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Intro to Brewing & Beer

by: Orlando Ondricka

Intro to Brewing & Beer FST 003

Orlando Ondricka
GPA 3.58

Charles Bamforth

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About this Document

Charles Bamforth
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Orlando Ondricka on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FST 003 at University of California - Davis taught by Charles Bamforth in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 189 views. For similar materials see /class/191766/fst-003-university-of-california-davis in Food Science & Technology at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/08/15
Updated December 31 2010 Please note this description notably the schedule may change Announcements will be made at the Course site when this occurs UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA DAVIS Winter Quarter 2011 FOOD SCIENCE amp TECHNOLOGY 3 Introduction to Brewing and Beer Principal Instructor Charlie Bamforth 215 8 RMI North cwbamforthucdavis edu PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS VERY CAREFULLY Feel free to email me at any time eg if you want to schedule a meeting I don t have formal office hours 7 Itry to make myself available at all times within reason All I ask is that you 3 mail me first and Iwill respond as soon as I can Don t forget that there are TA s for this class and they are also there to help you 7 read on Course goals The course aims to introduce the student in a responsible manner to beer as a major international beverage and to brewing as a traditional yet highly controlled and innovative industrial process It will encompass a description of the nature of the world s brewing business how it has evolved and what the factors are which in uence its shape and dynamics The course will illustrate brewing as a good example of the application of a microbial process to the needs of mankind but will also illustrate how a range of sciences including plant physiology chemical engineering biochemistry microbiology also impinge on the conversion of barley and hops into beer It will address in a manner accessible to those with only basic science knowledge a the relevance of plant physiology and agronomy in respect of selection and cultivation of barley and hops b an outline of the chemical composition of barley and hops and the significance for malting and brewing c an explanation of the biochemical and chemical conversions occurring during malting and brewing d an understanding of the relevance of yeast cell structure and metabolism to the production of consistent beer e an appreciation of the impact which physics and engineering sciences have on the brewing process and on beer f an introduction to the sensory and psychophysics dimensions of beer quality Grading Percentages and Course Requirements The course will be examined using two midterm examinations 50 of the total grading and one nal examination 50 The rst midterm will cover everything up to that point The second midterm will test everything after the rst midterm The nal will cover the whole class They are multiple choice tests select the correct answer from 3 options 30 minutes is allowed for midterms and 60 minutes for the nal The overall grade will be established according to the formula midterm l midterm 2 2 x nal exam 4 The overall grade will be determined on the basis of the following scale 95 and higher A 9094 A 8589 A 8084 B 7579 B 7074 B 6569 C 6064 C 5559 C 5054 D 4549 D 4044 D 39 or less F Do not request to change the time 0fy0ur midterms or nal unless there are genuine extenuating circumstances IDO NOT CURVE IDO NOTDO EXTRA CREDIT Imean come on it really is very straightforward Come to class listen ask questions and read 7 that s all there is to it Reading The text for this class is Beer Tgp into the Art and Science ofBrewz39Izg edition 1C Bamforth 2009 Oxford University Press Anyone interested in supplementing their listening might a The Brewmasler s Art http www audiblecompdproductlDBK RECO 003 614 Key points will be stressed in the classes The book contains most but not all of the major points Furthermore some features of the brewing industpy are changing and these changes will be highlighted in class You will NOT do well in the class if you do not attend class All sessions includin uest s eakers are sub39ect to test in midterms and the final There will always be questions from guest speakers lfyou attend class the answers will be obvious Also remember that test questions can come from the Question amp Answer session at the end of any class There will be at least three questions on the midterms and Final that will reguire reading the book Clues will be given in the class Study recommendation Each day after class study the recommended reading which will be highlighted on the final picture and highlight in the book the key points that have been mentioned We try to have fun in FST3 But please don t think it will be easy I will do my best to make it entertaining and informative Your part of the deal is to turn up and to participate Ask questions Get noticed And look at the key learning outcomes that are posted on the class web page to get an understanding of what you are expected to take home from FST 3 And beware if you commit the heinous sin of falling asleep Iwill nd you Schedule All lectures and tests to be held in 194 Chemistry 440 6 January 4 2011 The basics of beer and brewing January 6 Malt and hops the heart and soul of beer January 11 Yeast and water Godes good and how beer is water with added value January 13 The sociology of brewing January 18 A walk through the brewery from milling to cardboard boxes January 20 Midterm 1 January 25 History of beer and brewing 7 world and US Some great Brewing companies January 27 anited speaker Doug Muhleman A career in beer February 1 Invited speaker Scott Ungermann Anheuser Busch Inbev and becoming a Brewmaster February 3 Beer styles and types Variety being the spice of life and all that February 8 The quality of beer heads hues and haze etc February 10 Invited speaker Jay Prahl Sudwerk Life in a small brewery February 15 Invited speaker Ken Grossman President Sierra Nevada Brewing Company The growth of Sierra Nevada February 17 Midterm 2 February 22 Beer and society and polite society too February 24 Quality control in beer and brewing March 1 Invited Speaker Fritz Maytag Title to be announced March 3 Beer as part of the diet the pro s and the cons Responsibility everything in moderation March 8 Invited speaker Dan Gordon Gordon Biersch Beer anal garlic fries March 10 Reprise session a stroll through the key points of what we have learned in the class FINAL EXAMINATION Saturday March 19 11 800AM TA s Candy Wallin cewallinucdavisedu Alex Combe alcombeucdavisedu Kirk Smith krksmithucdavisedu O ice Hours by arrangement with one of the three TA s Please e mail them for an appointment USE THEM THEY WILL BE ABLE TO CLARIFY MOST OF THE CONCERNS YOU MAY HAVE Charlie Bamforth PhD DSc became the first AnheuserBusch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences at the University of California Davis in February 1999 He has nearly 30 years of experience in the brewing industry previously holding senior positions with Brewing Research International and Bass He is a Fellow of the Institute of Brewing and Fellow of the Institute of Biology He was awarded the Cambridge Prize of the Institute of Brewing in 1984 He is Editor in Chief ofthe Journal ofthe American Society ofBrewing Chemists and a member of the Editorial Boards of the Technical Quarterly of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas the Journal of the Institute of Brewing and Biotechnology Letters Charlie is also Special Professor in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Nottingham England His book Standards ofBrewing was published in 2003 together with the second edition of Beer Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing a book of which it was said if you buy only one book on beer this should be it so that is perhaps why it is the standard text for FST3 He has also published on biotechnology and soccer more properly called football goalkeepers 2005 saw publication of Beer Health and Nutrition and Food and Fermentation and M icro organisms This was followed in 2006 by Scientific Principles ofMalting and Brewing Brewing New Technologies editor and Essays in Brewing Science coauthored with Michael Lewis In 2008 his book comparing wine and beer in a totally unbiased way was published by Cambridge University Press Grape and Grain as was Beer A Quality Perspective Academic Press The third and greatly changed edition of Beer Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing was published in 2009 Charlie was born in a Village near Wigan midway between Manchester and Liverpool England in 1952 He is married to Diane with amarried son aged 30 and daughters of 26 and 16 He has one grandson Aidan almost 2 years old with another grandchild due any day Charlie does not ride a bike Candy Wallin has been at UC DaVis for many years before that she was a specialist with Miller Brewing Company in Milwaukee for 17 years and has also experience as microbiologist with Sudwerk She was born in Willows CA Candy is the motherhen of the Bamforth brewing lab Alex Combe and Kirk Smith are rst year MS students in the Bamforth laboratory


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