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Intro Comp Politics

by: Pierre Huel

Intro Comp Politics POL 002

Pierre Huel
GPA 3.56

Ethan Scheiner

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About this Document

Ethan Scheiner
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Pierre Huel on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POL 002 at University of California - Davis taught by Ethan Scheiner in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/187551/pol-002-university-of-california-davis in Political Science at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
POL2 7 Midterm Study Guide Based on all reading and lectures before the midterm Be sure to bring blue books 7 Lot the big law school kind 7 to class Please do not write your names in them prior to class as they will be exchanged once you arrive There will be two parts to the exam each worth 50 points 39 Part 1 Short answer 7 similar to the homework 39 Part II Essay 7 I give you 1 essay question and everyone is required to answer it At the top of the exam you will have the following instructions Midterm 7 February 21 2013 POL2 7 Scheiner Winter 2013 100 points total Instructions Please write on your blue book 1 Your name 2 POL2 7 Midterm 3 the name of your TA amp section daytime and 4 Today s date Other instructions 39 When you are done with the exam PLEASE BE VERY VERY QUIET as you get up turn in your exam and leave the 39 If possible please write only on one side of each page It can be hard to read when front amp back of pages have writing on them For this reason you might need 2 blue books Please give the exam to your TA unless the TA is not present Please turn in the exam questions with your answer sheet Blue books turned in without exam questions will not be accepted Be sure to write legibly preferably with blue or black pen ink Illegible answers will get a zero Nothing but pens and blue books on your desks No dictionaries please Pace yourself well 7 you only have a limited amount of time Your answers should be written in your blue book Also please write the question number and letter e g Part I la prior to each answer in the blue book For your essay answer Part II 39 Be sure to make an argument that you state clearly at beginning of each essay You should present a thesis statement very early ideally first sentence of the essay or at latest the end of the first paragraph Be sure to cite authors and their arguments by name Probably a good idea to outline your answer before writing it Be sure to focus on answering the question as you go along and Lot meander around simply showing all you know on the topic All questions are listed on p 2 Basic concepts 39 Social science 39 Scienti c method 39 Model 39 Hypothesis 39 Testable implications 39 Variables 0 Independent explanatory o Dependent outcome 0 Importance of variation 39 Comparative politics 0 And the differences between comparative politics and other sub elds in political science 39 Correlation vs Causation 39 Mechanism process 39 Social cleavages 39 All of the electoral rules discussed in class 0 And examples of countries that use each system 39 Presidential vs parliamentary systems 39 Single party majority vs Coalition government 39 Party discipline 39 No con dence motions 39 Politics in space 0 Relationship between electoral rule and ideological placement 0 Median voter theorem 39 Congruence Authors Scholars whose argumentsanalysiswork you should know you should be able to name each scholar and explain hisher work 39 Lave and March 39 Levitt and Dubner Freakonomics 39 Brady et al 39 Duverger 39 Cox 39 Linz 39 Mainwaring and Shugart 39 Downs 39 Huber and Powell Should understand eve bin in the homework Be able to write essays on the following Again be sure to make an argument that you state clearly at beginning of the essay You should present a thesis statement very early ideally rst sentence of the essay or at latest the end of the rst paragraph 39 Determine criteria e g stability for what you want from a govemmentpoliticalparty system What types of institutions will help you achieve these aims And why would you choose the institutions that you do ie how do the institutions you choose help you achieve the aims you laid out 0 Presidential or parliamentary system 0 What type of electoral rules to elect people to the legislature Be speci c 7 e g if you say PR do you want closedlist or openlist How do combinations of the above e g presidential system rstpastthepost with primaries to elect politicians to the legislature helphurt you in achieving your aims 39 Do the institutions that you chose in the above question help or hurt your ability to achieve the following aims Also please explain m the institutions 7 including the combination of rules 7 that you choose help or hurt you in achieving these aims o Govemmentpolitical stability 0 Representation of society 0 Ease ofpassing legislation Can any set of institutions help with LII of these aims at the same time If no which factors stability representation ease of passing legislation isare most important to you and why Be sure to justify your answers and where possible refer to points and arguments made in lecture and the reading Where possible refer to authors from the reading and lecture by name 0


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