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Computers in Educ

by: Christ Blanda I

Computers in Educ EDU 180T

Christ Blanda I
GPA 3.86


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Christ Blanda I on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EDU 180T at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/191958/edu-180t-university-of-california-davis in Education and Teacher Studies at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
The SpreadsheeLNign 7 1mm bene t from the use of a spreadsheem we W111 look at three uses 1 Creaung a form wah Charis for the PACT comext 3 Ammygmdebook Using Excel m create quick chzm fur yuur PACT cuntexl 1 Place the cursor m the cell whae you want the Lad w begm and type Enghsh Leamevs 7 Enghsh Speakevs ym m m u m We between gt the two cells where the Lad oval A E gt Lad ms 4 Ema the values Quest er How many studems m ma dass an Enghsh Learners 3 Enghsh Speakevs 27 aebellmgg ucdams edu p 1 um 5 Usmg the mouse seleet the table headmgs and values Quesnun 5 Huw many students H1012 c ass are E Enghsh Learners En hsh s eakers 27 6 chek oh the chartwuardmon 7 Seleet the Pie Chan and then the pamculartype fPle Chan you want 8 Next your way through the wizard uhtu you get to step 3 Detehmme 1fyou want the eouhts or percentage duplayed ubellmg ucdawsenh p 2 en 9 Select nish 10 Place the chart where you want it on the page Engrrsrr Learners 3 Er tsh Speakers 21 arererr Learners Mm mrerr Sneakers 9m NOTE You can copy and paste the chart into another document ifyou wish 11 Create any remaining charts In this example in step 3 the legend was turned offquot and the data label is showing category name Value and percentage rrenmme mnvrmrn srp3nr4 rrmnpuarr allxl El em a E m m ln 5 rr r NOTE You can play around with the Various menu options ifyou wish Grimm rr m aebellmggQucdavisxdu p 3 of13 1 Enter the narnes ofyour respondents down the column 2 Extherkey their responses to avalue 1 ans ease 5 7 strongly agree 4 7 agree etc to sr g1e word m this ease yes and noquot 3 Underme narnes create headmgs to tabulate are results Respundent Quesunm Quesunnz Quesunn 3 QuestmnA Ahce 5 5 1 yes Hub 5 nu cm A 3 1 yes Ted 3 1 1 yes s1mng1y agree a ree nemra1 msagree s1mng1y msagree yes rm 0 4 Use the count1fquot functionto eounnne number of people who had eaen answer Chck where you Want me first sum Type counuf Respundem Quesnnn 1 Questmn 2 Que Ahce 5 5 Hub 5 3 Caru A 3 2d 3 1 sunng1yagree canth 39122 nemra1 msagree sunngw msagree yes nu rebeurngggucamseen p Ann T n h k quota whxle holdmg down they mouse button seleet all the eells m the row Respundem Questmnz r Ahce 5 Hub 3 Carat 3 t strungty agree cuunWBE 89 a ree COUNnFrzngemt2na neutrat arsagree strengty msagree yes rm 6 Cohahue by ehtenhg a1ue you are compilingquot andthen and enter s rungty agree 2 agree rrautrar aeagree s rengtyaraagree atrengtyagree cnunWE E l agree trat yea EU areagree atrengty araagree bottom nght othe outhhed ee11 strangryagree I2 tgrfgg vaw IE 3 mg neutra m gree neutrat sa atrnngty msagree msagree swung y draagree YES yes nu nu ubellmg ucdawsenn p 5 en s1mng1y agree a reg neu1rs1 msagree s1reng1y msagree yes rm 9 Repeat steps 4 e 8 forthe rest ofthe material you Wantto eompue NOTE m My Word a er the quot Where you have been emenng numbers euun111156aa V 10 You now have tabulated how many people had which answer Respundent Ques11en1 cuesuen 2 Ques11e113 Questmn 4 A11ee 5 5 1 yes Hub 5 3 0 11m Caru A 3 1 yes Ted 3 1 1 yes s1reng1y agree 2 1 u 0 agree 1 n u n nemrs1 1 2 u u msagree n n u n s11eng1ya1ssgree n 1 3 0 yes 0 n u 3 nu u n u 1 can mm later lt11nn1011n11quotupmnn 1 r11 quot1 111111111 me 1 n e u A n r 2 n n 11 n n 1 n vquot 1 11 n a 1 ubexmggucemseen p 5 en 11nghhghtthe appropriate pan othe table s cm A 3 yes Ted y Ouasuun A n u n n u d 3 12 Chck on the chartwuard and selectthe appropriate type of chm 1n ths case you premew duplay type Wm appear ubexmggucamem p 7 m 14 Click nish and place your table 15 You might want to do a few things to make the chart easier to read If you right click in the middle of the chart ou will et a menu that will allow much formatting usrrerrgry agree la ree unemrar nersagree I strungly msagr cuesrrenr Questrun 2 Questrun 3 Fgrrnat Plot Area Chart Tape gource Data Chart Options Location Chart V rndow Clear 16 From this menu select format plot area background Here it is changed to white and change the color of the chart Arse O Amman O Nan Samnle ustrungly agree cuesrrerrr Questrun 2 Ouestrun 3 17 The chart option menu allows much formatting and labeling Here I have selected the major g1idlines on the XaXis ohm Options a Merer errarmes I Mlncr memes aebellman ucdavisedu p 8 of 13 H r Th selected the seale tab and set Maxrmum to 4 Major umts to 1 and mmor umts to 1 cuesnun My chartnow E NOTE You rmgm Want to play Wth NOTE The chart can be eopredrmo otherfor mat options and eharnypes other program 5 rebeumrggucamem p 9 ufl Lnnking at the results rum 2 test 1 Enter stuolentnames along the lett 2 Enter problem numbers along the top 3 Enter the value ofeach problem m the row below the problem number 4 Enter pornts for each studentfor each problem Ell SampleGradeSheel 2 Test 1 e Dulrlg that Mam Stul7 Emblem l Emblem 2 Emblem 3 Tulal la 25 ls aamey la 20 la Betty 7 l5 l5 Fred 8 l7 l5 Wllma la 25 la Fm rsum and sum and then wrth the lett cllck helol down seleet all eells to be summeol Hrt enter bulltrln formula Prubleml Prublem 2 Prublem 3 Tulal TU 25 39 1 sum E4 D4 1kl sumtuumbenlmmuetzl aamey la 20 V i Betty 7 l5 l5 0 Emblem l Emblem 2 Emblem 3 Tulal la 25 la 50 Eamey la 20 la 7 Betty 7 l5 6 Move the cursorback up to the eell ml the formula abe mg ucdmsedu p ln om cells below 1 The fnrmnlzwill he cnpied relativaly Prumem 3 my Prumem 3 my 15 50 15 13 13 15 15 15 15 10 10 8 Tum 10 Type the operator m m case a 5U 43 E5 I 37 An 45 abe mg ucdmsedu p 11 am 11 Chek 1n the ee11 contammg the denommator 1n ths ease the tota1 number ofpomts on the test and hi enter an 43 n EB 37 An 45 12 o denommator to reman eonstant When the formula was copxed downquot 1ast tune the rows thatwere referenced were mcreased by one as went down For exam 1e when you copxed the total formula down the formula 1n E4 SUMB4 D4 When 1t was copxedmto the next ee11 down xtbecame E5 SUMB5 D5 The nentwas E6 W To number When you eopy anythmg proceeded by a1thll remam eonstant Doub1e clxckm the formula ee11 and eduxt 3 Tum 15 n1 1 13 uu a 37 um 41 m m 4 14 To son by exther ofthe outsxde eo1unnns ehekm the top orbottom othe eo1umn you wantto son by and then hxghhght a11 pans ofthe tab1e abe mg ucdmsedu n 12 oh l 31 15 Click on the appropriate sort icon 1 or use the data menu 2 3 Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3 Total 1391 10 25 15 5 Wllma 10 25 1D 45 08 5 Barney 1U 20 13 43 085 7 Fred 8 1 15 4D 18 8 Betty 739 15 15 37 04 9 16 To sort the data by anything other then either of the two outside columns Select and highlight all cells in the table that are not headings Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3 Total 10 25 15 43 085 3 174 4D 08 115 19 Sort by l ASEBr dine O Qescending Then by Cr Asgending O Descending 0 Ascending O Descending My data range has 0 Header ow 3 No header row 18 Select the appropriate column in the sort dialogue box Check Ascending or Descending as appropriate Be sure No header row is selected Click OK In the example the table will be sorted so the data in Column D is in ascending order N v D4 wuma 1 Test 1 Dolng that Math Stuff 2 3 Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3 Total 4 ll 25 15 5 Wllma 10 25 11 45 D a Barney 11 213 13 43 El 86 Betty 7 15 15 37 El 74 3 Fred 8 17 15 AD 3 aebellman ucdavisedu p 13 of 13


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