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Modern Art 3/1/16

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1 review
by: Alexis Renteria

Modern Art 3/1/16 ART 3314

Marketplace > Art > ART 3314 > Modern Art 3 1 16
Alexis Renteria
GPA 3.25

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About this Document

Piet Mondrian and Abstract Art
Modern Art History
Dr. Benjamin Lima
Class Notes
Art, abstract art, Piet Mondrian, 1900's Art, Art History
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1 review
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"Clutch. So clutch. Thank you sooo much Alexis!!! Thanks so much for your help! Needed it bad lol"

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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexis Renteria on Tuesday March 1, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ART 3314 at a university taught by Dr. Benjamin Lima in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 32 views.

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Reviews for Modern Art 3/1/16

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Clutch. So clutch. Thank you sooo much Alexis!!! Thanks so much for your help! Needed it bad lol



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Date Created: 03/01/16
3/1/2016 Modern Art History Piet Mondrian 1872-1944  Pure abstraction  In his studio  Early Mondrian Mondrian Tableau No. 2/Composition No. VII 1913  How does Line function?  Series of questions about representation.  Move to pure abstraction  Palette is limited  Narrow  Divided up the canvas into smaller fragments. Mondrian Composition No. 10 in Black and White 1915  Everything he sees can be translated into a grid.  Basic origin is a lake or a dock. Mondrian Composition with Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, and Gray 1920  Neoplasticism work  How does it relate to the Mondrian concepts?  How is it a progression of his work?  How do you analyze it as a visual work?  Balance is important to Mondrian  Gridlike Reduction or simplification Final*** Think about different revelations of abstraction… Mondrian Breaking down the painting into smaller pieces in relation to the whole picture by visual tension. Dynamic equilibrium. How each part of the picture relates to the other part or as a whole. “Tension” “Net or spider web.” Mondrian’s World View and Philosophical way of thinking.  Idealist In philosophy- something on the level of concept, some kind of invisible structure of the world that exist beyond the material level. Ex… Mathematics related to broader terms.  It exist even if no one thinks of it or can’t touch it….. Numbers.  Materialist would say “only physical matter would exist” but an idealist would say “numbers exist even if they cannot be seen”  He was convinced the universe had this structure. Basic order of things that was every bit as real as the physical universe.  He felt that painting could express his ideas.  Theosophy Follow the teachings of an organized group.  Progress  Movement  Energy De StijlThe Style MondrianNeoplasticism Matte/substance/material Theo Van Doesburg Project for a University in Amsterdam-Sud 1922  Basic formal principals could be applied to anything  Environment- no real distinction between an art work in place and the room elsewhere.  Art and Architecture all together an Environment Abstraction Huszar and Rietveld Spatial Color Composition for an Exhibition, Berlin 1923  Axonometric  No vanishing point Rietveld Red and Blue Chair 1917-1918  Yellow tips, totally flat surfaces.


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