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Engr Graphics Design

by: Shayna Goldner

Engr Graphics Design ENG 004

Shayna Goldner
GPA 3.87

James Schaaf

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About this Document

James Schaaf
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shayna Goldner on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 004 at University of California - Davis taught by James Schaaf in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/191789/eng-004-university-of-california-davis in Engineering and Tech at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
Old design process1 linear with feedback to previous steps Concurrent Design Process1 Ideation refinement implementation Everyone works together ETCARC1 Express Test Cycle Act Reflect Change 6 sides of visual thinking1 Environment Culture seeing sketchdraw diagramming imagining 4 basic diagramming styles1 Linear Clustersets tree structure matrix 2D primitives1 line circular arc polyline polygon Interpolated curve 3D primitives1 parallelepiped sphere cylinder cones space curve surface patch 3D CAD node model wire models frame surface model Join union gt U BOOean Difference cut gt Operatlons1 Intersection gt n 39 a fully constrained A Pgome object embedded in a IS 1 sketch plane types of kff fnrg iri o l iif constraints1 defined the profile is fully constrained quotfrom to 1 performs operation from one surface to another surface neither need be a sketch plane quotto nextquot1 performs operation from sketch plane until it reaches the next surface quotthrough all 1 performs operation through all material quotmatequot1 two surfaces associated w diff objects are set coplanar w directional vectors in opposing directions quotalignquot1 two surfaces associated w diff objects are set coplanar w directional vectors in same directions quotoffsetquot1 an offset distance is specified for the join feature quotalign axes 1 axes of tvyo parts are constrained to be collinear Projection Theory1 used to create a 2D representation of a 3D solid object in a prescribed way orthographic projection 1 parallel los w the projection plane perpendicular to them Primary view of multi view1 shows most detail shows object in standard operating direction least of hidden lines adjacent views1 two multi views that share a common folding line related views 1 two or more views that share a common adjacent View True size1 los are perpendicular to a feature Edge View 1 os are parallel to a feature foreshortened or oblique view 1 os are neither parallel nor perpendicular topology1 the order of a feature is the same ex abcd bcda dimensions2 define the size or location of a feature datum2 simply a point of origin or reference SI units 2 if dimension is lt 1 a 0 must precede it if dimension is whole no 0 after no commas or spaces US customary units 2 No 0 for values lt 1 A dimension is expressed to the same value as its tolerance 0 after a whole tolerance 2 Allowable deviation in snze or location of a feature auxiliary view 2 ortho projection onto a plane other than the 6 principal planes used to show detail of an inclined or oblique surface descnp ve geometry 2 graphic representation of geometry used to describe 3D features andor solve spatial prob using multiple projections folding line 2 represents orthogonal intersections of projection planes before quotunfoldingquot size control traditional tolerancing 2 controls size of a feature but not geometry


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