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WW1 (Cont)

by: Sophie Walker

WW1 (Cont) History 4394

Sophie Walker
Baylor University

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About this Document

More detailed account of what went on in Europe's during the war Start talking about US's involvement but will get more into that next class Maps are included
American Military History after 1865
Dr. David Smith
Class Notes
military, army, rotc, history, WW1
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sophie Walker on Tuesday March 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to History 4394 at Baylor University taught by Dr. David Smith in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see American Military History after 1865 in History at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 03/01/16
WWI Monday, February 29, 2016 8:04 AM -Map 3: Schlieffen plan -open in big, gate like -see how complicated -things have to go super right for it to work; so many variabilities -fog/friction not being considered: the Brit, when Russ with mobilize, where/when Fr will attack, etc -WW2: Fr/Brit think Gers will do the same thing -thing Ger will come from the top -same neutral agreement is still in place with Belgium -Ger not going to do this again lol -Map 7: -actually going pretty well despite issues with Belgium Map 8: -dbl envelop could be possible -Fr starting to fall back -right before La Marne battle -much weaker/slower moving army; don't have the numbers to finish it off quickly -Map 9: -battle of La Marne -Gers are extended; stopped the Gers advancement/start falling back -Map 11: -line of trenches -about 2 years -about the same line as when US comes in -US: -break stalemate: tanks/2 mil fresh US soldiers in an environment with these international armies about to collapse -Wilson: fight to end the war/have a seat at the peace table -diff goals than Brit/Fr (they don’t really care why they're there; just happy they are) -US fight ind of Fr/Brit -Fr/Brt anticipate: will be fed into exhausted units already in place -Wilson/John Pershing: are not hole fillers into these units -only time do this: only Spring 1918 when Gers do something -after that, just fight as US -give US its own missions; on a map it looks small but used at crucial points/makes a difference; help in offensive -Map 21: -Spring 1918: more movement than last 2 years -Battle of Bella Wood (marines) -look at changes in the front -Map 22: -Meuse Argo Defensive: by the Gers -Map 23: -cont pushing back -Wilson: -want to be neutral -Amers pretty neutral too -not a clear villain for US to fixate on -Wilson demands both Allies/Central respect US as neutrals (freedom of seas/commerce) -end 1914 when stabilized line: both sides want to break stalemate -Brit: widening out the front; Gallipoli, Arabia (Lawrence of Arabia) -back a revolt against the Ottoman Emp -Gallipoli: how hard it is to bring forces across a beach across a fortified position w/o extreme cost (Churchill) -pressure on Damascus: demand Ottoman to focus on that/assume Ottomans are better at being Ottomans than being an ally -weaken/go through Constantinople to meet Russ/convince them to fight harder to put more pressure on the Gers so the Gers can be just a little weaker on the W Front -Winter 1914/early 1915: -Amers thought would be fighting the Brit -super mad at them; using their naval pwr against US shipping -Brit strategy: blockade Germany with the possibility of putting the fleet out -effects US -Wilson is holding onto neutral moral -May 1915: sinking of Lusitania by Gers -not the reason Amers get involved in the War but it does name Gers the "bad guy" -1916/17: -rethink entire strategy; know US may get involved -Gers/Mexico: how to stop: -take advantage that US got involved in Mexico/hoping those 2 will go war -Zimmerman telegram -Amer Public: -faction that disagrees w Wilson -some of it led by Teddy R -the Preparedness Movement: a nonofficial public interest in getting ready to participate in the war (Plattsburg Movement) -summer 1916: kind of like milita in colonial days -one of the things that keeps idea of readiness alive -Assist Sec Navy for Wilson: FDR (Teddy's cousin) (muy importante) -heavily involved in preparedness -not insubordinate but -FDR: the best wartime president US has had (even if there is crap he's done) -bc of his experience with the mil in WW1 knows how to be a leader in WW2; Germ Army: 1-7 Fr: 1-5 Good foundation mil his book: John Keagan The Face of Battle -1415, 1815 (Waterloo), 1916 (Battle of Somme) -Battle of no operational insight on how to break the stalemate; choooooooo casualties --> US does not want to get involved Meet new Zealander/Australian; talk about Gallipoli/say they got a raw deal Churchill/WW2: -Normandy/D Day: Churchill is prime minister/looks back on Gallipoli; very reluctant to put Brit solds up here (personal reason) -always interested in opening front in the Mediterranean -US going through Italy, whyyy? -come up Berlin from S: suspicious of Soviet; doesn’t want to bring Brits through Normandy The Guns of August Good WW1 strategy/policy analysis Maps Tuesday, March 1, 2016 9:06 AM Original Plan Where stationed at WW1 start Established line of trenches US involvement


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