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Inorg Fundamentals

by: Mr. Cornell Weimann

Inorg Fundamentals CHE 124A

Mr. Cornell Weimann
GPA 3.76


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Cornell Weimann on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHE 124A at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 108 views. For similar materials see /class/191942/che-124a-university-of-california-davis in Chemistry at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
NAME 2 1 50 o Di uorodiazine Nze may exist as both the cis and trans isomers The Raman and lR vibrational spectra of a pure sample of one of these isomers show the bands listed below and no other bands are observed x 53 NZN it 3 3 V 39 F 2 1 I J I C S IR 989 421 360 cm391 and Raman 1636 1010 592 cm a Give the point group for each of the isomers 2 if 39 C i xi 4 393 i S CfM dz Pav f ie H L I UM quot 39 MM I m jl 051 b Deduce which isomer the pure sample is and determine the symmetry labels for all the vibrational modes for both isomers Indicate whether the vibrational modes are IR or Raman active C iS SOWM i quot HUMquot 1quot J399 V 39 ll539 DOW imw JO2W 39l a f L 1395 39 394 AM fwfl 3 W145i 7 24 o 3921 W x l j z vo L4 695quot 7 MO l j 41 91 10 w6 2lgv lquot LT z l47 M5quot p 4 I 1551751w 47r Erma WU 1 m BMs 2 12 L r 391 V 7 4 1 Nb 7 3A7 A libidoT 3141 AiA y VH9 AH 28 1713432 LQOva v A Aw 3 Iglmf vg A4 A4 54 QWMQM qu v dgf ROYWi vfb Kg Emalt5 in LQ j WWWIMME quot 7 E I opemd Ln acumnm SWWW 1 3W3 41 T9 fadeVJ 3l741Lf1lzgt 339 RMLWgrj Elw 15 7 PM SW quot339 ifW wf lwmjf lIQAJ 5mZS MP de tor Ir Mh QWWV WMA Zp39 SWIR 0 Can you distinguish between these isomers without calculating the symmetry of vibrational modes Explain how Meg rowgr 30me C214 7 Owl rOSWwMtrig UAuleQOlx 2 MLUtlLGJ page UMlVbjLUAlCll OLFP ID39OLZtllFQYU RCR ll sL39 WWW owlJ We Mrs q 0R3 11 4 36 O M7 00 aortic461 awmj 4 55 1003962 M47 3 S mMScze WS UM CC Lll clisir MwSm NAME 2 50 Construct plausible molecule orbital diagram for square pyramidal transition metal complex CrCI5239 Consider only a bonding and the s p and d orbitals on Cr and p orbital on Cl Clearly label all atomic and molecular orbitals and put the correct number of electrons into the molecular orbitals Show the appropriate crystal eld splitting diagram for CrCI52 completely label the orbitals Is CrCI5239 diamagnetic or paramagnetic Explain why using the constructed MO diagram 7 7quot 02 HQ i2 its 3 a Y V at f 3943 Q 4 n V s 393 V b 139quot it i 2L l t i W l quot quot39T394D Ll 4 i 4 f 1150 3 1 I Izi 1A72 2 Ax 3134 4 j 4 7 a gquot 7 1 0 A 7 5 i h lquot LS l39rII39QX 41U K4 1 r A 2 f r 39 39 A r l H S T8lt3quotr739l T J J Ff kQlWi L k39 l l lglfgg l39g yz44quot igtb V I7 uvlw zwl t METjS IIOI ii 7 f l r I A l L W ll V 1 my 32 NAME 24 8 l r I M 14in 9 534 af C K951 91 1410 9a cow5139 a LUMPFHT e51 Z i Mi mam z 0 f 62 u ftbff ee g 7 r 4L 443 7 f L 364 712 4g7 l 0 K H my w My T W W M QIWQfamt EmM CETV SMCQ 16 bi WMKMM Be A 3960 hc 39 h E r 2 f quot 7 j 9 4 m 6 39 istgzmo Cr 39 W EM v 6 w 7 43539 2104 0 ff fh I m3 L z 34 3 J 5d 3 5127 43 E mum re 33140 ourC MW9 C jaui bf


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