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Food, Folklore, & Health

by: Orlando Ondricka

Food, Folklore, & Health FST 010

Orlando Ondricka
GPA 3.58

Gary Smith

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About this Document

Gary Smith
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Orlando Ondricka on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FST 010 at University of California - Davis taught by Gary Smith in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 52 views. For similar materials see /class/191765/fst-010-university-of-california-davis in Food Science & Technology at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
Rough Lecture Outline for Midterm 4 material FST 10 amp is a gr the test 1 r1 Causes Is 3991 JH neurotoxin death by paralysissuffocation Spores found in honey can cause oppy baby syndrome or SIDS Spores are found in dirt foods can be a danger added to cured meat to prevent C botulz39num growth and also imroves the meat s color spp eg aureus r Grows in presence or absence of oxygen oxygen aids its growth Is gram positive but does not form spores Secretes a heatstable toxin pick your nose Makes toxin at temperatures between 50 and140 F grows well between 70 and 105 F Grows 1n resence or absence of oxygen gt amp is a gram positive bacterium the spores part is important for the test Makes two toxins Th 1 a haich is pretty mch the de m on of infection 7 0 Famous exam les spp eg enteritidz39s but there are many types and the nomenclature 39ust know Salmonella Ty cally in foods of animal origin from 39 Found in some v Also found on m Prevented by 0 Hygienic food handling 0 Heating cooking not warming the food before consumption 0 Control s orage temperature cold or hot l A w i an ound on the outside of cuts of meat where it would be illd booking but grinding meat contaminates the inside Also found on fruits and vegetables especially if they are picked up from the dirt but occur in immunocompromised individuals eg pregnant women I Parasites 39 Much larger than bacteria they are generally protozoa not bacteria 39 Usually associated with water except the sushi parasite which is a nematode not a protozoan and is found in food Didn t even mention Trickinella spiralis the cause of trichinosis from eating infected pork or bear meat Make sure your bear is well done 5 39 DNA or RNA w 39 No metabolism 39 Reproduce by using the host cell s machiner 39 Transmitted usually by infected m m 7 route and don t eat at Po 39 Famous ones i J 39 7 just a protein that causes host proteins to m1sfold and make protein deposits notably in the brain 39 Incurable fatal 39 Examples 0 Scrapie in sheep o ovine spongeform encephalopathy BSE in cattle l m m Sn mm lz H V o Kuru 1n cannibals i 1mm CH are m M yeah I know cannibals are humans too ontamination of food HACCP j Jl U o A procedure for evaluating dangers in a process involving food 39 Preventing foodbome illness that matters o 0 Why I Produces high osmotic strength and draws the water out of microbial cells I Bacteria can t grow I Yeasts and molds are more resistant than bacteria I Acidity 7 i 0 pH is the negative of the logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in molesliter whaaa n food s stems mitt1 M mrlmfu 4 v n officially pickles I Tem erature F H il mind Dairy Products Dairying is ancient 6500 BC Historically Northern Europeans drank uid milk t gt but ate little cheese Southern Europeans ate cheese but did not drink fresh milk Nowadays Northern Europeans are also famous for cheese 39 Dairy processing was a commercial business in the US by 1850 Milk is secreted by the mammary glands into the udder after a calf is born 0 Protein and lactose go directly into the water phase of the milk I Hi h in antibodies and minerals relatively low in other things I i V jq iw Compared to cws mllk hman m1k 39 Caseins o Looselystructured easilydigestible proteins 0L 5 and Kcaseins Arranged in bundles called submicelles with part of Kcasein on the outside Submicelles are held toethe n a casein micelle b 39 39 v C M n M i V O O O O o Whey contains whey proteins lactose and some other minerals whey made by adding acid actually contains most of the calcium and phosphate from the casein micelle but ou don t have to know that in order of decreasing concentration Generic blood serum and milk serum protein Good source of essential amino acids u i r proteins water amp a little protein ed in the milkfat l m m t H milk separator oped the concept for wine The udder contains many bacteria The teat can become dirty cattle with mastitis 7 an actual infection 7 can not be used and can contaminate the milk ses ma be resent l quot m or 39 bacterium tuberculosis 39 39 H 139 m Pasteurization named after Louis Pasteur Who devel I u i a 97 7 77 A cold 0 0 used for roomtemperaturestored products of specialty products whipping cream that don t move quickly from e J hill mogen not really Fore milk though Breaks the milkfat globules into much smaller ones Smaller globules have more surface area so new proteins stick to their surface making them more dense and less likely to coalesce Fat no longer rises l Foam is stabilized by milkfat globules coated by proteins and water I If the cream is whipped too much or if the temperature is too high the milkfat globules coalesce to form a continuous phase butter 0 The fat 7 butter 51 done at room o l Since you WANT the fat to coalesce churning is temperature I The water solution that was NOT entrapped in the butter can be called buttermilk but it is not the cultured buttermilk sold in the US No made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil or mixtures of unhydrogenated and fully hydrogenated vegetable oils to avoid making W an m in NonSOI products give us more choices but you can t trust the name to tell you what you are getting Is frozen yogurt made from yogurt Probably not 39 Fermented dairy products 0 Milks sometimes health claims from the fermentation L organism used in the Southwest Asia fermented with specific LAB fermented slightly with Lactobacillus acidophilus not from milking bacteria w lt7 l a lt Streptococcus lactis and Leuconostoc citrovorum contains the buttery avor I I Drinking yogurts e g Yakult Typically fruit avored Go Yakult Swallows n d lemon juice to cream to form a Brown Hotel in London 0 Sometimes other avors garlic herbs Wine peppers seeds are added or infused into the cheese


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