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by: Mason Hackett


Mason Hackett
GPA 3.91

Stephen Muench

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About this Document

Stephen Muench
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mason Hackett on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEE 404 at University of Washington taught by Stephen Muench in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/191977/cee-404-university-of-washington in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
css 0m mama Wmev Ouanev 2mg S12v9 Mnendn l90 Construction Data Project Background Sectlons of be replaeed some dune Worstpavementls on eastboundLQU from mllepost 70 to mllepost F V w found at General loeauon of thugs mm rnaps llve comdefault aspxv2ampepjz7 133774 120 894907amps leramplvl10ampu 90ampd4r0ampa1 UUUampcamr 2 606782 116 970775ampscene6324514ampcld7D42DEA16EB3D22Fl101ampencTyge1 oryou ean Search for CEE 404quot collectlons on Wlndows lee Searen Maps nap wsprns ee Washlngton edu you wlll needle create an account Thls slte has lots of lnfor mauon You may have to referto n laterln the course too Project Scope 120 wlde lanes from MP 70 00 to 73 64 Shoulders drop lanes andrarnps are to remam asrls Begln constructlon 7122010 ltls aMondaya18 00 am fyou are analyzlng contlnuous closure scenanos Begln constructlon WIS20100115 aFnday at 10 00 p rn 1f you are analyzlng weekend closure seenands um A replaee wlth HMA orPCC Parameters assoclated wlth eaen are dlscussed on me followlng pages Project Loeanon from Wlndows lee Local css om mam vwmev Ouanev 2mg S12v9 Muenm 39unu a I I Dump trucks Fleet of 25 and dump trucks eapaeny 16 tons 3 A sue to temporarily store the demolmon material has been secured about 1 mile south of Em 74 ll on anotherjob we em Ra EE 404 Instructor Winter Quarter 2009 Steve Muench Remove and Replace with HMA Structural Design NEW PAVEMENT EXISTING PAVEMENT 2 lift of 12 SMA 3 lift of 12 Superpave 9 Pee 3 lift of A Superpave 3 lift of A Superpave Subbase 6 CSTC Crushed Surfacing Top Primary Equipment 0 Paver one Caterpillar 1055D paver with a l2ft wide Carlson screed 0 Material transfer vehicle one BarberGreene BG 650 windrow elevator o Dump trucks 0 HMA Fleet of 25 bottom dump trucks 20 ton HMA capacity each 0 Base delivery trucks come from asphalt eet 22 tons aggregate each 0 HMA Plant Granite Northwest Inc 250 tonhr HMA plant located in Ellensburg WA 0 Rollers You must use rollers in the breakdown and finish positions An intermediate roller is not required You can use up to 3 of each roller Rollers available see Bomag website for details 0 Breakdown Bomag BWl90AD 4 AM operated in low amplitude high frequency mode 4 passes need to achieve density based on the test strip 0 Finish BW 266 operated in static mode One pass needed for smoothness only Other Construction Information 0 Use a windrow paving technique with a windrow pickup material transfer vehicle MTV in front of the paver This technique means the paver is not required to stop while receiving mix increases its efficiency 0 Your compaction goal is 94 of a 150 lbft3 theoretical maximum density Do not use any thumbrules for figuring out HMA density since it is given here 0 Mobilization takes 1 hour demobilization takes 3 hours EE 404 Instructor Winter Quarter 2009 Steve Muench Remove and Replace with PCC Structural Design NEW PAVEMENT EXISTING PAVEMENT 9 PCC 1 2 PCC Subbase 10 lift of CSTC Other Design Parameters for use with HIPERPAV II 0 Reliability 90 0 Geometry 12 ft wide and 15 ft between transverse joints 0 Dowels Include dowels in early age analysis Use standard WSDOT dowel dimensions see WSDOT Standard Plans and Standard Speci cations iyou can get them online modulus 29000 ksi 28day effective modulus of dowel support 1500000 psiinch o Slab support Subgrade stiffness type use 160 lbinZin as the kValue Subbase modulus 12000 lbin2 AXial restraint estimate from material type Materials and MiX Design Use the 650 psi exural strength miX design document from WSDOT However use a Type III cement instead of the Type ISM listed 0 PCC strength requirements 0 PCC 28day strength 750 psi by center point exural beam 0 All other PCC properties estimated from strength miX or aggregate properties 0 Maturity data default strength gain 0 Construction 0 Initial PCC temperature 75F initial support layer temperature 65F o Curing compound single coat liquid age cure applied 0 saw at optimum time 0 Strength required to open to traf c 2500 psi compressive o PCC Plant Ellensburg Cement Products 150 yd3hr PCC plant in Ellensburg WA 0000 Other Construction Information 0 Mobilization takes 1 hour demobilization takes 3 hours 0 PCC delivery trucks you choose 0 Fleet of 25 enddump trucks with a 10 yd3 capacity each Use the WSDOT Standard Speci cations to determine whether or not you can use these trucks 0 Fleet of 25 concrete mixing trucks with a 75 yd3 capacity each 0 Base delivery trucks base is made of inch Superpave HlVIA 0 Base delivery trucks come from asphalt eet 12 yd3 capacity each 0 MaXimum paver speed 3 ftmin While paving o PCC curing time based on HIPERPAV results with 50 reliability used not 90 EE 404 Instructor Winter Quarter 2009 Steve Muench CS OL Structural Design NEW PAVEMENT 2 lift of SMA 15 lift of 12 Superpave Petromat Geotex EXISTING PAVEMENT 15 lift of 12 Superpave 9 P00 9 P00 Cracked and Seated Subbase Subbase CrackandSeat o Mobilization takes 5 hours This accounts for normal mobilization the crackandseat operation and the application of the Petromat geoteXtile fabric Primary HMA Equipment 0 Same as for the HMA removeandreplace option Other Construction Information 0 Same as for the HMA removeandreplace option


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