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History of Medicine 212 Notes Week of 9.2.15

by: Chariesse Notetaker

History of Medicine 212 Notes Week of 9.2.15 67494

Marketplace > University of Wisconsin - Madison > Science > 67494 > History of Medicine 212 Notes Week of 9 2 15
Chariesse Notetaker
GPA 3.4
Bodies, Diseases and Healers
Thomas Broman

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About this Document

Bodies, Diseases and Healers
Thomas Broman
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chariesse Notetaker on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 67494 at University of Wisconsin - Madison taught by Thomas Broman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see Bodies, Diseases and Healers in Science at University of Wisconsin - Madison.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
History of ScienceHistory of Medicine 212 Bodies Healers and Diseases Instructor Tom Broman 9215 General Course Mechanics Technology and the power over death in modern medicine The body in health and disease Disease and healing as personal experience Disease and healing as a social phenomenon Four views of the body 0 The humoral body 0 The anatomicalmorphological body 0 The body measured normalized and perfected o The infected body Story Atul Gawande quotThe Checklistquot The New Yorker Dec 10 2007 pp 86 95 Reports of case of threeyear old girl Fallen in water for 30min Temp of 66 no pulse no breathing amp no brain functiondead Parents do CPR put on arti cial breathing More than 2 hours CPR allow for blood ow amp rise in blood temp 6 hours later heart started to beat again Still brain dead damages but 0 dead zones drilled in brain Slowly woke up and walked out symptoms of stroke 2 years later she is back to normal Purpose nothing shows a better demonstration of what modern medicine can do Shows the power of technology and modern medicine Things to think about oz What are the costs of developing technology and modern medicine Financially Culturally o Takes away the personal feeling of illness 0 ln contemporary medicine you re something to be fixed 0 In ancient times healthcare was a dialogue between patient and doctor today there is little to no discourse Take the word disease gt disease literally means discomfort The story ofJob from the Old Testament look up the story tsara at o In Hebrew means stain impure de led o In English it means leprosy or Handson s disease Leviticus 2 chapters devoted to gaining purity Demonstrates how those in ancient times believed that the boundry between health and illness are related to purity and impurity Idea of a stain is having something that doesn t belong They thought that a house and person can be stained Issue of personal experience Purpose of class Interested in social relationships 0 Roles od healers and how that role changes over time 0 Four views of the body 0 The humoral body 0 The anatomicalmorphological body 0 The body measured normalized and perfected o The infected body The Humoral body 0 Thinking about the body in states of illness 0 Use uids and discharge as signs of body functions in speci c state 0 Idea of balance gt imbalance is related to health gt illness When you are Hi you body is out of balance 0 View of body used in ancient China 25 years and Eastern Mediterranean 0 Lasted 2000 years oz Why does this view make sense 0 Four views of the body 0 The humoral body 0 The anatomicalmorphological body 0 The body measured normalized and perfected o The infected body The Anatomical morphological body 0 View the body as a collection of different parts arms heart spleen etc Seeks to understand how the parts function Sometimes focuses on illness Loca af ictions broken bones Abscesses How the body works surgery not really concerned with illness OOOOO Four views of the body 0 The humoral body 0 The anatomicalmorphological body 0 The body measured normalized and perfected o The infected body The infected body 0 Concerned with e question why does the presence of certain illnesses make others i as well 0 Looks at illness as a social phenomenon 0 Starts in middle ages bubonic plague Four views of the body 0 The humoral body 0 The anatomicalmorphological body 0 The body measured normalized and perfected o The infected body The body measured normalized and perfected 0 Understanding of health as something that can be measured height weight etc 0 Social makes sense only when compared with others 0 Introduces the idea of risk Things to think about 393 The different views of the body are not compatible ie humeral and bubonic plague oz One is not all encompassing can be thought of simultaneously oz Shows how ancient people thought about the body and how they saw health life and the world


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