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Intro to Evolution

by: Raven Connelly

Intro to Evolution EVE 100

Raven Connelly
GPA 3.56

David Begun

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About this Document

David Begun
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Raven Connelly on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EVE 100 at University of California - Davis taught by David Begun in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/187321/eve-100-university-of-california-davis in Evolution And Ecology at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
1 How did Lamarck s model of evolution explain the existence today of many organisms of varying complexity 2 Why did Darwin extensively discuss domesticated animals in Origin of Species 3 Darwin s quotOrigin of Speciesquot had two main goals What were they 4 Explain why bird and bat forelimbs could be 391 J to be or not J J J39 on the biological perspective one takes 5 Define stabilizing selection 6 Evolution occurs in a populations or b individuals Explain 7 A scientist collects several female butter ies marks them and then follows each female throughout the summer to measure egg production assume egg production is highly correlated withfitness The data are shown in the graph below What type of natural selection is occurring so 0 g 0 0 E m o o o g o D E O L D D E 15 5 s a D 5 LI O 0 o o o o e i 10 15 20 Wing length cm 8 If natural selection acts mainly at the level of individual organisms and their phenotypic traits why does natural selection often result in a change of genotype frequencies over time 9 What type of phenotypic distribution is expected for a trait controlled by a large number of loci 10 What is the frequency of a brand new autosomal mutation in a population of diploid organisms of size N 11 What is the frequency of a mutant when it has fixed in a population 12 Which type of autosomal deleterious mutant recessive or dominant would you expect to see at higher frequency in a population Why 13 The frequency of one form of recessive X linked color blindness is 5 among American men a What is the expected frequency of this form of color blindness among American women b What fraction of American women would be heterozygous carriers c Now show generally that for a trait due to a rare X linked recessive allele the frequency of carrier women is approximately equal to the two times the frequency of affected men Hint solve expressions in terms of a rare allele with freq 2 q 14 Assume H W equilibrium and a single locus two allele system The frequency of AA genotypes is 04 What is the frequency of the quotaquot allele 15 Consider a single locus three allele model with alleles A1 A2 and A3 at frequencies 06 03 and 01 respectively Under Hardy Weinberg assumptions what is the expected frequency of heterozygotes 16 The human ABO blood group phenotype results from a one locus autosomal three allele system In a sample of 200 Americans the observed numbers of individuals having each of the six possible genotypes are AA AO BB BO 00 AB 25 28 18 82 5 42 Under the assumptions of Hardy Weinberg equilibrium what is the number of individuals expected for each genotype in a sample of n 200 17 Consider the following genetic model at a locus in a population AA Aa aa Absolute fitness 03 04 05 What is the dominance coefficient at this locus What will happen to the mean fitness of this population over time 18 Consider a haploid organism and a single locus with two alleles A and a with relative fitnesses of w and 1 respectively Show that the ratio of Aa genotypes in generation t1 is equal to wpq Where p and q are the genotype frequencies is generation t Hint This is a haploid counterpart of the theoretical model of directional selection for diploids given in lecture this problem is easier than it appears at first glance 19 What is the definition of mutation selection equilibrium 20 Assuming random mating show that for a population having fitnesses Aa aa 1 1 hs 1 s


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