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ARTH 420, Contemporary Posters week 6

by: Sarah Joyce

ARTH 420, Contemporary Posters week 6 20663

Marketplace > Radford University > Art > 20663 > ARTH 420 Contemporary Posters week 6
Sarah Joyce
GPA 3.749

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About this Document

These notes are a continuation of what we were learning previously in week 5. In addition, we compare german, russian, and american posters and their differences.
ART 420: Twentieth Century Art
Dr. Barris
Class Notes
Twentieth Century Contemporary Posters
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sarah Joyce on Monday February 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 20663 at Radford University taught by Dr. Barris in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see ART 420: Twentieth Century Art in Art at Radford University.


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Date Created: 02/29/16
2/23 Glasgow: Willow Tea Rooms: doors 1903-4 Example of vertical Art Noveau assoc with Austria The Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, Frances McDonald Josef Hoffman: Palais Stoclet, Dining Room (Frieze by Klint), c. 1905-11 - Tree life mosaic mural on both sides - Furniture relates to the vehicle Wiener Werkstatte Exhibition poster & logo Josef Hoffman, ca. 1905 - Square form in poster - W is well known. Berthold Loeffler: Kunstschau Wien, 1908, & the International Art Show 1909. - Confusing - Straightforward - Some flatness to the figure - Flat succession style - Did the ROSTA window get influence from them? (ROSTA windows weren’t made for atleast 20 years later) - Exhibition of posters for art Laffler: Poster for Fledermaus Cabaret 1907-08 - Flatness - Access to primitive sources or theatre masks - Mask eyebrows becomes nose - Ahead of his time - Reminder of art nouveau Josef Maria Olbrich: Secession Gallery & exhibition poster 1898 - Separation of image and text - Made poster of buildings he did - Modern for his time o Had movable interior walls o Verticality Olbrich: Ein Dokum ent deutscher Kunst, Darmstadt, exhibition poster 1901 - Checkered pattern bring building forward - No recession into space - Horizontal - D keeps you from going back into space - Text & Image do not intergrate - More color Herman Obrist: “Cyclamen” wall hanging ca. 1895 - This style dies out 10 yrs later. Thomas Heine: Simplicissimus 1897 - Assoc. with jugendstil - Panic, crazed look - Chain broken - Black background - Simplistic - Text & image separated - Resemblance to Beggarstaff? - Primitivism? Henry van de Velde: Tropon, L’Aliment Le Plus Concrete 1899 - Perfect example of art nouveau - Words become part of the poster - Turned down by company for being too abstract AEG Lamp by Peter Behrens, 1910 - Werkbund - AEG made electric utilities - Showing rays of light - Gave company of complete idea From the Succession to Expressionism Kunstschau [Art Exhibition, 1908] Oskar Kokoschka, 1908 - Cotton picker? - He has signed it - Subject is very linear - Text is isolated - Vine connecting top & bottom - No interest in depth - Primitive quality - Color used is very pure - Block letters Akademischerverband Oskar Kokoschka, 1912 - Large crude lettering - Outline Oskar Kokoschka: Pieta, poster for the play, “Murder, the Hope of Women” 1909, lithograph, 48 5/16 x 30 15/16 in. - Streaky color - Religious reference - Unfinished look Schiele: Shaw odec die Ironie 1910 - Self portrait - Advertisement for an event - Vertical - Text is isolated - Did not portray the human body as healthy but feeble & sickly Poster for the 49 thSecession Exhibition by the Nekunstgruppe (New Art Group) - Last Supper Reference Galerie Arnot 1915 - Religious ref. Athlete Pechstein, Max 1909 lithograph, 18 ¾ x 16 ¾ Pechstein, An die laterne, 1919 - It’s hard to understand - Deconstruction of the human figure Lucian Bernhard: Priester Matches 1905 - Sachplakat o Object poster - Name of company, the product they are selling, and nothing else. Hermann Scherrer: Breechesmaker, Sporting Tailor Grathwohl Cigaretten Hohlwein, 1921 Deutches Theater Restaurant Hohlwein, 1907 - 1 red dot is cigarette lit - Separation of text & image - Silhouette Lucian Bernhard: This way to Peace, 1917-9 & Bosche Licht c. 1920 - Sachplakat Worker Starvation is Approaching, Strike Destroys, Work nourishes Rudi Feld: the danger of Bolshevism, 1919 - Red > symbol of Bolshevism and Russia - Anti> Bolsheviks Cachez: The Homeland is in Danger! 1918 or 19 colored litho - Separation of text Hitler 2/25/16 Some Comparisons Paul Dienst: U-Boat Donation - Germany - Abstraction - Not naturalistic - Not a lot of color - Decorative - Text is primary image - Medieval or Religious Text - Regression Joseph Coll: Tidal Wave - Boats are recognizable - Horses with riders are part of the tidal wave - Colorful and naturalistic rendering Eighth War Loan by Bernhard, 1918 > sachplakat poster See The World and Get Paid for Doing It by Leete, 1919 - patriotical poster (pointing hand) - Naturalistic poster and colorful Boys and Girls! You can help your Uncle Sam win the war, Flagg, 1917 - Try to get people to contribute money - Targets various age groups - Loyalty - Naturalistic rendering - Colorful Maneater 1941-42 (British unknown) - Use of horror to get pt. across - WWII - Don’t need the text to get the message Beat the German Beast! The Destruction of Hitler’s Army is Possible & Necessary by Shukov, N., and Viktor Semenovich Klimashin 1943 - Russian - WWII - Don’t really need the text to comprehend - Symbols - Colorful poster Dangers of Bolshevism by Feld, 1919 - Graveyard in back - Colorful German poster Representation of a country wounded, threated (United States uses the heroic and wounded to grab audience’s attention) Join the Army Air Service. Be an American Eagle! By Charles Livingston Bull, 1917-8 - Bald eagle used as a symbol for the US - Black eagle> Germany - Animals represent countries Destroy This Mad Brute: Enlist by HR Hoops, 1914-8 - Ape with woman in distress - Animal is the enemy - Women as symbols and objects - Colorful palette - Overlapping text - Bat says “Kulture” Eighth war loan by Klinger, 1918 - German - Snake symbol Neider mit dem Bolshewisms ( Down with Bolshevism) by Kokoschka, 1919 - German - Snake symbol Keep Him Free by Charles L. Bull c. 1918 - Contribute money - Use of eagle> American values - American These men have come across: they are at the front now: join them: enlist in the navy by JC Leyendecker, 1914-18 - Men are masculine - Portray of a healthy man - American


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