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Behav Ecol Insects

by: Emerald Funk

Behav Ecol Insects ENT 104

Emerald Funk
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emerald Funk on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENT 104 at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/187644/ent-104-university-of-california-davis in Entomology at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
Entomology 104 Winter 2004 Parental Care and Mating Systems 1 Reproductive effort RE A Components 1 parental effort 2 mating effort B Prediction males should expend more RE for mating effort while females expend more in parental effort 1 Because a male has more to gain by abandoning and nding another mate 2 Exceptions a no females are available b synchronous broods c takes 2 parents to raise the brood d females desert first 11 Parental care A Females 1 Egg mass 2 Nest construction 3 Provision young mass or progressive a Forage for prey or food items b Catabolize body resources 4 Defend eggs young or food source B Males though rare it does occur 1 Provide nutrients for eggs through seminal uids Colias eu hema 2 Provide nutrients for eggs through nuptial meals a Scorpion ies Entomology 104 Winter 2004 b Preying mantids they themselves become the meal 3 Defense a nest or resources Nicrophorus species burying beetles b Eggs on the backs of giant water bugs This could be a case for role reversal because the males may be the limiting resource 4 Brood care a Aeration of eggs in Belastoma spp b Brood feeding in Nicrophorus spp 5 Nest construction Nicrophorus termites III Mating effort adaptations A Intrasexual selection 1 Precopulatory access to potential mates a Skill in mate location b Production of effective mateattracting signals c Aggressive competence in the defence of mates and territories d Capacity to avoid damaging interactions with rivals 2 Postcopulatory competition for access to eggs a Mate concealment b Mate guarding c Mate takeover d Sperm competition 3 Postfertilization of rival zygotes a Ability to induce abortion of fertilized eggs Entomology 104 Winter 2004 b Infanticide B Intersexual selection 1 Mate discrimination by choosy sex usually female a Rejection of members of wrong species b Selection of genetically superior conspecif1c partner c Selection ofpartner with useful resources or services 2 Attributes that make individuals attractive to opposite sex a Attractive courtship behavior b Attractive morphological characters c Attractive material bene ts IV Male mating systems A Monogamy male mates with only one female per breeding season mate monopolization potential is very low 1 Mate guarding monogamy male remains with mate in order to prevent her from copulating with other males 2 Mate assistance monogamy male remains with mate in order to elevate her reproductive output B Polygynous mating systems some males mate with more than one female per breeding season 1 Mate monopolization potential of males is high due to the clumped distribution of females or resources attractive to females a Female defense polygyny some males prevent others from gaining access to mates by defending groups of females b Resource defense polygyny some males prevent others from gaining access to mates by defending resources that attract receptive females 1 Defense of resources as and where they occur Entomology 104 Winter 2004 2 Defense of resources after they have been collected by a male 2 Male mate monopolization potential is faily low often because the emerging or resource using females are widely dispersed a Pure dominance or lek polygyny some males gain access to mates by excluding others from certain quotsymbolicquot mating territories preferred by selective females 1 Defense of perch on a landmark site 2 Defense of a waiting site on the periphery of a dispersed resource area b Scramble competition polygyny males make no effort to defend an exclusive mating territory but instead attempt to outrace their competitors to receptive females 1 Explosive mating assemblage receptive females are abundant during a very brief mating period 2 Prolonged searching polygyny receptive females cannot be economically monopolized because of their even distribution or the high rate of competition from intruder males V Female mating systems A Monogamy the female mates with a single male during one breeding season B Polyandry the female mates multiply receiving sperm from more than one male during one breeding season 1 Sperm replenishment polyandry a The female adds to her depleted or inadequate sperm supplies b The female avoids the cost of storing and maintaining large quantities of sperm from a single donor 2 Materialbenefit polyandry


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