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by: Otilia Murray I

Optimization MAT 168

Otilia Murray I
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Otilia Murray I on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAT 168 at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/187428/mat-168-university-of-california-davis in Mathematics (M) at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
Pim sex G M1 SchMg Lin 0Uf Program with Varame c ma a ave RACEom mfn quotX37lt2 Agtzxi rsxg 96 39 2X X2 6 2 NOTE Treai objede quhcbfom 06 x39 i 3 2 2I 0amp0 XEZO sob6 LP with 40 up ianaJ JCaLleati as UCOHOWS X1 X2 X3 Xi X34 FLIS mugf CorresfonciS 2 l 1 D O O 0 lt1 Jazz X3 2 1 O 0 a to 20 x4 39 2 O K O 7 x5 1 O o O l 3 SCmfIQX W7 HGOO Ounok row oPem bLOrx 0 bLYNH mp 1mm is oy modl Lei mm we WW5 bnb hb rhegc N Q reomgeok Cpth The opamat T0J0 OLM LS gtltl X1 X3 X4 K5 rhg 93 3 1 3 20 3932 71 31 X2 V V7 395 X C 5 X5 V2 31 5 30 30V d O J6me oy HmaQ CoQution g X3 ZCOgt 3 S D me 0m in ervoa 91 S o s 22 On which hI S 0LH 0LM S of mai for the olt 6 Es Z J From quotthe fcdokouu ne LDS bf 0 8 Jane nonxwgc VCL FKOLHe 1h ne Wame c Fmbwm 5 1 x 2 VS 4 7 2 a 9 Z Wage 0pm nonnegme 39SQW ML olt so gt a 1 ob And jgbr oLJUL 0kg 2 min NO39I EL X3 de nes 34 Lt tl be 6n n ngvar Them ore for d e Cquotamp Hue Wrokmf t L nCtS So94x40me gtlt 24 13210lt Next we Shad ogh39mol So a on far amp X for Some 34470 06 u dLOL t the FryviDUS mMeau bo rc Smd chouHOh of leplem Chi XL i 74 A l L c p baggy7 cg o 2213 Xx x7 x m Xx wk i 7 O l in 5 72 2 X 1 1 S x o l 5 X3 quot1 32 5 Vx VU WE mg ovir m39m 21 GL EO when 0lt Z 7 alto WW D f7 39 49 As 0U mC rMS s from O 55 baan25 m we AMPW Sx w ax Methai Jco DCEMEL W mo gain V s WW5 6 X5 LemS We law39s TM Lorr ejpo clfnfj bleovu 5 XL X1 X3 X4 7 WM amp 0 V7 I 2 73 gs 4 X2 395 5 4 XI 273 V3 39 xy 23 V L Q 2 if gt 84 Z 739 gt e 14au mesa an nomvweaaHV when 04 1 7 3quot 56 4 4 r WWW w 0163 17v3 UML sobdiam 4E0 W C 14911 X I LO 200 l4d 7H40lt R91qu the WC S 60 jqngi go gu39 ion for OLE LIJ You Wm Sand wwe 22 El 39


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