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Vegetable Genomics

by: Amos Pagac V

Vegetable Genomics PLS 221

Amos Pagac V
GPA 3.74

Carlos Quiros

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About this Document

Carlos Quiros
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amos Pagac V on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PLS 221 at University of California - Davis taught by Carlos Quiros in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/187479/pls-221-university-of-california-davis in Plant Science at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
PLS 221 2008 Instructor CF Quiros Onion and Garlic References Banerjee SK Mukherjee PK Maulik SK 2003 Garlic as an antioxidant The good the bad and the ugly Phytotherapy Research I 723997 106 Barnes SR et a 1985 The organization nucleotide sequence and chromosomal distribution of a satellite DNA fromAllium cepa Chromosoma 92185192 Bradeen J M and M J Havey 1995 Restriction fragment length polymorphisms reveal considerable nuclear divergence Within a wellsupported maternal clade in Allium section Cepa Amer J Bot 8214551462 Bradeen JM and Havey MJ 1995 Randomly ampli ed polymorphic DNA in bulb onion and its use to assess inbred integrity Jour ASHS 120752758 Brewster J L 1994 Onions and other vegetable Alliums Crop Production Science in Horticulture CAB International Cheng S 1972 Sexual process in garlic Proc Tropical Reg ASHS 256972 Cortes F et a 1983 Cbanding and sister chromatid exchanges in three species of the genus Allium Caryologia 36203210 Currah and Ockendon 1978 Protandry and the sequence of ower opening in onion New Phytologist 81 419428 de Coucel AGL et a DNA polymorphism inAllium cepa cytoplasms and its implication concerning origin of onions TAG 77793798 Dennequin ML et al 1997 Assessment of genetic relationships among sexual and asexual forms of Allium cepa using morphological traits and RAPD markers Heredity 78403409 de Putter M et a 1989 Identi cation of Allium cepa cultivars by means of statistical analysis of Cbanded chromosomes Euphytica 39153160 Dommisse EM et al 1990 Onion is a 39 39 host for 39 39 Plant Science 69249257 Dubouzet JG et al 1996 Diagnostic test to con rm interspeci c Allium hybrids using RAPD DNA from crude leaf extracts Journal of the Jap Soc Hortic Sci 65321326 Eady CC Weld RJ Lister CE2000 Agrobacterium tumefaciensmediated transformation and transgenicplant regeneration of onion Allium cepa L PLANT CELL REPORTS 19N4376381 Eickmeyer F S PrimusKopfer and G Wricke 1990 Genetic analysis of isozyme loci in chives Allium schoenoprasum L Plant Breeding 105327331 ElSha e M and GN Davis 1967 Inheritance of bulb color in the onion Hilgardia 38607 622 Etoh T 1979 Variation of chromosome pairing in various clones of garlic Memories of Fac Agric Kagoshima Univ 156372 Etoh T 1983 Germination of seeds obtained from a clone of garlic Proc Japan Acad 5983 87 Etoh T 1986 Fertility of the garlic clones collected in Soviet Central Asia J Jap Soc Hort Sci 55312319 Galeone C et al 2006 Onion and garlic use and human cancer The Amer J Clinical Nutrition 84 1 02732 Gokce Ali Fuat Havey Michael J 2002 Linkage eguilibrium among tightly linked RFLPs and the Ms locus in openpollinated onion 39 39 Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 127 6 944946 G1i iths G Trueman L Crowther T Thomas B Smith B Onions A global bene t to health Review Phytotherapy Research I6739603 615 Havel L and FJ Novak 1985 Meristemtip culture of Allium cepa L Scientia Horticulturae 27209214 Havey MJ 1992 Restriction enzyme analysis of the chloroplast and nuclear 45S ribosomal DNA of Allium Plant Syst Evol 1831731 Havey MJ and Bark OH 1994 Molecular con rmation that sterile cytoplasm has been introduced in openpollinated grano onion cultivars J ASHS 1199093 Havey Michael J Galmarini Claudio R Gocke All Fuat et al2004 QTL affecting soluble carboh drat 39 in stored onion bulbs and their 39 39 with avor and health enhancing attributes Genome 47 3 463468 Havey MJ et al 1996 Molecular markers and mapping in bulb onion a forgotten monocot HortSci 3111161118 Havey MJ 2004 The use of cytoplasmic male sterility for hybrid seed production In H Daniell C Chase eds Molecular Biology and Biotechnology of Plant Organelles Springer Publisher Dordrecht The Netherlands pp 6177628 Holford P J H Croft and HJ Newbury 1991 Differences between and possible origins of the cytoplasms found in fertile and malesterile onions Allium cepa L TAG 82737 Hong CJ Etoh T Landry B Matsuzoe N 1997 RAPD markers related to pollen fertility in Ipek M Ipek A Simon PW Comparison of AFLPs RAPD markers and isozymes for diversity assessment of garlic and detection of putative duplicates in germplasm collections JOURNAL OF THE AMERICANSOCIETY FOR HOR TICULTURAL SCIENCE I282246 252 garlic Allium sativum L BREEDING SCIENCE 47359362 Hou A Pef ey EB2000 Recombinant chromosomes of advanced backcross plants between Allium cepa L and A stulosum L revealed by in situ hybridization THEORETICAL AND APPLIED GENETICS 10011901196 Imai et a1 2002 An onion enzyme that makes the eye water Nature 419685 Irifune K et a1 1995 Nucleotide sequence of a highly repeated DNA sequence and its chromosomal localization in Allium stulosum TAG 90312 Ipek M Ipek A Simon PW 2003 Comparison of AFLPs RAPD markers and isozymes for diversity assessment of garlic and detection of putative duplicates in germplasm collections JOURNAL OF THEAMERICANSOCIETY FOR HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE I282246 252 Ipek M Ipek AAlmquist S G etal 2005 Demonstration of linkage and development of the first low density genetic map of garlicI based on AFLP markers Theoretical and Applied Genetics 110 228236 Jakse Jemej Martin William McCallum John et a1 2005 Single nucleotide polymorphisms indels and simple sequence repeats for onion cultivar identi cation Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science 130 6 912917 Jones DE and SL Emsweller 1937 A malesterile onion ProcASHS 39582585 Jones HA and KL Mann 1963 Onions and their allies London and NY Jones RN 1991 Cytogenetics ofAlliums In Tsuchiya and Gupta eds Chromosome Engineering in Plants 2B Elsevier Joubert P et a1 1995 In uence of phenolic compounds on agrobacterium vir gene induction and onion gene transfer phytochemistry 4016231628 Kamenetsky R Rabinowitch HD2000 Floral development in bolting garlic SEXUAL PLANT REPRODUCTION 13235241 Khrustaleva L I ans C Kik 2000 Introgression of Alium stulosum into A cepa mediated by A roylei Theor Appl genet 1001726 Kim et a1 2004 I 39 39 of DFR gene 39 39 results in blockage of 39 production in yellow onions Mol Breed 14253263 Kim S et a1 2005 Development of codominant PCRbased marker for allelic selection of the pink trait in onions TAG 11062833 Kim S et al 2007 Markerassisted genotype analysis of bulb colors in segregating populations of onions M01 and Cells 23192197 Kuhl Joseph C Cheung Foo Yuan Qiaoping et al 2004 A unique set of11008 onion expressed sequence tags reveals expressed sequence and genomic differences between the monocot orders Asparagales and Poales Plant Cell 16 1 114125 Kondo t et al 2000 Transformation and regeneration of garlic by Agrobacterium Plant Cell Rept 19989993 Koul AK and RN Gohil 1970 Causes averting sexual reproduction inAllium sativum Cytologia 35187202 Koul AK et a 1979 Prospects of breeding improved garlic in the light of its genetic and breeding systems Euphytica 28457464 Khrustaleva LI et al 2005 The integration of recombination and physical maps in a large genome monocot using haploid genome analysis in a tryhybrid Allium population Genetics 169 167385 Lanzotti V 2006 The analysis of onion and garlic J of Chromatog A 1112 322 Mann L 1952 Anatomy of the garlic bulb and factors affecting bulb development Hilgardia 21195251 Maab PH and Klass M 1995 Infraspeci c differentiation of garlic by isozyje and RAPD markers TAG 91 8997 Martin William J McCallum John Shigyo Masayoshi et al 2005 Genetic mapping of expressed sequences in onion and in silico comparisons with rice show scant colinearitv MGG Molecular Genetics and Genomics 274 3 197204 McCallum J et al 2001 Expressed seguence markers for genetic analysis of bulb onion TAG 103979991 McCallum J et al 2006 Genetic mapping of a major gene affecting onion bulb fructan content TAG 11295867 McCollum GD 1971 Sterility of some interspeci c Allium hybrids JASHS 96359362 McCollum GD 1979 Chromosome behavior and sterility of hybrids betweenAllium cepa and A oschaninn Euphytica 23699709 Mensinkai SW 1939 Cytogenetic studies in the genus Allium J Genet 39195 Novak FJ et a 1985 Onion garlic and leek In Biotechnology of Plant Improvement SpringerVerlag Novak E 1983 Production of garlic tetraploids in shoottip in Vitro culture Z Planzen 91 329333 Pef ey EB ei a 1985 Electrophoretic analysis ofAllium addition lines TAG 71 176184 Pef ey EB and L Currah 1988 The chromosomal locations of enzymecoding genes Adh l andPgm l inAlliumfisiulosum TAG 75945949 Pef ey EB and PD Mangum 1990 Introgression ofAllium stulosum L into Allium cepa L cytogenetic evidence TAG 79 1 131 18 Pef ey EB and JN de Vries 1993 Giemsa Gbanding in Allium Biotechnic amp Histochem 688386 Pef ey EB Hou A2000 Bulbtype onion introgressants posessing Allium stulosum L genes recovered from interspeci c hybrid backcrosses between Acepa L and A stulosum LTAG 100528534 Peterka H et al 1997 Interspeci c hybrids between onion A cepa with Scytoplasm and leek A ampeloprasum TAG 94383389 Peterka H Budahn H Schrader O Havey MJ 2002 Transfer of a malesterilityinducing cytoplasm from onion to leek Allium ampeloprasum Theoretical amp Applied Genetics 1052 3 73 I 8 Pike L 1986 Onion breeding In Breeding Vegetable Crops ed M Bassett AVI Rabinowitch HD and JL Brewster 1989 Onions and allied crops Vol I Botany Physiology and Genetics CRC Press Inc Ricroch A et al 1992 Chromosomal location of rDNA in Allium in situ hybridization using biotin and uoresceinlabelled probeTAG 83413418 Ricroch A et al 2005 Evolution of genome size across some cultivated Allium species Genome 48 5 1 120 Sanai SS and GN Davis 1967 Karyotype analysis of some Allium species J Amer Soc Hort Sci 95102105 Sanai SS and GN Davis 1967 Compatibility in some Allium species Proc ASHS 91401 409 Santos CAE Simon PW 2004 Merging carrot linkage groups based on conserved dominant AFLP markers in F2 populations JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE 129 2 211217 Satoh Y et al 1993 The use of mitochondrial DNA polymorphism in the classi cation of individual onion plants by cytoplasmic types TAG 86345348 Schubert I ei a 1983 Phylogenetic conclusions from giemsa banding and NOR staining in top onions Pl Syst Evol 193245256 Shemesh E et al 2008 Unlocking variabilityinherent variation and developmental traits of garlic plants originated from sexual reproduction Planta 227 101324 Shibata F Hizume M2002 The identi cation and analysis of the sequences that allow the detection of Allium cepa chromosomes by GISH in the allodiploid Awakegi Chromosoma III3I84I9I Shibata F Hizume M 2002 Evolution of 5S rDNA units and their chromosomal localization in Allium cepa and Allium schoenoprasr revealed by microdissection and FISH Theoretical amp Applied Genetics 1052 339I67 I 72 Shigyo M Tashiro Y Isshiki S Miyazaki S 1996 Establishment of a series of alien monosomic addition lines of Japanese bunching onion Allium stulosum L with eXtra chromosomes of shallot Allium cepa L Aggregatum group Genes Genet Syst 71 3637371 Shigyo M Miyazaki T Isshiki S Tashiro Y 1997 Assignment of randomly ampli ed polymorphic DNA markers to all chromosomes of shallot Allium cepa L Aggregatum group GENES amp GENETIC SYSTEMS 72249252 Simon P and Jenderek M 2003 Flowering seed production and the genesis of garlic breeding In Janick J ed Plant Breeding Reviews vol 23 Wiley New York pp 2117 244 Traub HP 1968 The subgenera sections and subsection ofAllium L Plant Life 24147166 van Heusden A W et al 2000 A genetic map of an interspeci c cross in Allium based on AFLP markers Theor Appl Genet 100118126 Van Raamsdonk LWD et al Introgression eXplains incongruence between nuclear and chloroplast DNAbased phylogenies in Allium section cepa Bot J Linnean Soc 12391108 Ved Brat S 1965 Genetic systems inAllium III Meiosis and breeding systems Heredity 20325339 Von Berg et al 1996 Chloroplast DNA restriction analysis and the infrageneric grouping of Allium Plant Syst And Evol 200253261 Vosa CG 1976 Heterochromatic patterns inAllium I The relationship between the species of the cepa group and its allies Heredity 36383392 Wilkie SE et al 1993 RAPD markers for genetic analysis in Allium TAG 86497504 Yamashita K Arita H Tashiro Y1999 Isozyme and RAPD markers linked to fertility restoring gene for cytoplasmic male sterile Allium stulosum L with cytoplasm of Agalanthum Kar et Kir JOURNAL OF THE JAPANESE SOCIETY FOR HORTICULTURAL SCIENCE68954 959 Yamashita K Hisatsune Y Sakamoto T Ishizuka K Tashiro Y2002 Chromosome and cytoplasm analyses of somatic hybrids between onion Allium cepa L and garlic Asativum L Article Euphytica 1252163 167 Yamashita Kenichiro Takatori Yuka Tashiro Yosuke 2005 Chromosomal location of a pollen fertili restoring gene Rf for CMS in Japanese bunching onion Allium stulosum L 1 39 the cytoplasm of Al 39 L Kar et Kir revealed by genomic in situ 39 39 39 quot Theoretical and Applied Genetics 111 l 1522 Zewdie Y et al 2005 The rst genetic linkages among eXpressed regions of the garlic genome J ASHS 13056974


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