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Anlys & Des Comp Strct

by: Consuelo Herman DDS

Anlys & Des Comp Strct MAE 237

Consuelo Herman DDS
GPA 3.78

Valeria Saponara

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About this Document

Valeria Saponara
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Consuelo Herman DDS on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAE 237 at University of California - Davis taught by Valeria Saponara in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/187469/mae-237-university-of-california-davis in Engineering Mechanical & Aero at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
An Overview of Mechanics of Composite Materials MAE 237 Valeria La Saponaragt PhD Assistant Professor October 2nd 2006 MAE UCD l Outline Overview of MAE 237 Structures and Materials for Aircraft Cost of Aircraft Structures Advanced Materials Disadvantages of Composite Materials Research Topics in Composite Materials Additional Composite Materials Applications Summary and Conclusions MAE UCD I Overview of MAE 237 This course is meant to provide students with enough information to understand the process and the issues involved in the design of a composite structure Topics to be covered include types of ber and matrix materials applications of composites basic concepts of elasticity micromechanics macromechanics failure criteria MAE UCD 3 I Structures and Materials for Aircraft Lockheed SR71 Blackbird MAE UCD 4 Structures and Materials for Aircraft Cont d r 7 i Weihts lbs SpaceShipOne 8000 full White Knight 1 1 000 full 352 1963 record 1 85000 empty X15 1963 record 31275 full MAE UCD 5 Structures and Materials for Aircraft Cont d Boein 787 Expected 1St flight 2007 39 f Mach number cruise it 51 i y r f 9 085 Wing span 190 feet Operating empty weight 242000 252000 lbs Up to 350 passengers Range 7200 8000 nautical miles MAE UCD 5 Structures and Materials for Aircraft Cont d Boeing 777 Boeing 787lDreaminer Launched in 2000 To be launched in 2007 11 composites 50 composites 70 aluminum 20 aluminum 7 titanium 15 titanium 11 steel 10 steel 1 other 5 other MAE UCD Structures and Materials for Aircraft Cont d Pros of composite materials The B787 will be 20 more fuel ef cient than similar airplanes I Compared With A330200 B787 is 3040000 lbs lighter Composites have high stiffnessweight strengthweight no corrosion problems good electrical behavior They are sustainable and have typically low maintenance Cons in a later slide MAE UCD Cost of Aircraft Structures Estimated average cost of an aircraft structure is 200500 per pound BZ bomber reportedly costs more per ounce than gold cost as of 102805 4728 MAEUCD 9 I Advanced Materials 8 Arami d o Kevlar 49 Ianu Alumlnum Metals Steel 2 3 4 5 Specific Modulus 10quot8 in Specific Strength 10quot6 in o N w 5 cl 0 u MAEUCD 10 Advanced Materials Boeing 777 x i 5 238 e w 2 BE MIPS v a 07273 J v i AlzxxxmsT42T3rs 3Uperskin BFmquot 5 h mir v i nmmasmw andstringels IAl71507T77 4Up1erspal 2An 1 I 39TfEAELI chord bulkhead r T115433 45eaumks r ITi BZIS 9Floar r THer eamE39 V 39 ompusiles 39 39 i HTuu lenedCFRP V Pilc co39e A i quot Perfumled CFRPNamex r 4C39owns m 4 eel beam 4 Belly strings cs illicungJ 39z Fuselage skin 39 1 Think beam and braces 1 cane Tuler sleeve conep Hg 1 core cuwl lSl reverser mwl e Uncolmed 7 ID amp 11 Inlet mwl mnerim 1 Glzmhulkurgn Incl mama Lighlvwigju smhms Al mesh 4 Avancnmam inhihiLingmmpnund Demecnm polling Mu l FRmep m Am mxmmd damping ngim RTM cm hint MAE UCD 11 Advanced Materials Cont d Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV UC Davis 2004 plane SAE AeroWest Competition MAE UCD 12 I Disadvantages of Composite Materials I Use of composites is more challenging materials are less predictable I One of the most common types of layered composite failure is delamination ie debonding of one layer from another mng Disadvantages of Composite Materials Confd Example November 1999 I Breaking ofthe America s Cup boat Young America I The breaking was due to debonding facecore in the sandwich structure Face was carbon prepre D sadvmtages of Compo e Mate 215 Com d Example Nuvember 2mm FlightAA 587 rasn 265 casualties Airbus ABDEIVEEIEI Flight 585 encuuntered Wine Wake turbulence caused by a Euelng 747 der and vertical stabilizer umpusite matl s separated lrl flight Natiunal Transpunatiun Safety Euard recummendanuns lrl wzum maven u Research Top 5 r1 Compo te Mater 215 Delamination prevention at little cost little weight increa Nondestructive evaluation and structural health monitoring eg for im ct d e Study oflong term behavior creep Study offatigue behavior eg with overloads 9 AA587 ight accident etc maven n Additional Composite Materials Applications I Stea Visy corvette Swedish Navy 2005 Pedestrian bridge Kolding DK 1997 131 ft can support 102 bsqft Lance Armstrong on the 2 lbs winner Trek bike Tour de France 2004 MAE UCD Additional Composite Materials Applications World Solar Challenge Nuna 3 winner of World Solar Challenge 2005 October 2 2005 I 19 cars Delft Institute of Technology 1st 3rd time in a row U Michigan 3rd and MIT 6th 1AE UCD Additional Composite Materials Applications World Solar Challenge Cont d I 1878 miles race in Australia DallasDavis distance I 29hour and 11minute time I Average speed of 64 mph 10275 kmh I 2003 Winner empty weight 550 lbs coefficient of air resistance 009 I Use of composite materials for car structure in 2003 Kevlarreinforced carbonreinforced plastics Mmucn 19 Additional Composite Materials Applications World Solar Challenge Cont d I Toyota Camry empty weight 3100 lbs I Coefficient of air resistance of passenger car 03 Nuna 2 cockpit Nuna 2 2003 Mmucn zu Additional Composite Materials Applications World Solar Challenge Cont a H m a Q In The Nuon Snlar Team thanks their advisors and suppunars MAEUCD l Summary and Conclusions Overview of issues about composite materials advanced materials focus on composites proscons research topics applications AE and nonAE MAEUCD MAEUCD 2


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