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Natural Sci & Math

by: Cary Funk

Natural Sci & Math IST 008A

Cary Funk
GPA 3.53

The Staff

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About this Document

The Staff
Class Notes
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This 56 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cary Funk on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to IST 008A at University of California - Davis taught by The Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 61 views. For similar materials see /class/187598/ist-008a-university-of-california-davis in Integrated Studies at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
ophotoncs Too s M 1m HST ltf h m ILEQM m L f 2 Lawrence Livermore 5 National Laboratory Interpreter Light Sources Basile Biology 414an 12308 Uglith e 7 Tools limos 21108 5 4 PI VV 7 V Light Source Subject DetectorSensor Nearly all biophotonic applications involve a light source a target subject a detection sensor and an interpreter 4T 7s Main Points e powerfut controllable photons to alter and probe bio samples a e of light to bring it anywhere a Let s us see living things at a very small scale Eye The foremost biophotonics tool CCD Gathers light and therefore information Spectrophotometer Gives specific energy and intensity information 39QwIS H The LASER l E Light Amplification through Stimulated Emissioh of Radiation 39 Monochromatic Coherent I Directional kscomarser htm Can focus to few hundred nm high power Range from UV to Visible to IR some are tunable Can pulse down to femtoseconds http enWikipediaorgWikiLaser LASER HOWii 3 Emma amms emu phumns m vandum dwectmns thuns Uavehng 2 1 R uby asevm my ermredsunaus asmg 51am a a lt0 PamaHy mvmred su ace 2 ngm ash mugs amms m me why mu 8 months later wwwcockeyedxoms sciencestattoouattooJmnl 193 nm eximer laser Exceeds molecular binding Ablates cornea no heating Glaserassisted in situ keratomileusis J 1 r 2quot J f 3 I Gk A y c inicpccorn asiE asil rn nupwwwaugenp0rtademedawmamp atelzifsnaswkikEMJpg Courtesy Arthur Chiu httpfatomsunharvardedutweezerfourtraphtml Smgle Ce L 100 fs 2 nJpulse YF P transfected mitochondria in a live BCE cell W Courtesy of Nan Shen LLNL 39QwIS if quot F b e 398 Hoar I Optica Fibews Stand 95 or Light Signal 1 Light Signal 2 cladalng Bumv Coanng lhttplwwwhowstuffworkscom ber optichtm 039 L lSSPElC39WE f memory polymers T9 39 gt 1 bigger d was E a l 39Q gm v v 7 11135521 M aitland VWson LLNL UC Davis Fl 1 Optics Individually clad 4mm optical bers G 10000 singlestrand 4mm fibers fused together in silica jacket 500mm diameter image guide Courtesy Rosa Alvis LLNL 39 1e use h X g 1 1193 a r J L N L L s M A a s o R v s e H u o C 12 Ters enzymes n ldO w m 1mif mmzat m H ij y an In 1 Courtesy Rosa Alvis LLNL r ptiCS 500 Mm brightfield image fluorescence image first enzyme fiberbased sensor Courtesy Rosa Alvis LLNL microSCOpy i Leeuwenhoek s microscope i Ug Bi 3 a Ei fEi Ei m The l nJe39t rieriarids iri 3 t microscope Fin Liaeraj Jam Leeuwenhoek 2 Hook C i684 mm Leeuwenhoek disco Wars microorga iam backer 172939 Chester JKio39ore HEiH tieJeiopr achromatic ie C quoti8D7 oommarciai Eifo of Eic ri roriiatic objeofirgtwa3 ca quotLl oiii I 7 chi mice Simple compound microscope Mfg py 1 IA eye 7 r mlcroscopes 8 a 589 w r I chuan s 7 gex systems omectwe 2 spacumcn 39 39 condenserQELJ light I Sullll39i anuce 9 3 Molecular analogy 0 the Call dlh Eamon 39 Microscopy Miamseepe demo with transmissiion and reflected Iig ht I Looking at a ostIt note r Meni eation e5 1M l w avenger BI EVVHLE U J anma amsntmpy mpme onemamn Fluorescence DAPI nuclei 7 ence Microscopy cyupi was r 3 gamma barmgr filtm mus om nnwtmurd Huurc cunt 5ignzal5 HQSSIHH mu npcciiu grucn fllu 1rresuten v mnlssmn br etwm39sn 520 and 560 nm 2 ne39eamrsphmng mltrm reflect ight malnw 510 nm but transmns light abnvf 510 ram 1 rst barrier filter lets through onlu blue Ii ht with a wavelength r betlveen 45 and 490 nm E Dbl wm Ens omect we 9124 Maleculm Biology m ma Cell 4th Emma uerze39s 04460 How can we make him easier to spot Haga39s ALDO L 7hs i A 39 f 0 3 M I r I Y 1 39 l M 39 I A r m r yr 39 M i u t39 139 1 quotx I 0 v How can we make him eaSIer to spot 1 g s39i HEQE39s QMDo 2 Paint him bright purple 1 536 l a 391 y K t quot m 5H 3 7 M Fquot J 39 quot 39 539 pk n v quot39 a aux quot W17 H W 39 J H I i I WK r 39 39 w w V i I 1 39O p 5 quot 53 quot u 39 i r V f quot if A AT f quotthe entire Alexa 568 EXCITATION EMISSION FIQU39L39 933 Molecule Emma 01 me Can uh EdlllDl l ple fluoreisbence staining visualizes different parts of cells at the same time iOiIn ham 9 h UImLaAIJV BIIJII139quot71W 39 Cali 4th EI I39AI39UI39I mfg 39 1 amp Conventional Linear structured Saturated structured microscopy illumination illumination The Eye A illtisRetinal39 Scampsin z Rhodopszn 939 mg quotquot3 Melhurhoiopsinll n r V 7 V acrivmedR odnpsml all Irons Reiinol all hunszeiinoi 9 Ll vitamini r 1 Outersegment m n Fr d Cequot 3393 ommgment liroschnol 39 containing dime 439 hobsensitive F C 39quot 9 Y fhemiwls ml photqsensihve M chemicals JH w I I 1 a v39 n m 39 39L Nucleus 1 fr 4 Abiurpuon31mmulHuwnWIuaH q wnll Nucleus a 39x n P q 2 J 39 M fin 3 hnAvwwsteenhallcom howeehtm so no hrtsciencehowstuffworkscomeJe2htm WWW 39N mm39m hrtAvwwdanmouth edu hwaictureshtm M Home 6 Anatomy 0 the Human Eye ii i R 139 Eihomrd Microscopvc Anatomy of quotso Retina 7 7 Fave 39 Piullmiltd VL 39 39 Cam gig Com Cello quotalumnii r u Ccmu Q if In Pump r W A uhlui 39li 1mm 1M L umor mg l 0 i In our 639quot 0quot N we 5 13quotquot I13 5 F 9 1 9711qu humor There are roughly 125 million rods in the human retina and 57 million cones Rods are completely absent from the fovea at the center of the visual field where daylight visual resolution is highest Suspensory Ligament There are about 16 rods for every cone in the eye but there are only about 1 million separate nerve pathways from each eye to the brain The average pathway must carry information from 6 cones and 100 rods 10 million or so photopigment molecules contained within each receptor cell Light changes the photopigment whi h triggers a chemical reaction which c the electric charge of the cell which its synaptic activity 1 p LENSquot f J m r C C L C1 kL C C 4 C L L C 2 L C H1 0 E m L 5 731m Con no am cu oonnhwon m u nus Cm Coil Fan 5 5 6000439 Ill0Cll Huntsquot Mann pm mm I o amp V Uri90rd SIM maul MU Angle fron Fan our 1icromagnetfsu edufprimerflightandcolor humanvisioni11tro html From Molecular Expressions httl a Isolution 394 How many dots can various sensors detect Resolution Total Pixels Color NTSC 320 x 525 168000 LCD projector 1024 x 768 786432 1982 Kodak camera film 3 million Digital cameras varies from 1 to 22 million 35mm slide 5 to 20 million Human eye 11000 x11000 120 million Adapted from httpWWWshortcoursescomhowsensorssensorshtm ASIDE Digitization g tlxcreating free electrons that r L 3 r O 5 D x 9 S 3 EL 9 a Mnxulhunmn 39 PINtype ph otodiode Avalanche photodiode I hInhxmmn rChargeCoupled Anaw caacmecommumm 0quot Iquot In a kw Pmtrm Photodiode array that can be 13110 used to capture two dimensional images and pictures Light hitting the surface frees electrons which are then counted 70 efficiency common 35mm film 2 efficient at photon t 0quot dimr capture u I rvztgmum huvukd P dtvmd Cmquot e 39 3 r FLQUTO Papa seq OWN v quot http enwikipediaorgwikiCCD httplmicromagnetfsueduprimerjavadigitalimagingccdvirtual2 Mrimosoope demo with reflected light looking at Number of pixels affect resolution of image what you can resolve Iquot Scenario 394 Yew 1l mile long fiber optic cable and a light How do you send the person at the either end the following messages 7 101l1l 7 17 124234 HI Hello There A picture naildg digital 394 Analog e Continuus wave infinite variability e do not understand analog 7 Hard to repeat exactly i Digital Not infinitely continuous discrete Machines understand it basically on and off Always repeats the same g 10 numbers 1 527 1 x 1000 1x103 39 5 x 100 5x102 2 x 10 2x101 7 x1 7x100 1000 500 7 1527 353iWary numbers 1101 1x83 V 3 JXZ 1 x 4 1x22 Base 2 Base4m Based Base40 Base 0 0 0000 1 0001 10 0010 11 0011 100 0100 101 0101 110 0110 111 0111 1000 1000 1001 1001 1010 1010 1011 1011 1100 1100 1101 1101 1110 1110 1111 1111 CONGJU IwaA CDwa O L39eGQdmg Iq 1 bit message 0001111111000 0010000100 0100000010 1001001001 1000000001 10100001101 1001111001 0100000010 0010000100 0001111000 quot1 color I Red Green 081063 0 Red 0 Green 0 Blue 255 1 quotll 391 1i 1 11 0000010 00000000 00000000 00000000 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Red 0 Green 255 Blue 0 Red 128 Green 0 Blue 255 00000000 11111111 00000000 10000000 00000000 11111111 8 bits per color red green blue RGB 24 bit color 224 12777216 color possibilities 7 A la Mic a o 5 LEE 5 to 36 EU E39g a 3rd UV IG 3 we U0 ovine pulmonary artery endothelial cells at peroxisomal membrane protein 70 PMP QOat anti mouse lgG components of 534201 V M7512 prior to xation nuclei were HVIitochondr ia A Membrane Protein Interpreter Light Sources Basis Biology Mmma 12308 Uglith e 7 Tools limos 21108 5 4 PI VV 7 V Light Source Subject DetectorSensor Nearly all biophotonic applications involve a light source a target subject a detection sensor and an interpreter Lectures 72quot Handlsn FibereOptic Spectroscopes at light sources bring liapiosl per group Will install 21i President s Holiday 220 HandseOn FiberOptic Spectroscopes looking at living tissue bring laptops 2 per group 225 Steve Lane Overview of CBST science


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