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Plant Breeding

by: Miss Macy Buckridge

Plant Breeding PLB 154

Miss Macy Buckridge
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Macy Buckridge on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PLB 154 at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/187547/plb-154-university-of-california-davis in Plant Biology at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
PLB154 Winter 2006 Introduction to Plant Breeding Information from class notes textbook and readings Second part Jan 31 March 09 Gene action describe the different types of gene action reviewed in the lectures for one of these your choice illustrate the effect of allele substitution Genetic and phenotypic variance Heritability a definitions b describe and compare the different methods of calculation of heritability Describe the basic approach of QTL mapping What is the major difference between QTL and association mapping Distinguish between target and selection populations What are the different types of cultivars in predominantly selfpollinated crops Give examples of 5 crops for each F Bliss proposed 5 primary activities in a breeding program Discussprovide examples for each of these activities How do you determine the best sources of new genetic variability Discuss Distinguish between recombination selection and criterion units List and discuss different ways how to obtain high T populations What is the basic equation for gains from selection Discuss the different factors involved Discuss some considerations associated with selection Intensity one or multiple traits concurrent vs tandem or sequential selection correlated traits What are the best sources of genetic diversity Is plant breeding just a numbers game ie the goals can be achieved by just increasing numbers of progeny or can these goals be achieved by reducing number of progeny De ne the following a phenotypic and genotypic selection and b selection unit Describe three breeding population breeding methods of your choice in increasing order of male parent control Describe the cytoplasmicgenic male sterility system and its role in hybrid seed production How could a nuclear genic male sterility gene be used in breeding Would a dominant or a recessive gene be more advantageous What are some of the differences in a breeding program focused on an area the size of the Central Valley and a breeding program at an International Center like CIAT IRRI or CIMMYT Describe the different roles of molecular markers in crop breeding PLB154 Winter 2006 Concepts in plant breeding Information from class notesI textbook and readings Gene pool Gene bank Phenology Ex situ conservation In situ conservation Three major phases in plant breeding What was the eartorow experiment and why was it ultimately a failure What should breeders do to avoid this situation The 20 h century has seen marked increases in crop yields To what factors have these increases been attributed Design an experiment to test your theory What are some traits modified by selection during domestication What are some characteristics of their inheritance Give 10 examples of objectives pursued by plant breeders In 1980 the US Supreme Court overturned an earlier decision of the Patent Office Chakrabarty vs Diamond In turn this Supreme Court decision lead to a significant change in the intellectual property rights IPR regime for living matter Describe the IPR situation before and after the US Supreme Court s decision Contrast PVP plant patent and utility patent Briefly discuss four international treaties that impinge upon crop IPRs What are the root causes of the overall reduction in genetic diversity observed since the 20 h century in crop gene pool and what are the potential consequences Contrast ex situ and in situ conservation a what are they b what are their perceived advantages and disadvantages Contrast two types of breeding projects a varietal development vs b trait development Describe and explain three dilemmas breeders are faced with when deciding on a selection strategy What is a complete diallel cross Describe also less cumbersome versions of the diallel Kelly et al 1998 describe the quotbreeding pyramid Explain what it is What are the breeding variables considered What is the major focus of breeding programs in this pyramid Describe sources of variation a breeder is faced with in field experiments What are two main ways in which a breeder deals with some of these variations Explain the difference between a completely randomized design and a randomized complete block design Why is RCBD generally considered to be superior to CRD What is a splitplot design and under which circumstances would you use it Allo vs autopolyploidy define provide 5 examples for each distinguish inheritance modes mode of origin Discuss what a doubled haploid is how it originates and its potential benefit to plant breeding see also Ch 27 of Fehr


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