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Fill in the Blanks (1889-1914)

by: Sophie Walker

Fill in the Blanks (1889-1914) History 4394

Marketplace > Baylor University > History > History 4394 > Fill in the Blanks 1889 1914
Sophie Walker
Baylor University

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About this Document

was not a traditional lecture class just to try and catch the class up with what is going on is the US after Philippines but before WW1 starts
American Military History after 1865
Dr. David Smith
Class Notes
army, military, history, rotc
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sophie Walker on Tuesday March 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 4394 at Baylor University taught by Dr. David Smith in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see American Military History after 1865 in History at Baylor University.


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Date Created: 03/01/16
Recap 1889-1914 Wednesday, February 24, 2016 8:02 AM Feb 19: Took first test Feb 22: no class (Dr. Smith) Feb24: class -US now has Phil, acquire Guam, Hawaii, Cuba -planning board: shows the necessity of planning -have example of the Span-Amer War (esp Cuba) to show what happens when don't work together -Rough Riders: volunteer calvary regiment -Teddy R "raised" most of it -got more attn from press thanneeded -gave Teddy lots of popularity (became gov after) -East Santiago/E San Juan -didn't do much outside role in planning -biggest thing: got Teddy popular -Hispaniola: Island Dominican Repub/Haiti are on -Teddy R: -friends with Mahan -1890: Harrison was Pres -Ted was civil service commissioner -Cleavland: 1893 -police commissioner -McKinley: -more outspoken on naval affairs -one of the top operational guys at the navy department -is very invovled -war break out --> resigns --> gets rough riders -goes back to -gov of NY -becomes VP -becomes Pres -isolationism: -Wilson: an isolationism; not a progressers -him/the progressives are both against the war -1914/on: -Teddy: private cit by this time -says we have to get involved in the war -world stability best enforced by a balance btwn the great pwrs -Wilson is opposite this; not a great pwrs guy; makes Teddy mad -doesn't get a lot of attraction bc the war is so messy -Summer/early Fall 1914: finish the war quickly -end of 1914: realize this is going to keep going on/this is a shit fest that no one wants to be a part of -Progressivism: government activism -Repub party: the gov activit party -radicals vs moderates -mods after 1908 become more conserv -radicals push for more reform; going more to Demos side -1920: Demo is more activist cand than Repub activist; D is less conserv than R -Pacifism: -Wilson: small gov pacifist in early term -disbands Army-N board; doesn't think they should plan in peace time --> mil doesn't like -more Thomas Jefferson; don’t want to create something that will drag us into war -dispatches troops into action; gets things messed up in Mexican Revolution -send troops to Mexico; does that so Germans don't back the Mex Revolution (Pancho Villa) -Jane Adams? -war benefits big business -think big businesses got them into the war -Teddy: is both -both are involved -Demos: not the activist -more for states rights -Ch 6/7/8 in Max Boo (read ASAP): US military being involved in low conflict in the Carribean -Marine Corps: -sort of a mess; what was their purpose -served as ships guards, boarding parties, soldiers on ships to repel boarding parties (The Age of Sail) -most Age of Sail naval duels; navy thought marines were kind of stupid who just shot people -want to get rid of as N professionalizes --> don't need boarding parties to keep the crew in line -A doesn't want them either; doing fine w/o them/they'll mess the A's system up -when N need to go onshore; use the Marines -in sailors were captured Marines would have to raid/save them -things change when start being world power/policing of colonies -things happen in Cuba, Dom R, etc.: the Marines are most ready to be dispatched first; already attch to N ships who's going to take them there -19-teens: becomes a rapid response force for the US (the colonial pwr) -need a way to quickly send aid when our interests become jeopardized -WW1: don’t' use them the same -now what? Why did they fight in France -WW2: -Pacific: shows what they're really good at -shows that can deploy from a ship to an island, secure that island, super fat -all that training from Caribbean come in handy -"First to Fight" -restore authority/order -Pacifists: -hate that we deploy military into these area when we shouldn't be involved -is it inevitable for mil to get deployed to these areas? -Teddy does make a difference -with -air pwr: -Pancho Villa: first time military uses air craft (1916) -as scouting -later evolve into bombing as fly over -used to drop bombs over hot air balloons --> could easily shoot the balloon down --> we can use planed instead eventually -they're going to send up airplane to shoot that plane down --> air pwr develops -volunteers went home after Span Amer War -Haiti: best example of counterinsurgency for decades -pre-WW1: -marine start carving out own area of expertise; rapid response force a colonial pwr needs -most US ppl don't really care that US is colonial pwr - -last big Ind fight: 1890 -we've basically taken entire US by then -mobilize Army for Sp Amer War: -those soldiers don't go back to the frontier when they come back --> Plains Inds are doneeee -frontier soldiers go to Phil --> they have experience of some irregular warfare -concentrate to a few posts; also cheaper (did this after Cold War too--> realigned bases so its cheaper to deploy forces when needed) -some stay in Phil -the idea is that we're going to use them someplace else so don't want them so spread out Max Boot: can read chapter about Russia Bill Clinton: -elected to redo Bush's militarism -gets involved in Somalia watch Master in Commander


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