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Tuesday, 9/8/15

by: Anna Lueth

Tuesday, 9/8/15 SOC 105

Anna Lueth
GPA 3.0
Social Problems (GT-SS3)
Joshua Adam Sbicca

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About this Document

Social Problems (GT-SS3)
Joshua Adam Sbicca
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Lueth on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 105 at Colorado State University taught by Joshua Adam Sbicca in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Social Problems (GT-SS3) in Sociology at Colorado State University.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
9815 I State Power and Militarism A Hegemony 1 The idea that the state is able to influence the way people think broadly about the world ll Social Structure and the Military A Tilly1990 argues that the military is at the heart of the modern state 1 Military a way to maintain borders B The only sanctioned violence is state sanctioned violence C A monopoly on the means and modes of coercion allows the state to maintain control of the domestic sphere D In a geopolitical context threat ofability to wage war grounds much foreign policy lll Social Construction of Violence A Terrorismlllegal vs Militarism Legal 1 Outcomes are similardeath a some form of violence is used to kill someone else 2 911 Terrorism 3 A troop in Iraq killing a civilian part of war 4 Construction of militarism and terrorism varies quite often depending on where you are N Military Vs Education Government B Auniluh lohlililary J f 1 I J V I ManpowerMales 7 39lllllJthi I a w Enueoterl Duration Ill Education For Males Australia Norway Willii n Military Expenditure Migrant In Population quota r BuMoiorBounnlos a man 7 or snout 395 39 I m w son 3H3 Em seas mm fl China 339ru t39l39oighfetlllug intzns om India Iran Jami Raina Fluiia Ull USA Int Alghonmquot Emquot l Size of the US Military 2014 A Over 135 million active military personnel all volunteer military 9815 B 826000 in guard or reserve called up for support missions backup troops airport patrol guarding prison detainees C 742000 civilians on military payroll 1 ex Edward Snowden a Worked for a contractor who was payed by the US government to do certain types of work D 250 billion annually to maintain troops equipment fleet and bases overseas US military presence abroad H 1 Many military operations outsourced to private firmsheights of recent wars there were more contractors than troops a Do military contractors appropriately spend taxpayer dollars 2 Carbon footprint of the military is hugeconsumes 111 million barrels oilyear a one of the largest polluters on the planet b Largest nonnation consumer of energy on the planet c SuperFund sites i Determined as so toxic that no one can live onaround them Military responsible for most of this I Secret US Military Abroad A US Special Operations CommandSOCOM was established in 1987 for Iran hostage affair 1 Assassinations counterterrorist raids longrange reconnaissance intelligence analysis foreign troop training WMD counterproliferation and online propaganda 2 37000 personnel in the early 1990s grown to almost 72000 3 Since 911 budget grown 23 to 104 billion 9815 B In 2014 US Special Operations forces were deployed in 133 nations up from 60 at the end of the Bush presidency C The command is at its absolute zenith And it is indeed a golden age for special operations General Joseph Votel lllcurrent commander of SOCOM D CIA uses existing facilities in Djibouti Ethiopia and the UAE for covert drone wars E US Military Spending 1 F lreeident e Prepeeeel Discretionary Spending Fiseal Year 21111111 Edueetien 7 Effquotu Geeernment 6 veteransquot Efff v Heueing a Cemmunity g Site Health 5 International Affairs MHMW 3 ere Energy E Eiwirenmerrt 3 Seienee 3 Treneperle tien 3 lL b quot a it 39 Seuree l 2 FEW 5 fatQNWIME Helene Premise P ejeet 1 ter 41 l Reasons for High Defense Spending A Ongoing fear of nuclear weapons B Unsafe World terrorism and aggression must be confronted and contained C Defense spending brings PROFITS to corporations creates jobs and generates economic growth D Having costliest military which contributes to unmatched strength and technological advancement dissuades potential challenge II Top Secret Network of Government and its Contractors lll Inside Nature of Contracts A Corporate military contractors eager for contracts 1 There are few risks of failure 2 Most contracts awarded without competitive bidding 9815 VI 3 Pentagon subsidizes contracts with free research and development public lands and buildings 4 Defense spending does not compete in consumer market Contractors Often Squander Money A The Pentagon has paid 11 trillion to hundreds of defense contractors and their parent companies that have defrauded the government over the past ten years DoD Report Corporate War Profiteering A DoDDepartment of Defense contracts keep getting more expensive 1 Corporations spend millions on lobbying a Ten largest defense contractors spent more than 27 million lobbying federal government Death Toll of War Iraq A Not Just Numbers but People Iraq war deaths 10 years on Number of documented fatalities Civilians estimated I 05 and coalition troops 4000 3500 P 3000 W 2500 r eeeeeeeee 2000 iiiiii is r 1500 1000 e 77777 a 500 0 I I I II I I EllII I u 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2003 g 2004 2005 2006 2008 2009 2011 g 2013 March 20 Mayl Dec 13 June28 Oct 19 Dec 15 g Dec30 5 Nov 1 Janl 5 Dec 18 Feb1 USeledforces US Saddam UShands Saddam Iraqis Saddam Iraq and UShands LastofUS Sunni invadelraq President Husseinis E sovereignty Hussein elect E Husseinis E USsign control I forces 2 Muslims Baghdadfalls GW Bush captured tointerim goes fullaterm executed accord ofGreen Ieavelraq protest to UStroops declares byUS Iraqigovt ontrial governe USto Zoneover 5 against on A1309 end to forces ment 39 withdraw tolraq 39 theShi39ite combat g g g troops by g premier i i end 2011 I Sources Iraq Body Count Iraq Coalition Casualty Count Reuters news reports w Foo 19032013 Social Costs Suicides in the Military A Misuse of prescription drugsPTSD Weaponized Unmanned Aerial Vehicles aka Drones A Government does not do a successful job of keeping track of deaths by drones 9815 I Biuiliarls I Injuries I Total Killed I Bhildren Legend 1 39l39IIE Bll Allll Est mated Casual es iim Pakiistam by Year csonrectas of 1139mr114 2014 98 w paum Item I almsaunrul 0 suenwo 0 31mm 2013 SM paum IBM 81 sagmi w 0 mum 0 31mm 12 13912 ESL ZPall1 10l saur ul Ed sueuwa ll uamlwa 201 391 98 xpaum lam 39L sauni m Z9 I39suenwo 9 uamuua 2010 Lezpeumm Lss saunrul 13 I Sueumo 6L uamuua 2E 1939 L11 IPall Item 993 I aunm 00L mum 98 UE JPIND 2008 392 I Kpaum IBM 9 saunim 69 Isuenwa 9 uamuua 200 98 I pallm IBM Dz It saun u LI 1 SUEHWCJ ll uamlm 2006 126 I paum ML 8 sagmi w 06 I suenwa EUPHLID 2005 9L I paum lam L saanl39Lu Q suenwa 1 uamm 2004 9 l Pallm IEIELL I L saun u Z BLEND Z x BJPIND CI 305 we on 5m 30 2m 1m


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