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Transp PlanningPolicy

by: Dr. Meagan Hills

Transp PlanningPolicy TTP 220

Dr. Meagan Hills
GPA 3.59

Susan Handy

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About this Document

Susan Handy
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Meagan Hills on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to TTP 220 at University of California - Davis taught by Susan Handy in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/187533/ttp-220-university-of-california-davis in Transportation Tech & Policy at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
TTP220 Transportation Policy and Planning Long Range Plans LRPs aka Regional Transportation Plans RTPs A Plan Requirements review I Scope 20 or more years out I Timing updated every 4 years for nonattainment areas 5 years for others I Flaming factors failure to consider any factor shall not be reviewable by any court I Public involvement reasonable opportunity to comment I Fiscal realism financially constrained plan plus projects for illustrative purposes I Coordination with other plans state LRP SIP land use plans I Certi cation of planning activities by US DOT no less than once every 4 years Purpose 7 as specified in law The plans and programs for each metropolitan area shall provide for the development and integrated management and operation of transportation systems and facilities including pedestrian walkways and bicycle transportation facilities that will function as an intermodal transportation system for the metropolitan area and as an integral part of an intermodal transportation system for the State and the United States US Code Title 23 Chapter 1 Subchapter I 134 Contents 7 minimum requirements I Transportation facilities that function as integrated metropolitan transportation system emphasis on those serving important national and regional transportation lnctions Financial plan that demonstrates how adopted longrange transportation plan can be implemented indicates resources reasonably expected recommends additional strategies I Measures necessary to ensure preservation of existing metropolitan transportation system make most efficient use of existing system to relieve congestion and maximize mobility I Proposed transportation enhancement activities Process See FHWA ow chart See SACOG ow chart Startup Begin public dialogue Develop alternatives Discussion draft input The plan Alternatives build vs nobuild Some different perspectives Goals and Measures Analysis Key idea Goals and measures should match Corollary 1 Measures that don t match will lead away from goals Corollary 2 Goals without measures will be given little weight Issues Analyses Accessibility vs Mobility Orientation Bicycle and Pedestrian Orientation Sustainability Orientation Community Visioning integrating transportation and land use planning 1 Pro ling the Community Where are we now Gather and analyze information about the social economic and natural conditions of the community and through surveys or community meetings develop a statement of community values 2 Analyzing the Trends Where are we going Analyze trend data determine the impacts of trends and develop probable future scenarios through task forces community meetings or other means 3 Creating the Vision Where do we want to be Develop a preferred future scenario that matches the community s values and is realistic and achievable 4 Developing an Action Plan How do we get there Define specific action steps to take to bring about the preferred scenario Example 1 Envision Utah Example 2 SACOG s Blueprint Project Monday Modeling 7 read Chapter 5 and Deception in Dallas If you haven t taken ECI251 it ll help to also read Inside the Black Box Wednesday Memo for Assignment 2 due TTP220 Transportation Policy and Planning ISTEA as a Sea Change Part 2 Planning Requirements Authorization bill sets basic parameters FHWA issues planning rules guidelines Required Documents LongRange Plan or Regional Transportation Plan 20 or more years out Updated every 4 years for nonattainment areas used to be 3 5 years for others Must include both longrange and shortrange program strategiesactions that lead to the development of an integrated intermodal transportation system that facilitates the efficient movement ofpeople and goods 23 CFR450C Sec 450322 Approved by MPO More on process next week Transportation Improvement Program 4 year program used to be 3 Updated every 4 years used to be 2 Projects must be in the LRP to be included in the TIP Approved by the MPO and by the Governor Incorporated into the STIP State TIP Uni ed Planning Work Program UPWP Updated every year Budget and tasks 7 LRP TIP and others Public Involvement Program PIP Air Conformity Analysis and Finding Congestion Management Process in TMAs used to be System Process Requirements ISTEA changes made the process even more 3C Flaming Factors no legal standing or recourse but in uence 15 planning factors in ISTEA 7 much broader considerations than in the past Reduced to 7 factors in TEA21 Changes in SAFETEA 7 safety and security separated environmental factor changed


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