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Representing Royalty : Global

by: Alicia Mutlu

Representing Royalty : Global Art civilization 201

Alicia Mutlu
Cal State Fullerton
GPA 3.4

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About this Document

Differing definitions of royalty and how it's represented
Elisa mandell
Class Notes
art civilizatoin 202 mesoamerica ancient royalty representations
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alicia Mutlu on Monday February 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to Art civilization 201 at California State University - Fullerton taught by Elisa mandell in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see ART CIVILIZATION in Art at California State University - Fullerton.

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Date Created: 02/29/16
Portraiture: Royalty Elisa Mandell Art History “How do artists in different places and times represent kingship or significance? Hans Holbein the Younger (1497-1549) German and Swiss printmaker and is Well known for being the best in portraits. Often working in a renaissance style. “Younger” to distinguish him from his dad with the same name. Circle of Juan de Borgoña Carlos V - Representing kings as saints. There are several signs. Saint Sebastion with a halo behind him and an arrow there’s the scene of saint sebastian being murdered by a firing squad and arrows using the attributes of a saint or a god to create a connection between the two. Leone Leoni Carlos V- Heroic nude- Triumphing over a Fury- a reference of greek and roman nudes. Mesoamerica Olmec (1200 B.C.E. – 400 C.E.)- Predate the Mayans- Had Complete sculptures of disembodied heads with a great degree of naturalism expressed for such an early date. Cared and quarried without any metal tools using only other stones to carve the stone. The detail suggests they were modeled after real individuals. Either kings or ballplayers because of the headdresses they’re wearing could very well be a helmet. Maya Lady Xok- Mayan Sculpture - vision Serpent- one of the most feared rulers of the time- rumored to be Pakal’s sister Lintel- a horizontal door frame the lintel sits atop only visible if you were standing underneath it. Yaxchilan Palenque- Where Pakals from- Depicted with royal attributes and those associated with gods. Naturalistic representations Tikal- A vertical scuplture effort to show luxurious clothing and endowments woven matte pattern symbol of kingship and large feathered cape and huge feathered headdress lots of feathers from a bird that has very few. Hasaw Kan K’awil- a lintel in a temple in tikal. with Lady xok Decorated with quadtrofoil flowers and holding a bowl of papers with blood splotches and in her right hand holding elegantly with a jade pretrial ear spears a jade bracelet and she's holding another bowl of splattered paper out of smoke is a serpent out of the serpent is a warrior. Donatello- A sculpure of king David a Heroic nude. Moment after the kill. (1430-60) wavering between childish interest and adult responsivilities. He’s resting his foot on the goliath head. Representing the triumph over milan. Prepubescent adolescent additude and body shape Michelangelo- creates a sculpture 40 years after Donatello’s. Still nude. More adult in attitude and physically. Ideal athletic male body type. incredibly naturalistic. represents a psychological maturity. Captures the moment before the kill see him strategizing holding the stone that he kills goliath with. Bernini- 1623- Sculpture captures the moment during the kill. Depicted twisted creating an unusual moment within a stagnant sculpture. a snapshot moment. Something in the instant. The face is concentrated with furrowed brows and biting lips. at the time. Under attack by protestants part of the protestant reformation in response created artwork to create catholics to stay over emotional artwork to be more receptive to emotions and Catholicism. to believe. Caravaggio- Portrait of David and Goliath- Theatricality created by light and shadow chiaroscuro- Heavy light and dark juxtaposition tenebrism- exaggerated chiaroscuro a dramatic contrast most important in light and least is left in the dark Marie-Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun- important painting and famous portrait. She was hated in the nation of France, often being ridiculed and caricatured. The portrait countered the defamation of her character. By showing her loving her children a maternal love to evoke empathy. Portrays a quiet time with her kids and they love her her son points to an empty bassinet to remind the viewer that her youngest has just died. Don Luís Borbón- A baby with the umbilical cord still attached as fresh as it gets. the portrait of the still born baby boy behind him a scepter and a crown. the future king of spain. was a terrible tragedy for the whole nation waiting for the future monarch. Levina Bening Teerlinc- German painter who painted Princess Elizabeth which represents her kingship as well as character. It is more intimate than other portraits seeing how it interrupts a moment in time while she was busy reading the portraiture interrupts and captures a snapshot in time much like a photograph. It represents her character and wisdom as well as her King ship and royalty with the luxurious items she's in.


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