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Circuits I

by: Shayna Goldner
Shayna Goldner
GPA 3.87

Richard Spencer

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About this Document

Richard Spencer
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shayna Goldner on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 017 at University of California - Davis taught by Richard Spencer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/191785/eng-017-university-of-california-davis in Engineering and Tech at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
ENG17 Practice Midterm 1 Spring 2011 50 points total Important notes 1 This examination is closed book and closed note no calculators or other electronic devices are allowed 2 Show all your work on these pages 3 The formula sheet is the last page of this examination you may remove it and use it during the exam You do not need to hand it back in 4 Think before you start to write Do not just try to write down everything you know I do NOT give partial credit for correct formulas or analyses if they do not help you solve the problem Excerpts from the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct 1 Each student should act with personal honesty at all times 2 Each student should act with fairness to others in the class This means for example that when taking an examination students should not seek an unfair advantage over classmates through cheating or other dishonest behavior 3 Students should take group as well as individual responsibility for honorable behavior I understand the honor code and agree to be bound by it Signature NAME print A2 1 15 pts Determine the values for the voltages and currents requested Only the answers you put in the boxes Will be graded The signs and units matter IRZl i 4 R1 Wu G 4 V 200 Q 10 mA 2 kg 31 IRl l ml R3 8 V 5 V i 15 10 k9 VR1 3pts 1R1 2pts 1R2 2pts 1R3 2pts 14 3pts 5 3pts SQ A3 15 pts Find the Thevenin and Norton equivalents looking into terminals a b for the circuit shown and write the values in the boxes Only the answers you put in the boxes will be graded The signs and units matter V31 10 V R2 0 a U ISZ A 5 Q V 1 A R3 40 Q O b Vac Spts SC Spts Req Spts A4 3 8 pts Determine the values for the voltages and currents requested Only the answers you put in the boxes Will be graded The signs and units matter V32 4 V R3 JFK I 30 Q I R1 R1 R2 l R3 l 100 Q R2 R4 450 Q 20 Q 31 100 mA VR1 2pts 1R2 3pts 1R3 3pts A5 4 3 points Consider the circuit shown below and answer the questions asked Only the answers you write in the boxes will be graded R4 Are R4 and R9 in parallel yesno Are R1 and R2 in series yesno lpt Are R5 and R8 in series yesno 1pt 1pt A6 5 9 points Consider the circuits shown below and write the equivalent resistances Rx in the boxes provided Use shorthand notation For example Rx R1 R4 13 quot132 and be certain that you use parentheses wherever necessary to make your answer unambiguous R2 Rx for circuit a 3pts Rx for circuit b 3pts Rx for circuit c 3pts A7 ENG17 Formula Sheet Midterm 1 Resistors in series add Reg 2 R1 R2 Conductances in parallel add Geq 2 G1 G2 therefore for resistors in parallel you 1 R R obtain Reg 2 f For two res1stors th1s becomes Reg 2 R1 R2 R1 R2 Voltage divider For N resistors in series as shown at right R the voltage on the kth res1stor 1s glven by VRk N k VS R1 2R1 11 Current divider For N resistors in parallel as shown below R2 G e the current 1n the kth res1stor 1s g1ven by IRk kIS qIS I Geq Rk Vs I where Geq and Req are the equivalent parallel conductance and resistance respectively For two resistors in parallel with a Rquot VRk total current of IT through them the current in R1 is given by R I R1 2 1 RN R1R2 T Is Ck R1 R2 Rk Ric RN Kirchoff s current law KCL The sum of all the currents into a node is zero Kirchoff s voltage law KVL The sum of the voltage rises around a closed loop is zero Power Power is the rate of exchange of energy For an electrical element the power is equal to the product of the voltage across it and the current through it The power is dissipated or absorbed in the element if the current flows into the positive terminal the passive sign convention and power is delivered by the element if the current ows out of the positive terminal A passive component cannot deliver power indefinitely Ot 0 1tgt0 The unit step function is defined by ut E Thevenin amp Norton Equivalent Circuits Reg 139 i lt lt gt Voc v isc Reg V


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