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Computer Networks

by: Furman Breitenberg

Computer Networks EEC 173A

Furman Breitenberg
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Furman Breitenberg on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EEC 173A at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/191948/eec-173a-university-of-california-davis in Engineering Electrical & Compu at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Marc Greis Tutorial for the UCBLBNLVINT Network Simulator quotnsquot Page 1 of 4 IV The rst Tcl scrlpt Brexismssectjon Nextsesliou Backmhejndex In this section you are going to develop a Tcl script for ns which simulates a simple topology You are going to learn how to set up nodes and links how to send data from one node to another how to monitor a queue and how to start nam from your simulation script to visualize your simulation IV1 How to stalt Now we are going to write a 39template that you can use for all of the first Tcl scripts You can write your Tcl scripts in any text editor like joe or emacs I suggest that you call this rst example example1tcl39 First of all you need to create a simulator object This is done with the command set ns new Simulator Now we open a le for writing that is going to be used for the nam trace data set nf open outnam w ns namtraceall nf The rst line opens the le outnam39 for writing and gives it the le handle 39nf In the second line we tell the simulator object that we created above to write all simulation data that is going to be relevant for nam into this le The next step is to add a 39 nish procedure that closes the trace le and starts nam proc finish 1 1 global ns nf ns flushtrace close nf exec nam outnam amp exit 0 1 You don t really have to understand all of the above code yet It will get clearer to you once you see what the code does The next line tells the simulator object to execute the 39 nish procedure after 50 seconds of simulation time ns at 50 quotfinishquot You probably understand what this line does just by looking at it ns provides you with a very simple way to schedule events with the 39at39 command The last line nally starts the simulation ns run You can actually save the le now and try to run it with ns example1tcl You are going to get an error message like nam empty trace le outnam though because until now we haven t de ned any objects nodes links etc or events We are going to de ne the objects in section and the events in segjon 3 httpwwwisiedunsnamnstutorialnsscript1html 11162003 Mare Grels Tutorlal for the UCBLBN LV39INT Network slrnulator ns Page 2 of4 You wlll have to use the eode from thls seeuon as stamng polnt m the other seetlons You ean download rt here Ivz Twn nudes nne link e e lmk Note hefnre the hne sns run or even better before the hne sns at 5 0 nlsh Se nu sns nude sex n1 ns nude snsnode asslgns them to the handles ho and n1 The nexthne eonneets the two nodes ns duplexrhnk snu snr 11m l ms DerTall 1Megabrt a delay of lorns and a DropTall queue and you should see an output that resembles the preture below D made a rnlstake IV3 Sending data Ofcou se butquot my aetually happens so the next step ls to send some data from node n to node n1 1n ns datars always belng sent from one agent to another So the next step ls to ereate an agent object that sends data from node no and another agent object that reeeryes the data on node n1 Create a nap eeene and neenen 1 re nude nu Se uunu new AgencUDP sns attachragen 6 creaee a can craft suuree and areaeh 1 re udnu http www lsl edunsnamnstutona1nsscnpt1html 11162003 Mare Grels Tutorlal for the UCBLBN LV39INT Network slmulator ns Page 3 of4 see chrEI new AppllcaclunTraiilcCER senru see packec lzei sun senru see ncervali uuu5 senru attachragen suunu UDP agent 3BR stands for constant brt rate Llne 7 and 8 shouldbe selfrexplalnlng The paeketSrze ls no You ean nd the relevant parameters for eaeh agent type m the ns manual page see nullu new AgentNull 115 attachragen snl snullu Now the two agents have to be eonneeted wth eaeh other 115 eunneee suupu snullu It or b bl 2 best to put the followlng llnes just before the llne sns at 5 0 flnlsh 115 a u senr scar 115 a 45 quotchr scanquot Thls eoole shouldbe selfrexplalnlng agaln play button m the nam 1 wrndow You mrght want to slow nam down then wrth the Step sllder 9 stausues 1 also suggest that you try to ehange the paeketsrzeg and lnterval parameters m the Tel senptto see whathappens You ean download the full example here example flies m the tclex duectory wlule Ileameol wlueh CBR agent arguments packetSlzei rnterval Ihaolto set from the ns manual page http www lsl edunsnamnstutona1nsscnptlhtml 11162003


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