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Lecture 11 - Obedience

by: Leslie Ogu

Lecture 11 - Obedience PSYC 2012

Leslie Ogu
GPA 3.01

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About this Document

The big question was why people obey certain commands, rules, guidelines, and instructions, and why do they continue to obey even in the absence of authority figures? We look at the different socia...
Social Psychology
Stock, M
Class Notes
obedience, social psychology, authority, traffic lights, guidelines, Rules, figures, Physical, command, change, Studies, social influence
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Leslie Ogu on Monday February 29, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 2012 at George Washington University taught by Stock, M in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see Social Psychology in Psychlogy at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 02/29/16
Leslie Ogu PSYC 2012  02/29/2016 ­ Obedience    Obedience  ➢ Def:​  a change in behavior due to the commands of authority  ➢ Indicators of authority:  ○ Title  ○ Position  ○ Wealth  ○ Power  ➢ Why do we obey?  ○ to keep order  ○ learning  ○ safety  ○ avoid conflict  ➢ It’s a social norm  ○ universally valued  ➢ Without it, there would be chaos  ○ society follows certain unwritten/unspoken rules because we don’t want to  disrupt the flow of how things have always been  ➢ We are socialized to obey legitimate authority figures  ○ internalize social norm of obedience  ■ obey even if authority figure isn’t present  ● Ex: traffic lights ­ We all obey even though no one is there to  tell us we have to  ➢ Milgram’s Obedience Studies  ○ illustrated the power of the situation  ○ experimenter had participant administer volts of increasing amounts to the  learner depending on their number of incorrect answers in a memorization  exercise  ○ found that most people would continue to give large amounts of shock  because the experimenter urged them to continue, despite the learner  being in pain  ■ showed that when a person perceived to be power gives  commands, people unconsciously are more likely to listen despite  what they may ask one to do    Factors Affecting Obedience  ➢ Informative social influence: ​ influence from the experimenter  ➢ Normative social influence: ​ believed it was common for others to give high  shocks (or whatever action asked of a person)  ➢ The Authority  ○ physical presence  ■ the closer the authority figure is, the more obedience there is  ○ legitimacy  ■ if the authority figur and the institutio are perceived as legitimate,  there will be more obedience  ➢ The Learner / Victim  ○ physical proximity  ■ the farther away the victim is, the more obedience there is  ➢ The Procedure  ○ gradual escalation of shocks in the experiment  ■ similar to the “foot­in­the­door” technique discussed in previous  lectures  ○ peer modeling  ○ dissenters  ■ when “peers” disobeyed, people were less likely to obey  ➢ It’s not about aggression  ➢ Ethical Issues      Summary of Social Influence Studies  Topic  Researcher  Method  Real­Life Example  Informational  Sherif  Autokinetic effect  Watching others in a  Influence  new place to learn  Normative  Asch  Line Judgements  Fashion / Hair Fads  Influence  Obedience  Milgram  Commands to give  Employees following  shocks  questionable order   


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