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by: Landen Streich
Landen Streich
GPA 3.56

Wendy Terry

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About this Document

Wendy Terry
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Landen Streich on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RST 001C at University of California - Davis taught by Wendy Terry in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/191937/rst-001c-university-of-california-davis in Religious Studies at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Lecture Mircea Eliade 1907 1986 sacred vs profane 9 Lincoln is the student of Eliade he belongs to the school of comparative religion Religion is a worldwide culture that must be understood before it can be claimed to know and understand religion is to understand it s crosscultural patterning and it s varieties The viewpoint of the participant becomes data in the crosscultural religion you need to listen instead of telling the participant what they re doing 9 we cannot ignore them quotObviously there is no purely religious phenomenon Because religion is human it must be something social economic etc It is not just an expression of society it is a creator of societyquot Axis Mundi the center of the world the place where communication between the divine and the ordinary profane is most easily achieved sacrifice at the center is the most effective I Sacred space I Sacred time 9 You step outside your ordinary space Eliade ritual is a reenactment of myth always a part of a cult justifying religious behavior you need to compare crossculturally to understand humans Cult Religious group or community Myth is true history people understand what they believe due to their religious beliefs ie people believe they will reincarnate truly believe Phenomenology phenomenology is observed and explained school of comparative religion observes religion and asks causation I Lincoln asks why when observing the phenomenon Ideology underlying idea that motivates behaviors or patterns artificial semantic structures 9 artificial structures that simplify and bind reality I quotArgument is warquot example of underlying ideology 0 quotYour claims are indefensible o quotI need to defend myselfquot 0 quotHe attacked every weak point of my argument 0 quotHis arguments are right on targetquot Lincoln s ideology hegemony social order is not natural it is ideological and hegemony def there are always someone superior every culture always has it because we belong to that culture and it silences the other alternatives quot therefore it must be asked where did it come from and where is it going The top must dominate to survive Lincoln thinks religion is ideology Lincoln questions who is doing the sacrifice and typically the person controlling is the person dominating Dual victim system I The person or animal being sacrificed primary I The people who are buying into the ideology they don t really benefit from the sacrifice secondary quot Exchange for the people up top to keep control and keep the bottoms fat and happy Value exchange lesser for valuable weaker for stronger we never exchange a lower for a higher as seen in research and religion national The lower people are expendable for higher including Gods such as quotfreedomquot interest and quoteconomic gain IDEOLOGY SERVES HEGEMONY Video National Geographic Taboo Episode 2 the Healers Place Addis Abba Ethiopia the Cradle of Humanity Arsedi a healing spirit takes over a high priestesses and heals people 9 a loss of selfidentity Once a year people sacrifice animals to ask for peace healing and protection People try everything else but it doesn t work so they turn to the Gods The sacrifice of the animal is used to restore the balance of the group and the country They invite spirits back by singing sacred words and drums Notes Nancy Jay Through Your Generations Forever Author questions roles of men in religion and asks why they tend to dominate religion this article is another quotmodel for engaged comparative study 1 quotSacrifice has a logic it both quotjoins people together in community and separates them from defilement disease and other dangers 9religion sacrifice achieves social differentiation and creates artificial distinction Lincoln and Jay agree on one thing the difference between those who sacrifice eat and those who are sacrificed eaten the ones that sacrifice benefit are purified Expiation Sacrifice the victim isn t eatensacrificed by driven away via moral pollution Jay notes only adult males and nonchildbearing women are known to perform sacri ce showing a clear difference between fathers and mothers quotJay s Thesis men have artificially set up a paternal connection to male descent by overriding the original connection of having been born from a woman this too is a form of sacrifice ie I Catholic Church s emphasis on male priests I Sacrifice sets rank therefore 9 kings I Biblical literature in Yahwist I Need for a male heir to carry on the line Greeks sacrifice marriage and agriculture origins first two Prometheus s sacrifice the latter family group relations and Pandora s sacrifice Marriage purely set up to clone and continue the purity of man because without it men would be as fatherless as beasts and therefore lower with marriage the father s image would be carried down and would then be considered to be of the divine Golden age women have damned men quot Only sometimes do people ever win the fight against women s sin and ascend into God status ie Hercules s death The fact that women marry outside their family ostracizes and lower their status in society whatever the contribute to the gene pool dirties the purity of man The tie between father and son has become blurred as dominant and subdominant and can be used as a parallel to kingsubject godhuman To be quite clear I don t really get what the hell this woman is saying lcos she has such a roundabout way of saying anything but if I had to summarize what I think she s saying it d have to be sacrifice is related to familial ties Discussion Ideology a little bit like a perspective how people see things due to an alliance to a particular one Lincoln uses this world as a perspective Hegemony social order hierarchy Keep in mind that the movie had a mix of secondary and primary sources the article is secondary ie the anthropologist said there was an imbalance in the community not the people


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