn per mile SI 52 Munemry weight tpnysicttl weight titncs mic 5m 6 FIGURE ZA l A Weightelmsing Firm Locales at Its Input SHIH39L39L S Inn 39l39tvtttl Irillhpnn cost PC 0F kn t 6 Procurement cost Pt t 4 39 nntnhnnnn cusl III 39I 20 I I I l 2 4 t S I I itilslllllk S from totctt IO 3 ft 4 l l lislztncc from market TAMI transport cmt 39 39 39 39 the input t ni 39 t t t tan 39 quotm I L 39L L 36 TABLE 2A2 Monetary Weights for u MttrkctOriuntcd Firm Input sugar Output beverages Physical weight must i 4 Ttans nrt mtc mm per ton pct tnilet SI SI Mttnelttry veigltl physical weight llmcgt ntlc st 34 FXGURE ZAZ A Weighusnntng rum Locates at Its Output Market l wcuremenl um t ntnt tntnspnn an P t pr Dist iblman Cnst u t lhlul u nun input ntnw n J 2 u t r t distante mm nntkct B Principle otMediln Locution pp 3941 1 The meolian location minimizes total travel costs by splitting ttavel destinations into two equal halves with half the destinations in one olitection anol halfin the othet direction 39 FIGURE ZA 3 The Principle 01 Median Location W X Y l t t t t DIsLulce from w 0 l 2 3 9 Number of consumers 2 3 1 O 10 ltavel destinations tuzo wo equal halves Trlnlshipmmt Point and Port Citie pp 3941 A r n om FIGURE 2A 4 Median Location and Ports luput Soun 4 Mouettuy wcigh Culpm Mntttet M Moucmly wciglu s 0 lnpm Source 5 Vloncl lgh SIS l ttiu soul ccs A and B 39 t I by 330 bm deetense output tmttspott costs by only 10 Milcdllny Models ale abs a ca39ons o 39ty nonymous RealiWisnotu39ng but a collectivelmncll Lily Tomlin


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