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Inorg Main Group

by: Mr. Cornell Weimann

Inorg Main Group CHE 124B

Mr. Cornell Weimann
GPA 3.76

Marilyn Olmstead

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About this Document

Marilyn Olmstead
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Cornell Weimann on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHE 124B at University of California - Davis taught by Marilyn Olmstead in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/191938/che-124b-university-of-california-davis in Chemistry at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Chemistry 1243 Homework 1 Key Prof Marilyn Olmstead Due at the beginning of class Wednesday January 16 2013 Be sure to show all your work 1 5 pts Name an isoelectronic set Offl common atoms or ions that has the electronic configuration 1s22s22p6 N339 0239 F39 Ne Nal Mg AI3 2 5 pts A molecule of GeCl 4 has a GeCl bond length of 221 A Based only on the covalent radii of the halogens estimate the expected GeX bond length in GeBr4 and Gel Halogen Covalent Atoms Radii A Ge covalent radii Cl 099 Bond length of GeCl covalent radii of Cl Br 114 221 099 122 A 133 GeBr bond length GeI bond length r59 rm 122 114 236 A rGe r 122 133 255 A 3 10 pts Using the covalent radii and Pauling electronegativities x from the text and the Schomaker Stevenson relationship rH rA r5 009 le xgl calculate the expected bond distances for SiN Si O and SiF based on the concept of a polar covalent bond How well does the relationship predict the observed average single bond radii SiN 175 A SiO 163 A SiF 159 A tabulate your results and comment on whether or not the correction for ionic character is sufficient Atoms Covalent SiN bond length Radii rSi l39 rN 009 lei 39 XNl 5i 118 11s075 0091930 N 03975 193 0099 183A O 073 F 071 SiO bond length SiF bond length rSi l39 r0009lXSi 39 Xol rSi l39 rr 009 lei 39 Xrl 11s 073 009 19 34 11s 071 009 19 40 193 0135 178A 193 0189 1703 Error 183 1 178 163 170 159 The correction ionic is are still significantly higher than the observed single bond radii given Chemistry 1243 Homework 1 Key 4 9 pts Draw Lewis structures quotelectron dotquot for the following anions a carbide anion as found in compounds of CaC2 which contains the C 22 anion Valence electron val e39 count each carbon has 4 val e39 4x 2 2 10 equots cEc I 239 b nitride anion as found in Na3N N339 is the ion present Val e39 count nitrogen has 5 val e39 5 x 1 3 8 es 3 SN c ozonide anion as found in RbO3 which contains the O3 anion Val e39 count oxygen has 6val e39 6x 3 1 19 e s I 4 10 pts a What is the definition of the first ionization energy The first ionization energy IE1 of an atom is the internal energy change at 0K AU 0K associated with the removal of the first valence electron This is defined for the gasphase process and is measured in units of kilojoules per mole kJmol or electronvolts eV b The first ionization energies for the Group 1 metals decrease going down the group Why do you expect this The first ionization energy of a Group 1 metal involves the loss of an electron from a singly occupied ns orbital As a result an X ion is produced which has a noble gas electronic configuration As atomic size increases as you move down a group less energy is required to remove valence electrons because they are further from the nucleus so coulombic attraction decreases significantly The effective nuclear charge 29 is the amount of positive charge on the nucleus perceived by an electron and this also decreases going down a group Tightly bound inner shell electrons repel valence electrons making them easier to remove As you go down a group there are more inner shell electrons which increase the force of this repulsion


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