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Marketing Mngmt

by: Trystan Rath
Trystan Rath
GPA 3.61


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Trystan Rath on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGP 204 at University of California - Davis taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/191960/mgp-204-university-of-california-davis in Management Working Professionl at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
Marketing Management MGP 204 2003 April 1 Professor Eitan Gerstner The course reviews concepts models and tools to help market products and services You will learn methods for selecting nding and retaining customers and partners and ways to cultivate pro table relationships with them You will also learn how to develop communicate price and deliver your offering how to position it and how to spend your marketing dollars productively Readings Harvard Business School articles and cases bring the assigned readings to class Optional Reference Kotler Marketing Management Class Notes will be emailed and posted every Thursday before 4 pm bring them to class Course Credit 0 Individual homework exercise passfail 20 points 1 page each 0 Individual inclass exercises passfail 20 points 1 page each 0 Individual overall performance and contribution to class and team up to 30 points 0 Short Marketing Plan up to 30 points Submit a 1 page proposal in session 3 Short Marketing Plan Write a short marketing plan for a M company in which you recommend different steps the company can take to improve its marketing practices The report cannot exceed 12 pages including Appendices Prepare a 15minutes presentation to the class Teams cannot exceed 4 members and team work and quot time must be divided equallv among team members Your marketing plan should be consistent with the marketing process presented in Figure A on page 2 of the article Note on Marketing Strategy You should also estimate how much it will cost to implement your suggestions Credit will be based on originality creativity quality of the writing use of the tools learned in class and primary and seconda marketing research to support your recommendations Presentations will take place during the last session 15 minutes for each presentation divided equally among team members All written 39 are due at the last session of the course Outline and Readings Readings and Activities Topic 1 Marketing 0 Note on Marketing Strategy R Dolan Product 9598061 Strategy amp Plan 0 Marketing of electrical toothbrush Problem Customer 0 Customer Pro tability analLifetime Value HBS 9503019 2 Acquisition and o Biopure Corporation 9 598 150 Market Potential Customer 0 A Framework for Customer Relationship Management CMR209 3 Relationship 0 Customer Pro tability anal Customer Relationship Management at Management RBC Financial Group 9 102 072 One page proposal for marketing plan due sales and o The NecessaryArt of Persuasion 98304 4 Distribution H umanize your selling strategy 88208 Management 0 Vistakom Marketing Problem Positioning and o TargetMarket Selection anal proaluct Positioning 9501018 5 promotion 0 Integrated Marketing Communications 9599087 management 0 Brita Marketing Problem 0 Not by Jeans Alone Video Brand 0 Building Brands WithoutM ass M ealia 97107 6 Management Snapple 9599126 0 Frank Perdu Video Pricing o How Do You Know When the Price is Right 95501 7 o Versioning The Smart Way to Sell Information 4789 o Conjoint Analysis httpwwwsawtoothso warecomacademicshtml Distribution in 0 Kentucky Fried Chicken Video 8 GIObal Markets 0 Values in Tension Ethics Away from Home 96502 and Marketing Ethics 0 Becton D1ck1nson Ethics and Bus1ness Pract1ces A 9399055 Marketing Plan 0 Team Presentations 15 minutes for each team 9 Applications Marketing Plan 0 Team Presentations 15 minutes for each team 10 Applications Submit all written Team Assignments Please complete this team form after you decide on your team Team Number Name Undergraduate Maj or and University Work Experience Career Interests Hobbies Your Marketing Experience Leave Open Marketing Management MGP 204 Spring 2007 Final Professor Eitan Gerstner The course reviews concepts models and tools to help market products and services You will learn methods for selecting target markets developing communicating pricing and delivering attractive offerings You will also learn how to develop and position brands and how to spend your marketing dollars productively Readings Articles and cases see reading schedule below Optional Text A Framework for Marketing Management Philip Kotler and Kevin Lane Keller 3ml Edition Class Notes will be emailed and posted print them out and bring them to class Course Credit You will accumulate credit based on the following activities no final Inclass activities up to 20 points Case Homework up to 15 points Quizzes up to 25 points Individual contribution to classand team up to 20 points Team Project and Presentation up to 20 points 10 10 Individual overall contribution will be based the originality and creativity of work class A 39 391 39 in class A 39 and A f 39 quot being a good listener not being late to class etc If you attend class and are ready to present sign your name on the homework next to your typed name and turn it in before class begins If you miss one session no more than one you may submit your homework before the missed session and it will be graded with the other homework assignments No credit will be given for missed inclass activities Late work will earn partial credit only or will be counted towards Overall Contribution The highest Overall Contribution scores will be earned by students who show consistent excellent performance in all activities PLEASE DO NOT SURF THE WEB OR USE EMAIL DURING CLASS Landmark Case Homework Landmark marketing case assignments will be used to learn from successful and unsuccessful marketing strategies and campaigns GSM Core Course Grading Policy A grade of A or A is awarded for outstanding performance well above the standard for completion of the class Normally it is expected that A39s of any type will be awarded to significantly fewer than half of the students in a class Grades of B or B are awarded to students who have fully met all the requirements of the class It is expected that the majority of the students in any class will receive either of these two grades Short Marketing Plan Teams of 4 Write a short marketing plan to help solve a marketing problem for a local organization Recommend different steps the company can take to improve its marketing effort under its available budget Summit a short report of your plan up to 8 pages including a contingent Plan B one page as backup in case your Plan A will not work Select a team coordinator whose name will be listed first on the written report Prepare a 5minute idea presentation two team members and a 5minute response to grilling questions by the other two team members in turns To allow time for several questions keep responses short less than 30 seconds each Be ready to present evidence from your written report to defend your ideas The class will rank each proposal on a 110 scale As a general guideline use Figure A on page 2 of the article Note on Marketing Strategy Credit will be based on the following project evaluation form Avoid excessive wording use subtitles title each chart and use a short your your report In oney can Outline and Readings bring each assigned reading to the relevant session Session Topic Prepare A 39 1 earning 0 Marketing Malpractice R0512D Readings for session 1 objectives 0 Selection Bias and the Perils of APn1 2 and methods Benchmarking R0504H Prepare for a discussion 2 Marketing 0 Note on Marketing Strategy 9598061 Readings for Session 2 Strategy 0 Spark Innovation Through Empathic Design April 9 p 97606s Prepare for a presentation 0 Not by Jeans Alone video and diSCUSSiOH 3 Customer 0 A Framework for Customer Relationship Readings for Session 3 I Acquisition Management CMR209 April 16 and Harm 3 Landmarks Submit and present Retention One page project proposals project proposals 4 Product and Versioning 4789 Readings for Session 4 Branding 0 How Snapple Got Its Juice Back R020 1 C I I o Perdue Video Prepare for a discusswn April 23 HM 1 5 S 0 Marketing Promotions 9506028 Readings for Session 5 Promotion 0 Principles ofPricing 9508021 and pmng o keg Landmark Cases Prepare for a discussion April 30 o IDEO video case Quiz 1 Sessions 15 6 selling and o The Sales Learning Curve 1003 Readings for Session 6 Distribution 0 Harnessing the Science ofPersuasion Prepare for a discussion May 7 0 Hamburger Hell Merchants of Cool Video HM 2 7 Stealth I Stealth Marketing CMR 288 Readings for Session 7 Marketing 0 PampG Google Satellite Radio Landmarks BUZZ The Persuaders Video Prepare for a dlscusswn May 14 Marketing 8 Af nity and 0 Pro t for Nonpro ts Find a Corporate nonfor partner 96601 Quiz 2 Sessions 68 mm De Marketing Obesity CMR 315 Coke May 21 Marketing J etBlue Landmarks Marketing 0 Team Presentations amp grilling submit wrmen Reports June 4 Plan questions 5 minutes 5 minutes Team Presentations 10 Marketing 0 Team Presentations amp grilling Team Presentations June 11 Plan questions 5 minutes 5 minutes Formatted Tabs 10485 pt entered Formatted Bullets and Numbering responses Credit Scores Appendix Frequently Asked Questions 1 What happens ifI come to class ate 5 Is it important that I present my work in class and participate in the class discussions 9 You will receive partial credit on your inclass activity which also in uences the Individual overall performance scor When is my homework du 39 y 5 sentations are an important part of marketing You add value to the class by coming prepared b participating in class discussions and by presenting your work to the class I Squot the homework next to your name if you attend class and if you are ready to present it to class If I have to miss m class can I still submit my homework 9 Submit our homework at the beginning of the session to avoid a late homework score Sign Email the TA or the Instructor that you are going to miss class and attach your homework If it What if I submit my homework late is received after the due date then it is considered a late homework assignment a All the information needed to correctly complete the inclass activity is provided ass1gnme b Late inc gt1 Late homework will receive a 0 score but will count towards Overall Performance If I miss class may I still complete the in class Activity during class Therefore it is imperative that you attend class to complete the ove al gra b nt lass activities will receive a 0 score but will count towards your What makes a wellwritten homework assignment a Pr It is important to make your work look professional Make sure your work is typed easy to read with correc the presentation of yo 0 9 Assignments should be based on the articles relevant to the speci c assignment esen ation and content are both importan t spelling and grammar Add subtitles to enhance Avoid excessive wording Back your statements with evidence How do I check my course credits a 9 P Course credit is posted weekly on the course website under course credit b Grades are listed under the last 4 digits of the student ID If I do extra work will I get credit Iquot No Quality is more important than quantity when homework is concerned What is the order of the final team presentations P The team presentations will go in order of team number Group 1 will go rst Group 2 will go second etc Team numbers are assigned randode at the beginning of the co Can I do extra workto make up for missed classes or to enhance my grade Each student has the same op ortuni below urse ty to earn course credit The only way you can receive extra credit is by being nominated as a lead contributor by more the one team member using the form How will my score for Individual Overall Performance be determined A high score will be given for valuable contribution to your team and class contributing to class discussions being present during the entire class turningin all assignments on time and ein Are Quizzes cumulative 5 good listener The optional Team Member Evaluation Form may in uence the score Each Quiz covers material not covered in the previous quiz Team Member Evaluation Form Optional and Con dential Project Please turn this form in at the last session con dentially 1 Lead Contributor optional You may nominate one of your team members as a lead contributor for extra credit The extra credit will be based on the number of nominations and on the nature of the extra contribution The extra credit will not in uence the credit of other team members Name of lead contributor Why should the contributor receive extra credit 2 Insigni cant Contributor Optional and Con dential You may nominate one of your team members as an insigni cant contributor for partial credit Partial credit will be based on the number of nominations and on the nature of the insignificant contribution The partial credit will not in uence the credit of other team members Name of insignificant contributor Why should the contributor receive only partial credit Other Comments Your nam e Signature


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