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General Physics

by: Horace McClure

General Physics PHY 007C

Horace McClure
GPA 3.82


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Horace McClure on Tuesday September 8, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 007C at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 776 views. For similar materials see /class/191840/phy-007c-university-of-california-davis in Physics 2 at University of California - Davis.


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Date Created: 09/08/15
Physics 7C DLM 01 Overview DLM 01 Model Simple Harmonic Motion Act 811 A Review of Simple Harmonic Motion 90 min Learning Goals To interpret the mathematical expression yt A sin27tT To understand how this expression describes the motion of an oscillating object To understand the meaning and function of the fixed phase constant Model Plane Waves Act 812 What Exactly is a Wave 50 min Learning Goals Clearly establish how a wave differs from an oscillation Becoming familiar with the independent parameters of waves and what determines their values Understanding polarization of waves 1 139 For harmonic waves why 39 439 is a J J General Announcements Read the SHM Supplement and the first portion of the Course Notes on Waves both found on the course web page Download and print the Course Notes if you want a hard copy They will not be sold at Navin s or the Bookstore Be sure to regularly check the course web page for announcements regarding quizzes etc Physics 7C FNTS DLM 01 For scenarios 1 and 2 answer the following questions i Exactly what is oscillating in the medium ii Exactly what is moving that makes this a wave note this is distinct from i above iii Exactly what determines the wave speed The amplitude How could you change these 1 Application Answer i ii and iii to describe both a a 2D wave on the surface of water created N V L V VI by dropping in a stone and b a continuous harmonic wave caused by a swimmer bobbing up and down Application Answer i ii and iii for to describe a 3D sound wave created by a person playing a ute Application Explain the difference between the motion of air molecules caused by the wind at the beach to the motion of the air particles caused by sound waves created by the pounding surf in language that someone who has never taken physics could understand Solidification A machine tugs sideways on a horizontal elastic rope with a frequency of 5 Hz A graph of the transverse displacements of this rope wave at t 100 s as a function of position is shown below a Sketch a graph of displacement as a function of position for t102 s b What is the velocity of waves on this rope c If the frequency of the machine tugging on the rope is doubled to f 10 Hz i What is the new wavelength of waves on this rope ii What is the new velocity of waves on this rope iii How does the above graph change to re ect this new frequency d If the wave travels along the rope which is connected to a thinner rope which of the following changes as the wave moves onto the new rope i Period ii Wave speed iii Wavelength Introduction EXPLORATION Go to the Physics 7C course webpage and load the applet called SHM Wave Machine You should now be faced with the rather imposing equation 2n 0s 2m yx t 0s 25m s1n76s 160m Your goal is to enter DL 2 with a useful description in your own words of every part of the equation Make sure that your investigation includes the following 02n0m a Before starting the applet change each of the slider bars Note both how the equation changes and how the graph changes or does not change b Start the animation As it is running change each of the slider bars c Let the animation run for a few seconds then pause it With the animation paused at a time other than t0 change each of the slider bars Will39s Phy7C Final Review Notes Thursdavmm 05 2005 1015 PM W Simptxa Homovk Mohav Hawk131 dmggheu y 19 7o A 2 3 i 1 ye 48 Essa qua 39s143 x AlmaHow Period I NW9 1 T AL A z Lac in 1441 at Vel kx V x19 395 F 0 U 5 Wave foraxi a dimemw 9031ous Me 1 Tue JimQNW y x Sarah 2 ltgt 7 I S IVMPIKI WSUI C gt Fak Peak or4m 7lfuquotn 3x 2 Hake ago4 0 abcwv ruu ltc vu 0 fan a oosma ow Jim wow r A 395 Cofculcd39e Mlozty a l 2 41 Axum FEZICCI H TMSIDMS At 1 0 y39vw SimA 331 4 be rm 395 9 UL Noetoo posiJMJokol 49m 6 WE NierMo o epe wave T V y X our 7 t 31 th gt4 H AA D STMP Y Nowquot x wok V gt X 2 ve a away m dlneg onr oQ qul 0 1 TNT Lhasa a k 0394 t 7 9 quotT gt graph fa lLerMiWF 7 3 t t O i am 12quot k 11gt gtlto Z PLL a feuk or qLrouclk and Jr 772 of Y MsFe vely Schg Car 1 Miscellancnus Page I Will39s Phy7C Final Review Notes Thmsdaymynens 2mm 103936PM T73 J E r Y we t 13 Simply maSoue T 2 Cramf a iuovfeuwuk 7 K SNQFg m 9 HA wo Tau acalTQN5 x i I assuw gu ole MOM Rm Qu facsd aw gtltI avl m Y th TfCLes Sua e nds close 09uqaucr r 2 beHer resolu wu 33 Calmqu weocly V agtlt Hi A4 3 l Lb Amine gt VT Pkase CL ord Nuruzh ve Bagrucsz or fagHui A VLZ39TT gt CouS F ucLhQ Tuer el2lte VL o I auy awed TI A 3 VL 7 bCSFrucht TAJRI CCNV VL O u GAY cave397 2b Imer eM e PocH efU I Ax 131 e USQ 39uu S39MFlo Page char Reuember 7dr w1H how mleruui WpJ Lug o C A l Iu4 F MCe Miscellancous Page 2 Will39s Phy7C Final Review Notes w Mme US 2008 Review ON Owld SA GNanj WGUAQS 7 1 was 0 S lMSSCOL u D L s 39LZquot39 Mf7w x ZL M mzw v gt rN iev Smell s Law Ll Sane VLZSN e L v AL VLFS always 2 ml ermx Mxtledch we 9l 90 C9 62 SM VLLLgt ltmm MisL L llunL uns Page 3 Will s Phy7C Final Review Notes Thursdavlune05 2008 1137 PM Cauwznaerx Lew e N Passes Lr ouyk ceultr w LW r 2 Tweak Pad 9 w sw 4k smalwr on La r saw 3 swag OM So e Mu Hafaujk Pad FL ST 13 live P SSeS Amulk L MEf uuLeM Z 3qu live as 14 ware 5 30 LF DUlt39L riswr but mew oqu o 0N ram 94kg Jrkw r mrr k raf e vs bevel w srqt l 5 1 fumes L ru7R levse 4 wa u14uotua 7 3 Drew we sra17h Hnau bed1a4es EDM F Mm backwards haze page Arou7k IL eh Focal Pow 340 for dime 3 13 lea e 10 RN cowt w as e L40 Pm virinml nip Lgto For real Duage 050 gr If our 563 TULD LeNSE SyS FEkS 59 as Sg39oer poSeox LENSQ S YSFEMS LMQ7 Simwe ezuse CL bzcoves objedr Cor leusql Miscellaneous Page 4 ltltm 210 33m 5392 228 m Eom ZNUL VONLT ail 70a F Ir k LI 1 F A bl Lam Per K If r k olh l H C SLASH mfmnilml um0p U H 0 mDhWNDM nLOm tmnum m ohpmoc n rb 9m r ngt mm noamTi E a human O DZ J WRN 0 9 Teri nrkxdm QIAI 7 sh AND N LAWN rv 7 m 0h Vp9mm x A E 719 93 C o O SL309 01 Wafito W gt r a A lt V oo w vm on oalw an NltY5 l nhcb n7 VJWOrN LG 073 Tmm ITW n30 7m L 0m Aumxz v m a 5 m A A Em wm zra mince 1V IV D Sui m 0 ZLcnm Vofinlmiis nanumm 95L Knib trat PL 0P5 Spa m 71539030 oh Poi 7091 KOHmncchu fm 1 h zlcnmkr EOFRHHDtoL k La Xn bncf I m 0 m a 53 322 A dl Erna 555 Eur m Will39s Phy7C Final Review Notes Friday hmeOB 2008 1215AM Moswh C Ffdo L Moo 3 Gizach curre I EMAF63 W3 Fc QeJL B 2 A Mom rvg gleema dad a w Q Ma Ln piala F Cad a Cone ENE j z 3 See QCHVJ Hes gtqu EHQ 1 01 v mrjer aurawt arjer B giang ir39rgxleoz 32 maker L 13er Leken Wm You 30 RHRZ FZv8stue M11115 f a w you AcmL 9th 391 owe of year Eec Lromt3ma it do meg E W E and B we Povsv W5 B E B Q guano 3P row l E gt L I PolarTZed Uu oalurf39zefx NEH1 QN Nder Cog ke JQWfpseAidh 940 Farragut lkdlar coufowdf s N Aeu liabq Pugsos 4hrouak ox olarIZQr liliwlA FLA w 5M3 4 lcSes evenly in ode 4raususe AFMCFYBQ Thus loses lNlcNSH 390 A T cos awa a WWquot E W P m E G K runWSW be passrma hroujkba polarher z I E 0 P3 E W P1 14 rc hkr 4 1 3 z a r 5 gt v L L To 392 Tl 7 l Tz ccsezl 1 Izwases Miscellaneous Page 6 Will39s Phy7C Final Review Notes m davJuneDG 20sz 12 38AM Ox a Par4y cL2 Emery 5wng Pkoo a m u tslAF erLx wamlf39v f a gt Qua Riven79 I103 evergv E IA p IA Q PIGMCUS Cowslml gt A39JQoKlO 34T39S MelHer as a Wave A JA x V MV t mwur DissTou amokoh AESG MTOM 0 PIM ka Am A we El ve S gt seM11kr quot2 37 E WM39HC bP D S mph MOW PaLeuHal 0C Lu DQPPole IN Q manQHC QEIA J PEWS74l3case E 6 Miscellaneous Page 7


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