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Evolution of Crop Plants

by: Miss Macy Buckridge

Evolution of Crop Plants PLB 143

Miss Macy Buckridge
GPA 3.68

Paul Gepts

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About this Document

Paul Gepts
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Macy Buckridge on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PLB 143 at University of California - Davis taught by Paul Gepts in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see /class/187545/plb-143-university-of-california-davis in Plant Biology at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
General Information 30 of your grade Due May 29 2008 when the clock strikes midnight Submit as email attachment to Dr Gepts Name your attached file your name Topic eg Ross Olea europea Subject of email PLB143 Term paper Topic 25 pages single spaced Schedule Sources May 8 2007 email to Kraig Kraft with copy to Paul Gepts Advanced draft by May 20 2007 Session 2 Photographs Illustrations Diagrams Not Needed to Get an A Scientific names Ex Oryza sativa O sativa Oryza spp Prized Writing Contest httpIprizedwritingucdavisedul Wednesday June 12 2008 1200 noon at Voorhies Hall main office Format Scientific review paper Abstract lt 2 page summary of entire paper Introduction 20 of paper Results and Discussion gt 50 of paper Recommended Future Lines of Research 2 page conclusion Research Sources 2 20 Sources Total 13 Websites 13 Book 13 Primary Literature Web Sources Good for Introduction Record Date Viewed Bookmark Site Book Sources Good for Results and Discussion but may be outdated Google books UCD Library Amazon dot com PLB 143 textbook Harlan Primary Literature Sources Good for the most recent Results and Discussion Good for Almost any Topic Science Instructors Like These Focus primarily on Abstract Introduction Discuss39 Emphasize the general conclusions ratherthan the experimental details Plagiarism Easy to catch Software Websites Dr Gepts has a fantastic memory Reads all papers personally Reads numerous scientific papers on crop plants every year Remembers specifics The University takes this very seriously All suspected acts have to be turned over to Student Judicial Affairs per University regulations For more information h p39llltjnllrd2lilt 39 quot pdf What is plagiarism Plagiarism means using anothesz work without giving credit If you use others words you must put them in quotation marks and cite your source You must also give citations when using others ideas even if you have paraphrased those ideas in your own wordsquot from Office of Student Judicial Affairs UC Davis Avoiding PLAGIARISM Mastering the Art of Scholarship http39lQjam dnvis 39 quot39 39 39 39 pd Images Try to reference directly on image orjust below it with a text box Ex Remember to cite your sources and do so accurately Various Sources httQvwvwwikigediaorg httgllwww usdagovWQsQortallusdahome httQwwwfao org httQscholargooglecom httpwwwsciruscom th39lvawurda i 39 rnller finn hfml ISI Web of Knowiedge


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