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Topics in Marketing

by: Ludwig Satterfield

Topics in Marketing MGT 293

Ludwig Satterfield
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ludwig Satterfield on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 293 at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see /class/191957/mgt-293-university-of-california-davis in Business, management at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Winter 2001 Scott Davis Richard Dorf MGT 2932 Marketing for ECommerce OUTLINE OF CLASS ASSIGNMENTS Subject to Change The pages that follow contain a summary of the material we expect to cover in the class the course assignments and the grading policy The first section of this outline describes the requirements for the case assignments and the Internet marketing plan which will be due at the end of the quarter Following this summary is a summary of the grading policy The third section provides brief descriptions of each class session and the assignments for each class meeting Readings The assigned texts are Principles of Internet Marketing by Ward Hanson and How Digital Is Your Company by Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison The reading assignments for each class session in the daily assignments that follow We will expect you to have completed the assigned readings prior to the class session for which they are assigned We have provided study questions to assist you in doing the assigned reading and highlight the most important points Many of the questions will be used to provide a base from which lectures and class discussions will be built however you should be familiar with the issues they cover even if we do not get a chance to discuss them explicitly Case and Internet Assignments There will be both individual and group assignments that will require you to analyze a case or visit some sites on the Web All members of the team will receive the same grade for group assignments There will be written assignments in weeks 2 4 5 7 and 8 You are encouraged to read the description of the classes in which cases are to be discussed at least a week in advance so that you will have adequate time to prepare them Final Project Each team will be expected to prepare and present a marketing plan for a new Internet company or an existing company that has yet to develop a website The marketing plan should consist of three parts a written plan an accompanying oral presentation and a prototype of your proposed website The proposed Internet business should fulfill a new marketing function and have a strong potential for profitability Written Plan The written plan should contain the following elements An Executive Summary A concise review of the main objectives and recommendations to be covered in the plan 1 page maximum A Table of Contents This should make it easy to locate specific issues Neither this nor the Executive Summary count toward your page limit A Preface It should briefly summarize the main issues facing your organization that will be addressed by your marketing plan Suggested length not to exceed 1 or 2 paragraphs A Brief Situation Analysis It should highlight the key points that the organization should consider Your analysis should include 1 the organization39s objectives and abilities 2 the composition and size of the customer base 3 appropriate target markets for their products 4 the likely activities of competitors and 5 alternatives to the organization39s products This section should tie the key aspects of the situation analysis together with a quotSWOTquot analysis This analysis summarizes the organization39s Strengths and Weaknesses along with the Opportunities and Threats that it faces Suggested length 3 pages plus exhibits Goals and Objectives You should summarize them briefly It should be possible to measure the organization39s performance with respect to them and to the extent possible quantified You should identify both shortterm and longterm objectives Suggested length 1 page The Strategic Approach You should state your organization39s value proposition and the strategic approach that will be adopted You should determine whether the organization will attempt to differentiate its product goods or services or should use price as its principal source of appeal to the customer If your organization will be operating in an established market you should identify the key competitors and how you will compete against them Suggested length 1 page The Marketing Mix You should make recommendations regarding the organization39s marketing mix the four P39s Among the issues you should consider are 1 the product design and the mix of goods and services to be provided through the Internet 2 the revenue drivers and pricing policy 3 the amount and type of advertising and promotional support that should be devoted to build traffic to your site and any promotional activities that will be designed to stimulate purchase or use and 4 how the products should be distributed to the customers and how the distribution scheme relates to the other elements of the marketing mix You should be careful to provide a justification for each of your recommendations Suggested length 5 pages plus exhibits A Financial Summary You should provide a brief summary of the expected financial implications of your marketing proposal in the text In the Appendix you may wish to include a sample budget and possibly a sales or revenue forecast You should explain how you came up with your estimates Suggested length 1 page plus exhibits The plan should not exceed 25 pages in total length text plus exhibits with the main body of the plan not exceeding twelve pages of doublespaced typewritten text This policy implies that you may have up to thirteen pages of exhibits to accompany 25 pages of written text You may have more than thirteen pages of exhibits but every page of exhibits in excess of thirteen pages should be accommodated by a corresponding page reduction in the main body of the text Suggested page lengths have been provided above These should be used as guidelines that suggest how your space can be most effectively utilized You are free to allocate space in any way you feel is appropriate Oral Presentation Each group will be asked to present of their marketing plan to the rest of the class during the final week of the course The presentation should be made as if the audience included a potential venture capitalist or in the case of a new internet business unit for an existing company the company39s chief executive marketing and financial officers Each presentation should be between 15 and 20 minutes in length to be followed by five minutes devoted to questions and answers You may assume that the audience is familiar with the credentials of the individual team members You should devote your time to the problems you see as critical but you should be sure to cover the following 1 the business value proposition 2 the strategic approach 3 the product or service offering including sample web pages 4 the revenue drivers and pricing policy 5 a plan for generating traffic and 6 a financial projection that explains how and when the business will achieve profitability Website Prototype The website prototype should include sample pages that will give a feel for the website you are planning and illustrate how your site will work It should include a home page with links to other pages that provide content request information forms display products or otherwise provide the proposed functionality of the site Your prototype should provide a feeling for how a user will navigate around the site but not all pages need to be fully functional For example if you are providing content on some of your pages you can prepare one page that would provide an example of the content and other pages that simply say something like This is another page providing content on Similarly if your site is designed to have some ecommerce capabilities you could provide one page that depicts and describes a product and copy that page and say something like this page provides information on another product In preparing your site you can use any software you choose Recommended programs include Microsoft FrontPage Macromedia Dreamweaver Adobe Golee This class will not provide an extensive tutorial on the use of these programs or HTML so you may wish to delegate the web design task to a group member who knows some HTML or can use one of these programs Another option would be to use a website that is designed to help novices create web sites for e business A recommended site for this purpose is Bigstepcom It is a free site although you do have to register that walks you through the process of designing a website Note You may wish to visit httpwwwswcollegecommarketinghansonhansonhtml for some additional insights on writing a marketing plan rades There will be three components to your course grade individual class participation case assignments and the final project The contribution of each component to the final grade is given below Class participation 25 Case assignments 25 Final project 50 Grading Breakdown Class participation will be based on an equal weighting of your attendance and your contributions to the class discussion as judged by both the instructors and your classmates The written caseInternet assignments will have the following point value MattelLands End week 2 Matching Dell week 4 Autobytel individual amp group week 5 12 Internet Shopping individual week 7 6 Pricelinecom week 7 6 Esurancecom week 8 4 Total 50 2 25 of final grade The components of the final project will have the following point values Pro osal 10 Written Presentation 40 Oral Presentation 30 Website prototype g Total 100 2 50 of final grade Session 1 Monday January 8 MARKETING ECOMMERCE AND THE INTERNET The marketing function is centered on attracting retaining and interesting a set of customers while competitors continually challenge your efforts In this session we explore the marketing strategy of Amazoncom Reading Ward Hanson Principles of Internet Marketing Chapter 1 Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison How Digital is Your Business Chapter 1 In Class Assignments 1 Form a study group of 3 to 5 members Your group will work together to complete the roup case assignments and the final project Your group affiliations will be due at the beginning ofthe second class meeting 2 Describe the outline of the marketing plan for Amazoncom used by this company during the past two years 19992000 3 How do the customers of Amazon serve also as partners Session 2 Wednesday January 10 DIGITAL BUSINESS NETWORKS AND THE CHOICEBOARD The internet company relies on quotbetter faster cheaperquot to build an business In this session we consider the benefits of the digital revolution networks and digital convergence We consider using these digital tools for improving and implementing marketing processes as well as business design Reading Ward Hanson Principles of Internet Marketing Chapters 2 and 3 Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison How Digital is Your Business Chapters 2 3 and Appendix C Study Questions 1 A unique value proposition is critical to success Consider the value proposition of Webvancom How is Webvan managing atoms and bits to provide their value proposition 2 The ultimate issue is can the business design lead to a profit How will Webvan capture a profit 3 Finally consider the choiceboard offered by Webvan Is this adequate for your needs Session 3 Wednesday January 17 PRODUCTIVITY AND BUSINESS DESIGN In this session we consider the individual customer and internet interactivity We consider the array of communication methods Reading Ward Hanson Principles of Internet Marketing Chapter 4 Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison How Digital is Your Business Chapters 4 5 and Appendices A 4 productivity tools and B Study Questions 1 Consider the customer of Cemex and the business issues involved in this industry 2 How did Cemex succeed as a digital innovator and considerthe business design 3 Describe the marketing strategy utilized by Cemex to achieve their success Session 4 Monday January 22 PRODUCTIVITY AND HYBRID POWER In this session we examine the role of business models in improving the productivity of an e business Specifically we consider brands cost reduction sampling and revenue models using advertising and fees Also we address closedloop marketing and web chains Finally we address the benefits of incumbency versus new startup ebusiness efforts Reading Ward Hanson Principles of Internet Marketing Chapter 5 Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison How Digital is Your Business Chapters 6 and 8 Group Internet Written Assignment Submit a 2page double spaced report at this session that addresses the following issues 1 Examine the web site for Mattel or Lands End and determine the value proposition 2 Who is the customer for the site 3 Also briefly describe the choiceboard used by the company site Je Describe the business model and the benefits of incumbency 5 Consider the online structure in terms of Figure 81 Session 5 Wednesday January 25 OBSTACLES T0 GOING DIGITAL In this session we address the obstacles to going digital and the integration of digital technology with sound business design Reading Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison How Digital is Your Business Chapters 11 and 14 Study Questions 1 Consider Xerox Corporation which has experienced difficulties in going digital Examine the Xerox offering and describe the obstacles they experience 2 Why has AOL maintained a successful business evolution from 1991 to 2000 Describe some of their marketing efforts HBSCase Alloycom Be prepared to discuss the following questions 1 Describe the value proposition and business model for Alloycom 2 Should Alloycom accept the AOL deal 3 Can Alloy become profitable in 2001 4 Compare Alloy with dEliascom Session 6 Monday January 29 GENERAL ELECTRIC ON THE MOVE In this session we examine the effort of GE to build and ebusiness that transforms their business to a higher level GE used internal marketing efforts to move the organization forward We consider their business design and the bit engines that capture and retain customers Reading Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison How Digital is Your Business Chapter 12 and Appendix E Guest Speaker Miles Ennis CEO TalentJet Individual Internet Exercise 1 Visit Monstercom 2 Visit the recruiting sites listed in Appendix A Section 7 Group Project Assignment Proposal Prepare a written proposal for your marketing plan project The proposal should include 1 A brief statement of your proposed Internet business activity The activity may be a new division of an established firm or a new firm 2 A summary ofthe value proposition and business model 3 A description ofthe industry and its key competitors This proposal should not exceed two pages in length Session 7 Wednesday January 31 THE DIGITAL INNOVATOR CISCO In this session we study Cisco which has effectively managed rapid customer evolution and rapid revenue growth We consider the evolution of their business model and their fast response using digital solutions for service marketing and sales Reading Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison How Digital is Your Business Chapter 9 and Appendix D Study Questions 1 Take the Cisco tour Appendix D and examine the bit engines offered by Cisco 2 Describe the marketing and sales strategy used by Cisco to attract and retain their customers Guest Speaker Ken Gregory COO MediaZing Session 8 Monday February 5 PLANNING AND THE DIGITAL ORGANIZATION In this session we consider how we can organize for a digital business so that we align structure and strategy We will consider the organization of the marketing activity in a 247 world that expects increasing performance and timeliness Finally we consider legal and security issues for marketing Reading Ward Hanson Principles of Internet Marketing Chapters 13 and 14 Adrian Slywotzky and David Morrison How Digital is Your Business Chapter 15 HBS Case Matching Dell Group Case Assignment x Read the Matching Dell case 2 With your group Prepare a matrix describing the business model for the current direct sales web based approach of Dell Compaq and Gateway 3 Discuss the factors for past success that led to Dell39s financial success and the current efforts by Compaq and Gateway to match Dell 4 What recommendations can you offer Compaq and Gateway 5 Submit a 3page group report at this session that summarizes your recommendations and justifies them Session 9 Wednesday February 7 FINAL PROJECT AND REVIEW This session will be devoted to addressing questions concerning the final project and material covered up to this point in the course Specific topics to TBA Session 10 Monday February 12 PRODUCT AND SERVICE DESIGN FOR THE INTERNET In the previous sessions we focused on elements effective analysis of the situation facing and Internet marketer potential value propositions and marketing strategies For the remainder of the course we will examine specific approaches goods and services can be marketed Broadly speaking Internet products can provide value to customers in five different ways providing content processing information or content to make it more accessible or easy to use enabling transactions facilitating communications between people and organizations and enhancements that allow improved use of the web In this session we will look at ways companies can develop Internetbased products that provide value to their customers by making information available in an easy to use form We will consider applications for content providers customer service and ecommerce Reading Ward Hanson Principles of Internet Marketing Chapters 6 7 Study Questions Hanson Chapter6 1 When is Internetbased customer support superior to traditional human support Consider both the supplier and customer point of view 2 How could you determine whether web enhancements are worthwhile Hanson Chapter7 1 In what ways might a company customize its Internetbased product to add value to its customers In particular focus on ways the site you are developing for your class project can be customized 2 What systems might be used to customize a web site Individual Internet Exercise 1 Suppose you were considering buying stock in Autobytelcom or one of its competitors 2 Visit at least two search engines such as those provided by web portals like Excite MSN Yahool or dedicated search engines such as Dogpile etc to find sources of information about the company and its competitors You may also want to try customizing one of the web portals while you are there 3 Visit at least two Internet general news sites such as SacBeecom USATodaycom NYTimescom etc to get background information about Internet businesses as well as about Autobytelcom and its competitors 4 Visit at least two business news sites such as the Wall Street Journal WSJcom CNBCcom to gather further background information Individual Written Exercise P repare a brief writeup 12 pages plus exhibits that includes the following a An evaluation of each of the websites you visited in terms of Breadth and depth of information Ease of use Ability to personalize the site a Which of the sites you examined would you be the most likely to use in the future Why a Provide screen captures from the sites to illustrate your points Session 11 Wednesday February 14 HBS CASE AUTOBYTELCOM Autobytel enjoys firstmover advantage in the Internet new car buying space According to a number of metrics it is the online leader in this category However a number of competitors have sprung up raising questions about the longterm viability of Autobytel39s purchase referral model In addition Autobytel is struggling to accelerate revenue growth The company has launched several new services and is now seeking to reposition itself in the market Group Case Assignment 1 2 Read the Autobytel case Prior to meeting with your group visit the Autobytel s website and those of at least two competitors to review the layout ofthe site services offered and ease of use With your group review Autobytel s strengths and weaknesses relative to its competition Prepare a matrix in which rows represent attributes features or benefits and columns that represent the competing firms Use the cell entries to represent each competitor s relative strength with regard to that attribute Bring a printed copy of the matrix to be turned in as a written group assignment With your group evaluate the likely effectiveness of the new services launched by Autobytelcom Also discuss ways he company can 1 improve its offerings to customers and 2 potentially increase profitability Be prepared to present at least one option for each in class Prepare a 12 page summary of your recommendations regarding the best way Autobytel can increase its profitability going forward Include your strength and weakness matrix as an exhibit to supplement your recommendations Session 12 Wednesday February 21 USING THE INTERNET TO BUILD RELATIONSHIPS In this class session we will further explore ways an Internetbased business can add value to potential customers through building relationships We will consider how factors such as standards customer lockin and network externalities can influence the design and launch decisions of Internet businesses We will also discuss the pros and cons of online communities in building an Internet based business We will look at the issues raised by communities such as Napster that enable sharing of data to the detriment of other businesses Reading Ward Hanson Principles of Internet Marketing Chapters 8 10 Study Questions Hanson Chapter 8 I When is speed important in the development and launch of Internetbased products Why 2 What are standards and how do they influence product development and optimal launch timing Hanson Chapter IO I What are the requirements for an effective online community 2 How can providing community features add value to a web site Be prepared to provide some examples Session 13 Monday February 26 INTERNET CASE POWERSHCOOLCOM Guest Speaker John Stone Chief Operating Officer powerschoolcom PowerSchool is a completely webbased student information system that enables districts and schools to record access report and manage their student data and performance records in real time Parents students teachers and administrators use the system to share information about grades attendance records and homework assignments Individual Case Assignment Familiarize yourself with the educational support industry by visiting the website of Powerschoolcom and some of its competitors see below URLs for websites httpwww powerschool co m httpwwwrschoolcomrSchoolSilverStreamPagesngomehtml rSchoocom httppcxpustOGk12ksus ParentCONNECT httpwwwk12planetcom k12Planetcom x What are Powerschool s strengths and weaknesses relative to its competitors 2 What tactics would you recommend as they try to grow their business 3 What features if any could Powerschool add that could add value to current and potential customers Session 14 Wednesday February 28 PRICING AND THE INTERNET The growth of the Internet has had a substantial impact on pricing policies for both Internet and traditional businesses In this class we will look at the impact of the Internet on company cost structures and competition We will also consider market structures that have been enabled by the digital economy such as auctions and shopping agents Reading Ward Hanson Principles of Internet Marketing Chapters 11 and 12 Study Questions Hanson Chapter11 1 Under what circumstances is the Internet likely to influence the price sensitivity of the market How and why 2 What types or market types are more likely to be effective because of the Internet Hanson Chapter12 1 What factors have contributed to the growth of commerce on the Internet What factors influence its potential for future growth 2 What are the pros and cons of Internet sales as opposed to bricks and mortar sales What factors need to be considered in developing a clicks and mortar strategy Individual Internet Exercise x Suppose you wanted to purchase the following DVD s When Harry Met Sally and The Standard Deviants Shakespeare Tragedies Origins And Style 2 Visit a price comparison site such as MySimoncom or Shopbotcom to identify potential vendors and their price 3 Purchase the DVDs from the following sites Amazoncom TowerRecordscom Expresscom Another site of your choice that was found by the price comparison site you used in part 2 By purchase we mean that you should go through the purchase process to determine sales tax if any shipping costs and delivery conditions stop before you complete the transaction For your protection you my wish to use a false credit card number to avoid any unintended charges 4 Investigate the possibility of purchasing the disks through eBay If you have not done so register for an eBay account If you do not want the to keep the account you may wish to use a hotmail account that you create specifically for this class Do not place a bid for the disks however unless you are actually planning to buy the product it s unfair to the seller and will cause them to give you negative feedback You should use screen captures to help illustrate your evaluations 5 Visit Bizratecom to get their evaluations ofthe sites you visited ifthey have them Written Exercise Prepare a brief writeup 23 singlespaced pages plus exhibits that includes the following a A tabular evaluation of each ofthe websites you visited in terms of E Dill Product selection Product information Website performance and ease of use Price Shipping and handling charges and options Overall satisfaction Screen captures from each site that illustrate a feature you like or don t like about the site A choice of retailer at which you would buy these disks A purchase strategy you would employ if you wanted to purchase similar products in the future Discuss the role of price in your approach Has this experience changed your strategy Why Session 15 Monday March 5 PRICING AND THE INTERNET HBS CASE PRICELINECOM NAME YOUR OWN PRICE Pricelinecom is a new concept shifting the setting of price from sellers to buyers The company aspires to use its patented process of advertising units of demand at named prices to suppliers in many categories Priceline s initial use was in the airline industry in which customers seeking low cost airfares could make an offer on a ticket satisfying certain conditions and airlines seeking to fill excess capacity could decide whether or not to accept the offer Written Group Case Assignment x Visit the Pricelinecom website to get a better feeling about how its service works N Evaluate the effectiveness of the Priceline pricing procedure in each of its core businesses airline tickets hotel rooms home financing new cars rental cars and long distance F Should Priceline attempt to expand its grocery service offering Why 5 Visit at least two competing travel sites such as Expediacom ore LowestFarecom Would the members of your group be more inclined to use the Priceline service or a competing service Under what circumstances would Priceline s services be most attractive Who is the most likely target market for Priceline s travel services 01 Prepare a onepage recommendation for Priceline to increase profitability over the upcoming year Session 16 Wednesday March 7 USING THE INTERNET TO FACILITATE COMMUNICATION AND CUSTOMER SUPPORT Once an Internet business has determined its product offerings and revenue model it is important to identify appropriate target markets and ways of reaching them This session will examine different ways of driving traffic to an Internet business and the importance of targeting in choosing the appropriate media and vehicles One important approach is through effective permission marketing We will also discuss ways of tracking the effectiveness of different media choices Reading Ward Hanson Principles of Internet Marketing Chapter 9 Study Questions Hanson Chapter9 1 What tools exist for building traffic for an Internetbased business What are the pros and cons of each 2 How might you measure the effectiveness of these techniques Session 17 Monday March 12 TRAFFIC BUILDING ON THE WEB INTERNET CASE esurancecom Guest Speakers Erin Robert eSurancecom and John Cripps Fair Isaac In 1998 a team of insurance and technology industry veterans founded Esurance to make it easier and less costly for customers to buy and manage auto insurance Esurance provides auto insurance directly to the customer online with the claim that they can offer the highest quality coverage along with excellent service from quote to claim all for lower rates Folksamerica Holding Company a reinsurance organization whose parent is White Mountains Insurance Group recently acquired the company Individual Internet Exercise x Visit the Esurance website and request an insurance quote for your automobile if you would prefer you may use a hypothetical customer profile Obtain a screen capture for your quote Visit Quotesmithcom a site that provides quotes for multiple insurance companies and obtain quotes for the same vehicle and driver and automobile you used in part one Obtain a screen capture for your quote Repeat the process for at least one other online insurance service You will be asked to turn in your screen captures Based on your experience identify target markets for Esurance What would be appropriate advertising vehicles for reaching these targets What should be Esurance s key messages to drive traffic to their site Keep in mind the limitations of your proposed advertising vehicles Turn in a printout with the screen captures showing your different insurance quotes to F 5 01 Sessions 18 and 19 Wednesday March 12 and Thursday March 13 Marketing Plan Presentations Each group will present the marketing plan for their Internet business As discussed above the presentation should be made as if the audience included a potential venture capitalist or in the case of a new internet business unit for an existing company the company s chief executive marketing and financial officers Each presentation should be between 15 and 20 minutes in length to be followed by five minutes devoted to questions and answers The presentation length is subject to change depending on the class size You may assume that the audience is familiar with the credentials of the individual team members You should devote your time to the problems you see as critical but you should be sure to cover the following 1 the business value proposition 2 the strategic approach 3 the product or service offering including sample web pages 4 the revenue drivers and pricing policy 5 a plan for generating traffic and 6 a financial projection that explains how and when the business will achieve profitability You should also use your website prototype to illustrate the feel of your business The written plan and website prototype are due at the start of the session


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