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by: Otilia Murray I

Optimization MAT 168

Otilia Murray I
GPA 3.88


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Otilia Murray I on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAT 168 at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/187428/mat-168-university-of-california-davis in Mathematics (M) at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
Part1 44 If P s 0L direva 6f WWH959 u APO Pao prs WWW 0 31 gm Adm Pf gt0 4 ig a remen 9f wxbd lnws f V X I39n 1he amide evi amp p vouo 5 still m he fem He 992k Howapff39 WgtO We C011 We 5L W m 1 ch Xi quot amp1PIlt0 mDIP Ufolwfee xampPgt0 quot I H 6 rwf m the enable MW mm We55m 13 W W b6 0L Ogime 6 WWness N 4quot A0o Bo4 a C 4 XQ7 QquotquotL D x A X X 2 0gt om 39 4 waxwm 0 wme 1070 a mum me A 30 5 39 I O 0 olt x x5 gtltzgtltl x i 2 0 13T X5l h Xlz 4 4X17X I ng g xy Q WWWMN 0125 a mum Combimh39rm sf AIB o Igtx Xzigt 02 XxX5l X 39 4XLI 5 thi 1X3l X324 Wme Um a 0L 0mm W rm mOf Au3co 39 gtxltgtxztigtxsgtm XIXLX gtX4 W gtX33 XJ 4x24 m I 47 39 min 7 92 3 Mod Xz 2 4 X Xz 9L X 7 gt O 8 Lixr hi L Xt i l 7 152 mo Izlo uo 52 632390 6 39tz10gt 45 52 20 Imo I 1 48 quot39 39 min CTX x quot391 Moor Axo 420 xgto quot w 3 Assume the feasible re ien has TL Wham Pm rvrs Ywm v3 are opibfma saltyHams but 1 V11 are 0 1 hemoe 22 z CTV39 CTVae CTVR H quot39 CTVn7Zquot 1 1L lt I D X Zs iliV CTX CTTgt ltgt1VO froliz 2 L 90 er 90 an 5 If X I39S an MW WJWHW I CT lti 4 i n Momma 0 mm X If oanL 39 goth 4 a ollvu we wm 39 39bO 0260 VU rg quot397 Asgume olfltmje RM 413 1 71 1L or TV39 W CTV T T T g gtamp 2 2 IC 39 J J C X thC VEZ JHIgt1CV 0 l i1 Hi GT gt 23 g 0 2 CT gtOgl2 1 11 CM gt z39 5232 H 023 552 s 2 any 2 c L l 39 m gt x s M 6mm WWm39m W K cam be amused M a Comm Cmbr39W39m of 6m Maui 1397 mm 7 gtlt 2gtltz 9quot Xlx7 4390 x gtlt2 5 025 230gt 23390C1quot2X392 2 X2 X1 1 y 216 wmm2eAwtLL5 L 4 i l 2 m K 2 25 44 7 N rx39xzq In Lamr3 Tableauo to sbloe ame We Ix Ix v I ll of 0 5 PM 39 X X2 X3 X I X5 I416 Z a I 0 i2 quot 0 0 o 2 O x I o 2 X3 1 O 39 0 if 9 9 u o u 0 X4 O O I I 8 haw X X2 X3 X4 X5 PM E O 0 I O 1 1 XI I 0 I 0 u 1 2ILL X4 0 O H I Z L X X2 1X3X1 x2 0 I o o I 5 X57 45ouo H3 P21 DWIHe The Men UL the W Wn QX2 X5 54 XI Xz 50 5 X7 X5 N5 3 00 X1X5gto Solve the prdblem hams 34mpr marked basrc Ix xv X5 X4 X5 rhzs 392 o 392 I o 0 0 lt4 394 I o O 3 X5 0 I I o I 3 IX3 Am 5 Hit Z O O 5 D 2 6 90 I O l r 6 K O I O l 339 me rachoL vodue 9amp2 X5 5 ruegame I We Increase X5 2 will be decream g Sl haz IltO ltO l X no Wer how mwzk REE marewes I he pom 1395 W m the Sgt when X3900 Z quot 9 00 the PfDHem 1 5 unboundta39 if P 5 m reman of wbmudednezs ff MW 544 970 I O I O P39 P1 I O l O P o XPW P f 3 PI39Pgt P4 0 2 070 Pl I Pl P ZO PL39PP O P39 5 P P SP3 Lc nea j dependent 01 me afwxboud dness Sgt 1 I 1 521 m Wr e we pmwa m the WM farm 39 mm 35CTIgtlt subfea39Jw Ax 1 5 b 39gtltgto jzo when the slams are the ham Uambles mare nonm van able5 ONO O 0 01 01 4 o whde violates c e mmuw Much6 Gum value 93 We ggwwel O If If x are hm va aW 0de are nonbam uanuHes I 4 4150 X Aquotb 2 1 12 r22 r1 I 1 211 in 2quot 12 339 2l 11 24 u2 quot l 22 95 7039 HMS r5 a We femee salmon 24 0 To dwde M m WW mum Is mm we 6an heal to Geo W ephij W We 03 CEA Wi o392 quot 2quot a Igto 30 ms 5 The 91mm Lyoluaww W Optimal Undue 583 Wife the prouem in the WM form W71 2 quotXl ZX39L39 M 2YX 1XE gt 2 A2 XI 2XZ X4 7 A I 2 L O O O XIIXlX3XLLX5gtO39 Xu 002 r 5 olt1oqo 33 a117 xxlt92 a 4o lt3IIooo amp2PQXEbXzl203 l 41355oogt 025P5ltI439X339 15 012 1 5 933 0 Ven39 lx API0 APzO AP lo


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