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Progress Biotechnology

by: Alvena Wilkinson

Progress Biotechnology MCB 294

Alvena Wilkinson
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 40 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alvena Wilkinson on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MCB 294 at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 57 views. For similar materials see /class/187616/mcb-294-university-of-california-davis in Molecular, Cellular And Developmental Biology at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
Engineering 5af and DraugIf faerance in plant uardo Blumwa d Dep r of Plan Sciences Universify of California bavis lrb ll Karkik As Sulayman7yah S man l R A N Karbal 39 39 An Najaf JORDAN SAUDI ARABIA Qanat Schematic aquifer conduit Bedrock YEAR WHEAT BARLEY BARLEYYIELD 16 24 29 N s a N a m g p a a E E a Extension and global distribution of salt affected soils WW 5E W V W ggime H 11 g A I J new 1 Global dlstnbuuun al the sanraffected Solis rm I San Arfeued Souls on ma Cnmimanrs nu Suhcaminsnxs ammenl Area mrliinns my arm America 57 Mexico and Cannai Amma 2V0 cum Amevma 292 km mm cum Asia 57 5 2m unm Em Asua 200 uslr i 357 a u 50 s Tue 5m 2 Pessarakli and Szabolcs 1999 n mm 0 m um mu am vnhblr wquot Wndll agncunuml am World ungaxeu area m nmmm erlnn sum mm uu nu 10000 acres Sal concenfr afions ppm mgL m M EC dSm Pacific Ocean 32000 32000 550 50 Colorado River 650750 650750 1 11 3 11 2 Chicken Soup 800 800 14 125 ECONOMICAL IMPACT zDecline in produc rivify and yields zIncreased inpu39r seeds fer lizer 1390 compensafe for yield reduction zReduced efficienf wafer use zIncreased labor requiremenfs high costs SOCIAL IMPACT zAbandonmem of The severely degraded land aReducTion of food production and food supply leading 10 famine zMigrn on of farmers 10 ci es ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT a Reduc rion of green cover leading 0 soil erosion crus r formation wind an wafer erosion zLeaching of nutrienfs loss of organic matter run off leading To le confamina rion of wafer supplies zIncrense of carbon dioxide released to The afmosphere Management and Rehabilitation of salt affected soils Leaching V wane brainage r Spreading of gypsum NaCl LlJOU I39 lt LlJin H20 7 Na vacuole WWI Salinity Tolerance gain of function WORKING HYPOTHESIS Overexpressian of AINHXI increases salt tolerance n 39 sf 533313 m XIOE x1052 x1055 w1 Aw 9 ch 19 v Science I 200 mM Noc 1256l259 2m a el 2001 nus guzaszxzaas Camquot JT 12 um mommy 1m nqwsllre 10 102 mM Natl for as daysl m Both a nil zoos 12 ms 9mm in m present of am M Natl Ne w 2005 Rice AgNHXl Ohm 2 al 2002 Tamara 200 mM Ndil Zhung A maldLEB l NoNN lionth Ens7s Rice OsNHXl Fukuda 2 nl 2004 Maize MNHXl Yin 2 nl 2004 Tobacco GhNHxl Wu at al 2 004 Tobacco BuNHXl Wang 2 al 2004 To mm Lu a I 2005 Wheat AtNHXl XLz 2t 04 Strate for soil reclamation alfalfa Ful llllllllnllnlllulllulllulllllllLuillUlllllllllnllllllmllllllllllllmmlhllnlHillwilllllWillWlllllumlllnlUlllllnllilllullnlllnlllnlll Rum znne WAIER IABLE 9 E 39rfanlh umxpmsing MNHXI Assuming 1 an average conservative alfalfa yield of ks 20 tonhayear 2 NaCl accumulation in the plant foliage of 8 of the dry mass Total amount of salt collected by the plants could be ks 16 tonhayear 5000 4000 3000 2000 7 0 Water Use cubic Km 1940 950 1960 970 880 990 2000 Year Agriculture Industry Dames c mm mm NATIONAL mm mm 5 3 A16 Pact on Colorado River Will Send F armers Water Funnels give with their water the r mum anquot H mm a mu mvmhrv w w aum 1mm y L mama 1quot my a m m mm m m n n quotmamaquot u l K shin an a mm W mum MN m m n my vlk39 r w 1 H mm mm mm mm magnum maumwm J mum 7 m m 11 1 mm mm rm mxllm dhxl m mu a mum Mantra pymwunluyu wannaquotcm m D 5w 5quot Dim u mm cmx Psky mm mm quotmm m4an Seaway awn m rmnth mm mm nunll quot Wm yumquot 1min m 4 mum m mm mumsm 4 ammummw Mm mm m mmmmd n km um Ilu kwrlw t393umm Hmunlrmnrmawwumlnllw Woter requirement equivalent of main food products 39PRODUCT UNIT EQUIVALENT WATER m3 per unit 000 Cottleheod 4 sheep and gootsheud 500 fresh beef kg 15 fresh poultry kg 6 ereuls kg 15 citrus fruits kg 1 39palm oil kg 2 Source FAO 1997 Published in the UN World Water Demogmenr Regalt What Is vlrtual water The concept of virtual water 1A Allan 1992 is the water embedded in commodities Producing goods and services requires water the water used to produce agricultural or industrial products is called the virtual water of the product Top 10 virtual exporting countries 19951999 COUNTR I NET EXPORTy VOLUME 10 m USA 7583 Canada 2725 Thalland 2333 Argen na 2263 Inda 1611 Austmlia 1456 Vief Nam 902 che 884 Guavemala 717 Brazil 450 nuncu my Hnekslra PQ Hung Ltuuul Irulm nude 7 39 wvllml Top 10 virtual importing countries 19951999 COUNTRY Sri Lanka Japan Netherlands Karen Rep China Indonesia Spain Egyp Germany Italy NET IMPORT 3 VOLUME 10 m Outlook Medt ate7s daour rld s wagquot A l quotgun am may be mme luluIpdcvclupmg munlucsfrn kmxmwm nun m m m w lungI39d u M w m m Y H muWW k in w 7 3922 511153325 323 m wg lmv mmm WW 1qu u mmmmm an x p N MM f Mr KW 41 1 y E v n mwm Mumn lfflm quot 39 mum MHMLZ MRXJKLIquot quotquot rmumwmm quotWW w mmmu u L iv u luw39lnmrmm M p m w xymaml m mm A quot512quot mmqu mm h M rawm w Mm um um um W Shimon Gepstein Technion Institue HaifaIsrae identified a number of SAC7s senescence associated genes by differential display One of these genes is a SenescenceAssociated Receptor Kinase SARK SARK sequence and predicted structure Kinetics of SARK expression mRNA and Protein in attached and detached leaf 10 15 20 25 30 40 50 60 days mRNA 31 kh IWeMykammerpymphusphme 7 099 0 a mm mm a a swam K pamwammmmms LNn gameri m 572mm 51gt gt nu Experimental Design Wildtype and Transgenic Tobacco plants lines T236 andT424 were grown in the greenhouse under control conditions Mature Plants 3 month old were subjected to drought stress no watering for 25 weeks and subsequently re watered for 2 weeks Plant Material leaves was collected at three points i before stress ii after 2 5 weeks drought stress iii after 2 weeks rewatering iv 3 weeks after rewatering plants were harvested EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 3 L LE Z AFTER ROUQW 7 I EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 1 WEE2271 AWE BEWATERIE H Z cDNA 1 copy 1 copy 2 Mum gmmmm mu IWn W altmum gmmaumgmgwmmm awn u Iwn um an lmxmatummrmm min um mm mm mm mmmu mx nmuwm AV um mmmwmwm mum m hwqm time to mmll m the arrays WT sum 9st as central MN Before Drouah39r 424 M1 m MAMAmun n Ivquot Ir Rudox mu a elmImmu g A manmm gt cm man a quottogDAB diamilwbnnxidinllwsminlng 9 FWIplant mal 1Uday Restricted n3Uday o imal 1Lday MLday Dr Rosa M U 39 Ellen Tumimbnng IIIRI UC Davis 39 39 39 39 CA USA a Dr Gilad AlIaNn now at In nium Group Dr Masaaki Ohfo no a Mandel Biotechnology Inc Prof Shiman sepstein l39echnianIsra l Dr Abdel Ismail CIRRI Philippines 1m barn EN Japan Pref Ju Kan Kim Mybngji Univ Kama Prof Hang leang Texas Tech U iv n Prof Anil Wen UNIV Delhi India Prof Run Mi ler Univ of Nevaduelizno v 3 7 E 3 n E39 anged bg Nafiana 51212 Faunw an A in 39 iennes Inc Eeriealign Challenge Pitamt CGIAR 39 my Pro 16 Disc Will W Lesrer Swimmerf 600102


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