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Inorganic Week 2: Nuclear Chemistry

by: Jessica Niswonger

Inorganic Week 2: Nuclear Chemistry CH 186 - 01

Marketplace > Southeast Missouri State University > Chemistry > CH 186 - 01 > Inorganic Week 2 Nuclear Chemistry
Jessica Niswonger
GPA 3.5
Found of Inorganic Chemistry
Philip W Crawford (P)

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About this Document

This contains everything he went over in class and all examples with equations.
Found of Inorganic Chemistry
Philip W Crawford (P)
Class Notes
Chemistry, inorganic, inorganic chemistry, Half Life, carbon dating
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jessica Niswonger on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CH 186 - 01 at Southeast Missouri State University taught by Philip W Crawford (P) in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 87 views. For similar materials see Found of Inorganic Chemistry in Chemistry at Southeast Missouri State University.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
Nuclear Chemistry 03 3 1915 Predicting Nuclear Decay Process A Example 1 3 i3 3 12 With a rip ratio of 66 or 11 is nonradioactive C14 has a np ratio of 86 or 131 and is expected to undergo beta emission to iower the np ratio A Beta Emission i b W 186 with a np ratio oi11274 or 1511 is nonradioactive Wa174 has a np ratio of 10074 or 135 and is expected to undergo either EC or positron emission to raise the np ratio L5 1 g A Aipha A Predict positron or eiectroh capture because it is too low 9 c With Z gt 83 Np 237 is expected to he an alpha emitter emission has atomic number greater than 33 Scanned by CamScanner Nuclear Chemistry 08 3 115 A 5 liaji 1quot I Wi r i r aw i39 43 A V V I I i i r l Hquot i llli i up i i i Y I i Examples Br78 2 3 emission and EC Tma153 thulium153 o emission 5 emission and EC w175 EC only W 176 both 3 emission and EC Some nuclides can t reach a nonradioactive nucleus in a single decay process 238U 234Th 234133 234U gt zsoTh Parent Daughter 1 31431 214Pb 218100 4 222Rn 4 zzoRa 214110 210pr 2103i ZIOPO zoopb Radioactive Decay Series for 23E3U alpha emission beta emission DH I39TITI C A i Scanned by CamScanner Nuclear Chemistry 08 3115 51 2 7 fir 39 39 I 39 m l Ii I I 1 a Scanned by CamScanner LB ne 13 Nuclear Chemistry 08 3 1 1 5 1 00 mm a an 0 a 8 t E t J 60 5 E t at t 03 4 0 t E M 20 R A Combine integrated rate law with t12 N UUQI II IUU My VQI I IUUCLI II IUI l 2 Nuclear Chemistry 0831 15 EX 39 9in ears The radioactive decay constant for Tc99 is 10 x 104356 Calculate the half life of Tc 9 Y 39903 I 9593 k T7 m He lt t 3 twqg x m 94 W Z V IOxlD ZS 0 HEB gos 00 mn Ztlly 39539 6135 391 39ZlZ weavear j 2 Scanned by CamScanner Nuclear Chemistry 090215 Example 3 ii A P32 is a radioactive isotope with the 143 days What fraction of P32 originally i present remains after 55 days If there were originally 028 g of P32 how many grams remain after this time 7 EClLK x i ro h 9 Part zihii 550L613 3 0 Log lq3dg33 2 Drug has L e 5 owo 0r Wolfa remains Peri 339 0133 34 07Lob 01Mj Example Al29 is a radioactive isotope It is a beta emitter t 12 65 minutes How long does it take for 95 of a sample of Al29 to decay to Si29 oh have 500 1810 a omo3 Lav5mm a m t ZQQL 2 7 6m 7 Mg wm 0o r I Scanned by GamSC i ll leru I u H Nuclear Chemistry 090215 Radioactive Datin You can use the halflife as sort of an atomic clock All living matter contains carbon Carbon comes from the atmosphere There is a ratio of C14 to C12 in our bodies this ratio is the same as in the atmosphere C12 in the atmosphere is fairly C14 ration and total amount of C constant 39 12 39 I constant 0 The ration of C14 to C Is fair y 0 Most C exists as C02 o39 How does carbon get m to life 39 esis 0 Plants take in C02 In photosynth 39 C14 to C12 in animals is same as plants same as I Ratlo atmosphere 7 r Scanned by CamScanner l l Nuclear Chemistry 090215 Radioactive Dating A Radiocarbon 0 Dating 439 C is the basis for life 3 1quot ClZC ratio in living organisms same as in atmosphere 12C gt1 Ne Exa maple 4 A The wood in a canoe found at an ancient burial site gave 108 disintegrations af dc per minute per gram of total C Presentday C in living matter gives 153 disintegrations of 14C per minute per gram of total c what is the age ofthe canoe in the burial site tm for 14C is 5715 years ll Iago Ofmg if 5 i 5397 GUS ems 596w quot 03483 2 ooqs t B 0in 3 I 6quot 5 t og 3 We cm 1812 am gt m at 9 i8 fFi j J 539 DUBquot HHBU Uy U39dlllDU39dllllBI


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