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Computer Security

by: Ashleigh Dare

Computer Security ECS 153

Ashleigh Dare
GPA 3.75

Hao Chen

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About this Document

Hao Chen
Class Notes
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This 28 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashleigh Dare on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECS 153 at University of California - Davis taught by Hao Chen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/187714/ecs-153-university-of-california-davis in Engineering Computer Science at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
Cryptographic protocols design and analysis David Wagner University of California Berkeley Notation A B C S names of legitimate parties Short for Alice Bob client server M name of a malicious attacker Short for Mallet Notation 1A gtBa The above means 1 Protocol designer intended the message 1 to be sent by I party B 2 This message was intended to be sent first in a series of Caveats 1A gtBa Do note 1 B only receives the message 13 not who it came from Thus messages should include the sender s name if the needs to know it 2 There is no guarantee that A the network or the adversa as intended Thus messages might be intercepted modified reorder More Notation k is a key 1 is its inverse For symmetric cryptosystems k k l for publickey cryptos the public key and k 1 the corresponding private key Notation Without End 51k means 1 encrypted under k Warning This is implicitly assumed to provide both secrecy al the standard notation For instance 13 yk securely binds 1 1 Excercise How do you implement xk 13k1 means 1 signed under k l Most authors conventionally use xk1 for signatures but I don t like the standard notation Exercise Why not Still More Notation TA is a timestamp chosen by A NA is an unpredictable random nonce a challenge chosen Who s awake What does the following notation mean 1 A gtBI 14 kABABK21KB 2 B gt A messagekAB Warmup Establishing a secure channel with a challengeresponse prot Can you spot the flaw 9 93M A gtBI B gtAI A gtBI A gtBI A gtBI A NB NBK21 messageKB message KB DenningSacco 1 Key exchange between A B with the aid of an online certifice 1 A gtS AB 2 S gtA certAcertB 3 A gtB certAcertBkABTAK1KB A Can you spot the flaw Breaking DenningSacco 1 Look closely 3 A gt B certAcertB kABTAK1KB A The key kAB isn t bound to the names of the endpoints A B Therefore B can extract the quantity MAB TAK1 and use i A in a new connection to 0 like this 3 B gt C certAcertC kABTAK21KC As a result 0 mistakenly concludes he is speaking with A A Lesson Moral Be explicit Bind all names and all other relevant c every message Exercise Why do so many protocols fail this way Credits Abadi Early SSL Key exchange with mutual authentication 1 A gtBI kABKB 2 B gtAI NBkAB 3 A gtB certANBK21kAB Can you spot the flaw Breaking early SSL Look closely 1 A gtBI kABKB 2 B gtAI NBkAB 3 A gtB certANBK21kAB Alice will sign anything with her private key The attack on early SSL B can open a connection to C and pretend to be A as follows 1 B gt C I kBCKC 2 C gt A NCkBC When 0 challenges B with nonce NC Bob sends NB 2 NC and uses her as an oracle 114 gt B I kABKB 2 B gt A I NCkAB 3 A gt B certA NCKA1kAB A will sign anything so B extracts NdKZl and he s in 3 B gt C certA NCK21 AB Fixing early SSL Fix replace NBK1 with A B NA NBK1 A A 1 A gtBI kABKB 2 B gtAI NBkAB 3 A gtB certAABNANBK1kAB A Moral Don t let yourself be used as a signing oracle Add randomness and bind names before signing Credits Abadi GSM challengeresponse A is cellphone handset B is a base station 1 B gt A NB 2 A gt B I A NBK1datak AB where k fKAB NB is the voice privacy key Can you spot the weakness X509 standard 1 Sending a signed encrypted message to B 1 A gt B A TA B messageKBK1 A Can you spot the flaw Breaking X509 standard 1 Look again 1 A gt B A TA B messageKBK1 A There s no reason to believe the sender was ever aware of the the message An Attack on X509 1 Example Proving yourself by sending a password Attacker M intercepts Alice s encrypted password 1 A gt B A TA B passwordKBK1 A Then M extracts passwordKB and sends 1 M gt B M TMB passwordKBK1 M Now M is in without needing to know the password Another Attack on X509 1 Example Secure auctions The same attack provides an easy way for M to send in a cop under his own name without needing to know what A s bid we Lessons An important difference between 0 Authentication as endorsement ie taking responsibility 0 Authentication as a way of claiming credit Encrypting before signing provides a secure way of assigning but an insecure way to establishing credit Moral sign before encrypting Credits Abadi TMN Pop quiz Watch carefully A B establish a shared key 193 using the help of a fast server 1 A gtSI kAKS 2 B gtSI kBKS 3 3 A meg13 A recovers kB as M 69 M 69 k3 Can you spot the flaw Breaking TMN Let s play spot the oracle The attack Given kBKS M M can conspire to recover kg 1 M gtSI kBKS 2 M gtSI kMKS 3 S gtMI 63le Now M M can recover kB from kBKS Cre Goss railway protocol A and B establish an authenticated shared key MB 2 734 69 I 1 A gtBI A7 AKB 2 B gtAI B7 BKA Do you see the subtle weakness Triangle attacks on Goss If session keys sometimes leak the system breaks M can recover 734 from 734KB by opening a session to B ar A s encrypted contribution to the key 1 M gtBI C7 AKB 2 B gtM B739KM Now if M can learn kBM somehow he can compute 734 kl Basically if B lets session keys leak M can use him as as a 7 oracle to obtain 734 from 734KB Play the same games with A to recover 773 from 773KA you then learn 1743 Crelt Implementing protocols Explicitness is powerful and cheap The mathematical notation 1 B gt A I NB 2 A gt B I NB A7BKA might be implemented in practice as 1 B gt A Msg 1 from B to A of GSM protocol v10 is a 2 A gt B Msg 2 from A to B of GSM protocol v10 is the challenge NB and A asserts that the ses fresh and good for communication between 1 session where N B was seen KA Can you see why each of the elements above are there Implementing protocols Any value received as cleartext should be treated as untrustw may use it as a hint for performance but don t depend on it fc Minimize state each message should be selfexplanatory


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