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by: May Thu

KIN150_Vitamins KIN150

May Thu
GPA 3.8

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About this Document

The notes cover different kinds of vitamins and minerals and their effects on the body. There is also detailed information about supplements.
General Nutrition for Health and Performance
Eduard Tiozzo
Class Notes
Vitamins, Kinesiology, Supplements
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by May Thu on Monday February 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to KIN150 at University of Miami taught by Eduard Tiozzo in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see General Nutrition for Health and Performance in Kinesiology at University of Miami.


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Date Created: 02/29/16
Saturday, May 21, y KIN 150  Vitamins ­ Micronutrients • vitamins and minerals  • no calories  • needed in small quantities  • deficiencies and excesses can affect health  ­ Vitamins • organic substances (get them from plants and animals) • 13 Vitamins  • Water soluble (flush them out of body) • B vitamins (8 different) • Vitamin C • acts as coenzyme (bind with protein and acts like enzymes) • Fat soluble (stored in fat and liver) • A, D, E (antioxidants), K  ­ Vitamin Preservation • vitamins can be lost by exposure to light, oxygen, washed away during prep,  cooking • frozen foods may supply more vitamins than fresh ones if frozen properly  • veggies: boil them for a short time and freeze them immediately (to kill bacteria  and enzymes that make them turn yellow/changes texture) • fruit: soak it in ascorbic acid  1 Saturday, May 21, y ­ Fat soluble  • animal products are rich in vitamin A • sun exposure for vitamin D (promotes the absorption of calcium) (supplement: D2  and D3) • Vitamin E (antioxidants) (veggies) • Vitamin K (regulating blood clotting) (veggies) ­ Orlistat (Alli and Xenical) • people take it for weight loss  • severe liver injury  • risk of having fat soluble vitamins  ­ Water soluble vitamins  • Vitamin B (8) (abundant in different sources) ­ Riboflavin (B2) destroyed by exposure to light ­ Niacin increases HDL  ­ Biotin (B7) found in eggs (must be cooked or egg whites prevent absorption) ­ B6 (Alcohol, oral contraceptives, smoking reduces absorption of vitamins) ­ Folate (natural form from foods) Folic Acid (synthetic) (B9) ­ higher risk for NTB (neural defects) if deficient  ­ B12 (mostly animal products) (vegans are deficient)  • Vitamin C (can shorten colds) (is an antioxidant) ­ fights free radicals, strengthens immune system  ­ Minearls • inorganic substances (get from earth or water) 2 Saturday, May 21, y ­ Regulations ­ Dietary Supplements  ­ not required to test  ­ just need to have certain ingredients  ­ found unsafe only when they start causing side effects (can be mis­labeled or  contaminated) ­ Up to 1 in 3 supplements are mislabeled  ­ Look for USP Verified logo  3


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