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Teaching Ag Mechanics

by: Neal Orn

Teaching Ag Mechanics ABT 317

Neal Orn
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Neal Orn on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ABT 317 at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see /class/187509/abt-317-university-of-california-davis in Applied Biological System Tech at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Friday November 3 2006 230430 pm 2154 Meyer Hall Present D Conklin C Erickson S Ka ka R Plant S Smukler D St Clair N Van Alfen and J Williams Not Present C Bruhn K Giles G Pastemack P Rucker M Schwartz R Snyder D Ullman and F Zalom Chair Richard Plant convened the meeting at 232 pm 1 N w P Welcome and Introductions Approval of minutes from 10606 meeting Approved Since the 102006 meeting was cancelled there were no minutes to review Announcements Chair Plant announced that he contacted Marcel Holyoak CAampES s representative on the CBS Curriculum Committee to inquire about whether or not the new Bio Sci 1 series serves CAampES well Holyoak reported that he felt that the CAampES needs have indeed been met in the most recent revisions Further Carol Erickson assured EC that the original concern of having basic biology without organisms has been satisfactorily addressed Reports 0 Administrative Officers none 0 Special Committees 7 see special facilities discussion under Old Business 0 Standing Committees Sharon Berg reported on Ken Giles behalf that Bryce Falk has agreed to fill the last vacancy on the Graduate Education Committee Berg also reported that students both graduate amp undergraduate are currently being recruited to fill the student representative vacancies on all committees indicating that several students who served last year have agreed to serve again this year I Dean s Update 7 Neal Van Alfen provided EC with the same budget information he had presented earlier in the day to department chairs at their monthly meeting The information covered an overview of the budget where it is and how it is used There are three categories IampR resources AES resources and Cooperative Extension resources The total budget is roughly 68 million The breakout for each category is faculty salary 58 TA funding supplement 3 RAC which included special facilities 26 special programs including but not limited to SAS Regional Change RMI Animal Health CABA 17 academic administration 8 CAampES administration 6 new faculty startup 15 and POPsretentions 8 with matching commitments just under 2 The dean reported that the budget almost balances The challenge is the startup packages He plans for 11 new faculty appointments with housing allowances in 200607 which amounts to a cost to the college of 170000FTE which averages over all at just over 300000 Lab sciences are higher non lab sciences a bit lower All include housing allowances He indicated concern that the campus startup process projected over the next three years is only 185000 With 15 new FTEyear anticipated there will be a shortfall during that three year period of 1million Regarding capital projects the dean mentioned that the college currently has three under planning now Hunt Hall phase 1 just under 8 million Robbins Hall phase 1 around 10 million and the RMI academic building college had to nd another 10 million to ll the shortfall 18 million total The total estimate for these three projects is 36 million 14 million is college committed with the remaining 22 million coming from campus funds The next stage is of real concern due to the uncertainty of bids for phase 2 on both the Hunt and Robbins Hall projects as well as for the Wickson Hall secondary efforts In addition there are two more buildings to consider the new winery and the food science laboratory which will be funded primarily through donations and fundraising The dean stated that overall though the college future is very bright 5 Old business a Special Facilities discussion Steve Ka ka reported that he and Christine Bruhn met two weeks ago and jointly believe that the report submitted by Hildegard Heyman and her committee is a first rate document Kaffka amp Bruhn recommended that EC should agree with the recommendations contained within the report After much discussion of the topic EC concluded that they found the proposals included within the document to be very positive steps in the way special facilities are managed by the college and directed Chair Plant to write a letter to the dean indicating this and that they support the report in its entirety EC did want to emphasize that it is important that the review of special facilities funding be fair to departments and that departments be given the exibility to manage special facilities creatively to maximize their benefit a Minimum progress discussion Plant also mentioned that he and Diane Ullman who is unable to attend EC meetings this quarter due to a teaching con ict will be meeting biweekly prior to each meeting At a recent meeting which included Lynn Kimsey the issue of quantitative disqualification was discussed Kimsey felt that adding this to the Undergraduate Program Review Committee s UPRC role would result in too much additional workload An alternative plan of being reactive instead of proactive was decided upon UPRC will handle the issue in this way as a revised change to its charges a UMC reguest for prereguisite policy Plant shared that he had learned that Diane Ullman met with Fred Wada campus Registrar to discuss the Undergraduate Majors amp Courses Committee s concern about the need to check to see if prerequisites are being satisfied Wada indicated that while he could program this into the computer system it would slow the system down considerably Further that this could not be done for our college alone it would have to be done campuswide After discussion EC agreed that having the computer signal a warning to students seems like a reasonable alternative It was noted however that another issue here is that impacted courses often times results in students taking courses in the wrong order simply because of their inability to enroll in the right order a Proposed update to bylaws Chair Plant shared a document he received from the Rules amp Jurisdiction Committee which outlined minor revisions to the bylaws that basically clarify a few issues relating to the charges of the Student Actions amp Individual Majors Committee These were small issues that were somehow overlooked during the large bylaw update of June 2005 EC approved these changes recognizing that they were necessary to make now within the current version in order to provide clarity to the standing committee s work this year These will be made tentatively now with final approval of the faculty at the annual spring meeting in June It was further noted that the issue of bringing the bylaws into conformity with the Academic Senate s bylaws was a separate pending issue EC is waiting to hear back from the Academic Senate regarding its submission of draft documents submitted in May 2005 6 New business


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