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Chapter 2 Bio Lecture Notes from Week 2

by: Cheyenne Baxter

Chapter 2 Bio Lecture Notes from Week 2 BIO_SC 1010 - 01

Marketplace > University of Missouri - Columbia > Biological Sciences > BIO_SC 1010 - 01 > Chapter 2 Bio Lecture Notes from Week 2
Cheyenne Baxter
GPA 3.7
Intro to biological sciences
Tracie Gibson

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About this Document

Content of notes includes in-class notes from topics and discussions along with Thursday night study review questions.
Intro to biological sciences
Tracie Gibson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cheyenne Baxter on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO_SC 1010 - 01 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Tracie Gibson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 59 views. For similar materials see Intro to biological sciences in Biological Sciences at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
Chapter 2 Essential Chemistry for Biology Why Chemistry in Biology Idea that chemical reactions occur in the body a Periodic Table 0 Elements naturally occurring is 92 0 Elements listed in the periodic table Ex Elements in the body See Figure 22 on slides Oxygen O Nitrogen N 4 major elements in the human body 0 Carbon C 0 Iron Fe 0 Hydrogen H Trace elements very small but required amounts of elements Ex Trace Elements Iodine o Needed by the thyroid gland neck 0 Absence causes Goiters which is a swollen or enlarged thyroid gland o US puts Iodine in salt To counter act this salt quotiodizedquot Fluoride o In toothpaste Atomssmallest unit of matter of an element 0 3 sub particles 0 Neutrons neutral nucleolus o Protons positive nucleolus o Electrons negative outside nucleolus Transfer or share electrons Interactions lead to atom coming closer together Tvoes of Bonds Covalent Bonds 0 Atoms share electrons 0 They will share 1 or more pairs of electrons 0 Strong 0 100 K calmole take a signi cant amount of energy Ex Similar to married people committed and hard to separate Noncovalent Bonds 0 Involves and transfer of electrons o Weaker compared to Covalent Bonds 0 5 K calmole of energy needed to break noncovalent bond Ex Similar to single people simple attraction but no commitment 0 Types of NonCovalent Bonds 5 Hydrogen Bond Ex Hydrogen Hydrogen Bond Hydrophiliclnteraction o Loves water Ex Mike Phelps Hydrophobic Interaction 0 Doesn t like water Ex Cats lonic Bonds Attraction between fully charged atoms 0 Ex NA 1 Cl 1 NaCl 0 Van Der Waals 0 Weak o Occurs under special conditions Atoms must be in the correct position Optimal distance away from each other Remember Tip HHHV Biological Molecules Ex Proteins use covalent and non covalent bonds to fold protect shape correctly Study Review 1 A hypothesis is an I a Tentative answer to a question la Guess e Qbservatien 69 44er 2 Which of these statements is correct E S F I I I I earthquakes IS I I I I I reproduee I d ONLY Science can lead to discovery about nature 3 is an example of an element a water H20 I b carbon C c glucose C6H1206 d salt NCI 4 In the following reaction what type of bond is bonding the two atoms together K Cl l KCI a Hydrophobic b Hydrophilic c Hydrogen d lonic 5 The lizard is a species living in southwest dessert Males range between brightly colored or dull Your goal is to determine the function of bright color Experiment we selected males same age size Two groups bright group and dull group of lizards Add female per aquarium 350 aquariums Resu s Looking to see if the female choses to mate with 0 Bright colored277 Dull colored70 None3 l 277 X Female AALAAI 70 E 3 gt Is it reasonable to conclude that female lizards prefer more bright colored mates over dull colored a Yes conclusion is supported by datal b No conclusion is not supported by data Bright Dull Ione Colored Colored c Data in inconclusive d None of the above Dull colored males were used in the experiment to a Give experiment more trials b All females had a male c Served as a controll d To make sure female lizards could recognize male lizards Continued Notes from Chapter 2 Water and Life Why Water Keeps your body working properly Helps body ush waste 0 Stay at the correct temperature Helps prevent constipation o AVOID Dehydration 0 Body no longer has enough uid to get blood to your organs 0 Extreme dehydrations shock 0 Symptoms Faint Muscle cramps Lack of strength and motor control Structure and Function of Water Structure 0 Molecule is asymmetrical not equal on both sides 0 Both atoms make a covalent bondstrong O H o Highly polarized 0 Why charge 0 is more electronegative and tends to pull electrons closer H Properties due to structure 0 Water requires a lot of energy heat to raise temperature 0 Requires a lot of energy heat to evaporate 0 Water is an excellent solvent 0 Water is sticky or can make many Hydrogen bonds 0 Wants interactions with other things 0 Mediate many interactions in the cell Cohesion water is attracted to water Adhesion water is attracted to other substances WEEK ENDING SEPT 4m


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