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General Physics

by: Horace McClure

General Physics PHY 007B

Horace McClure
GPA 3.82

John Conway

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About this Document

John Conway
Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Horace McClure on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 007B at University of California - Davis taught by John Conway in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 76 views. For similar materials see /class/191835/phy-007b-university-of-california-davis in Physics 2 at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
Circuifs Linear Transporf Physics 78 Lec rure 8 Prof Conway Las r Week39s Quiz 1 by he coninuiy equa on A2V2A1V1 so V24V1 since IlA1V1 we ge r V2 4IIA1 4O2 m3sO4 m2 2 ms 2 Pg P112pva2 V12pgh2 h10 so we 92 10 P2 P1 12pV22V12 pgh2 h1 3 P2 200 05100022 052 100010 1 Pa 200 1875 10000 Pa 8325 Pa Fluid Flow PRS Rank rhe pressures KX P1DzP3 B P1 gt P2 gt P3 P1 P2 Pa CF lt32lt p3 I 3 EFE r L I m 1Cm 20m 3cm Simple Pump Circui r 0 have a pump in a Fluid circuif whmL is fhe Flow rafe given R AP A A 2 loop reSIstance R 2 AEpump IR vol 132 131 IR2 P3 P2 9 jl Pl P3 AEpumpUol pum P AEpu mp Simple Resis ror Circui r 0 pump circuif is analogous 0 baHery plus resisfor loop resistance R W I 2 R J PumPrAEpump Simple Circui r Rules H N w 01 rhe curren r in a simple loop is rhe same everywhere rhe vol rage a r all poin rs connec red by a wire is rhe same you can se r V 0 any where you wan r in he circui r if you go Jrhrough a ba r rery Jrhe vol rage changes by E if you go rhrough a resis ror rhe vol rage changes by IR WI current I emf E IR 5 R 2 power P R Simple Circui r Rules 0 If you have a resis ror and you know rha r rhere is a vol rage V2 drop across if of AV rhen rhere mus r be a R I curren r in if of AV V1 I AVV1V2IR R Also if you know rhe curren r you can ge r AV Comple re Circul r 0 a ba r rery jus r gives you a V2 change in vol rage equal ro j i rs emf 5 O V1 as you rrace around a AV 2Vl g comple re circui r rhe vol rage goes up rhrough VI a ba r rery and down rhrough a resis ror in rhe direc rion of rhe curren r AV8 IRO gt IR Vol rage in a Series Circui r 0 lef s analyze fhe voh age in a simple circuit 5 I Reg V2V1 V3 V2 gtV1 V3 Reg Vol rage in a Parallel Circui r 0 now lel s analyze a parallel circuil only lwo vollages lo worry abouf I2I4Ib gt11 2 I2 34 6v I4 15A 49 I2 gt 1 45A quot 1 44 Or we can use parallel 1 g equivalent resistance formula Vol rage in a Parallel Circui r 0 now le r39s analyze a parallel circui r only rwo vol rages to worry abou r 12I4 Ib lb I2 3A 6V gtIb45A IbZIgI4gt 8 Ii 3 1 1 1 gt Reg R2 R4 Reg R2 R4 PRS 0 All resis rors here have rhe same resis rance Which se r has rhe leas r resis rance overall Quiz Linear Transpor r Model 0 uid in a resis rive pipecircui r At0tal head IFRF elec rrical curren r rhrough a resis ror AV 2 IERE in general we are rranspor ring some rhing Fluid curren r a r a cer rain rule I wi rh some resis rance R ro rhe Flow 0 we can generalize rhis concep r and address many physical sys rems quan ri ra rively ro ral head includes pressure height kine ric energy pump Resis rance I usually the ro ral resis rance depends on rhe ma rerial or medium and rhe geome rry I in rrinsic conduc rivi ry per uni r volume k I rhe Fa r rer rhe pipe rhe less resis rance I rhe longer rhe pipe rhe more resis rance R l L ength ik A conductivity area Example Hea r Flow 0 simple hea r reservoir sys rem how much hea r energy Flows per uni r rime energy rranspor r equa rion hea rHme P AT X lR Thermal Resistivity 0 consider thermal insulator oF length L area A 0 more heat goes through bigger area 0 less heat goes through longer block L Rth 0ch 1 PM k m thermal conductor resistivity is the inverse of conductivity Thermal Resis rivi ry PRS Given rhe equa rions a r rhe righ r For hea r rransFer rhe uni rs of km are A Wm2 1 L Rm 2 k 2 B W K Q M d 1 C W Km 73 E T D KW E K mW


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