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by: Mason Hackett


Mason Hackett
GPA 3.91

Steven Kramer

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About this Document

Steven Kramer
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 18 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mason Hackett on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CEE 521 at University of Washington taught by Steven Kramer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/191979/cee-521-university-of-washington in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
W W ww I w 4 Lecture 7 Flow Toward Wells WW 5 22 23 IS a 3 Hug me i xxugt N K 3 sawe 4 w Q q a w 23 ex nu ks 3 w elt 3 P 3 53 Q q 114 k w E 3b 3 9 V w w BM Wilzw A3 email M414 3am 4d m 1M Uta WPCc W rani2 M W rrL sail 239325 21L mull AKpl 392 W ZNKD ampCAkrl ZLZ a a Me Axw 2 T W K an 222 A 3 M 25471 271 Lb u w w mm I 5W B NEWa u Wt WW W P39 2 2117 W l l w 35 Z M W z Ac Map7 Z awf i M kw infwi ZUKD A z 5 H W1 1 Lb Em 31 H zw Hm MumMP 3 MM HZw A To MGMaw 0 A Iam fa fem MJM wb M441 Mia15M Iva414 dad7 Zia 7an AmyJ Lwr inky1 A dz 2 3 3 77m manZ 1041 Flaw LMMW dz ggkgzm z 27171 maaz gig2quot 7wa dur M 5 344509 751 49954 A admmm m f j a r z Wx i A quot2 Z 7 ampfjgt Z Zl 3444 z A 1 72 Mam I d k 7 Kz Z 7 mWf M 11412 ADM AAK Hz1lwf 1 77 Ada AC 22 544 57 g ZG W2 7390 WMJLi m 5k Ifnu all FEM QR OffwmmmMm Wolf1M r 0 72 1 W rqu39eV Exmaflz 39 8am V0379 pW Majp S ab Luella r 90 J37 44 twatK tw Adopt Faun PAW p M Wd m Miami Way 3 3 2 Ax 5 x Ly r aquot y W119 Lotw i kc39A i39 fix K 339 DA H6X lt957 g dODJy 3 05y Ilt 370ax 12 a b w jx ZVA7 W7 0 5 7 HM 5 2 Xi KDlt3 L y a4xd 0 ovmmj a 141 5 i 721412 54439 Mftki To Mame i 1 01 Wye ML W MWWGWEMZV W wifmit WA MM DMfQW z 1 ax ay g 24 V nun r m aw 9139 mi Q E E N T mw m p ea ES mumx l m bmlemms Lm N N39 5 59 git Q53 3 8 mv sI M BVIYW i 3 V pbugm 169 331quot iThnTSquotNNHI were Iquot i MEWEMVTE 5 0 EL u 63 NvWTmWmw h W w v m n nun u w 391 n n MquFIC AMl Admk PM E M a 4 mm o 504 3 2391 M 2 4S m WM 1 toquot Ms44c 3x10 3f 7m 41 0 n ii 5 a H l2 kb he 2 4 I 2070 4 W R 2 1r 5 m Sgt4a So 4s 90 4s 0 440265 5 5 00312 54 23 M ij Zzaaajpd M g W II her I 585 Hubert Pt Ais r a gt 3 xx xx 36 x x gt XSLSTR 0 w E SF Frth Rvltaov Nm NchLIn p 53 Ft Eugx 3 A win 4 N a ni a L nit l u Tg iw I m dxncyc n 433 do a 4 h MWSWWINW xg gm 4amp9 I 6 k u x m g a m 3 2 L 3 f Eggr kg Q g 33 lt 33 E Si lt33 Nw 3 3Q 3 3 55 m egg qu m A a m gxw NV 44 a Jm 4 4323 a m is i w m3elt8gth 3K E 3P Qquot lt G 1mg lml A ww n m w rumgm Wall 6mm HM 39 llmags r 3007 r Ea pm n n Sm lltslea391kA L f r hami m T7 I I 0 G P Lam V W xiii Lag a Maude z u gum 2n 311 TH Jim 1 W12 L L 3094Sa3 200 a 2570 2 o w w h A 403 o qu 140 69 J a 1900 I53Zea35 731 aw 73A 230 F mu 2 3000f 12 a imam 7 13 u QM g n lIUI quotI g mig g L SEQ Einw gktx bowg wogx R 0 39 TSQJ 5Hx amp mMuIN M ha 4F Th N s a N t III vs mo 3 3A 79 Mu 9 C n 1 w quot w Nix hsrmx 4 Yuvgwg iekew ltL L Hf 353 E 353 29 Rh 5 PE J LWI Mm QVs x Vm A 966 i ex r S i it 334 is r I X 1M mum an Anufr V TS I I In I l V I a 33 in N a mi 2 HM x V T 3 quot 5 th 59 h M Co Kth N Tm m P Wm m x 1 an 3 aF Ne 16 Q m xr Awnmm 3m 1x5 n x MWFIA m i u 9 In A m 3 M4 non v 1 HM E A 300 39 Dmqu Lm 1b kgA 242 4 de 24 imzkadz quot kl 1t 27 7 WXOZ H 1 0 kZHcamf 1 mi LEEquot L39 2 61X j 1 w VFdt jkz 7 10 59 W3 ii 33 e 56 N3 gt INF 3 3354 9333 3 32 SEE aria 33 d3 3 3 x3 g gksg hi gm i E x 2m xmmi w In Num 1 u 33 33 0 wa A 33 Eam w ux 33 8W1 QINJN 3 qs x ux4um 33 33386 W NW 3 um 3333 E 3i is ea sw g 2 ES xza sism Fm PMA WwWCthquot Mr I t Z r b ZLHquot quotXquot1L5X W Mng um up 2547 Wlquott X d 4 HT 3 0 4 3 If Ziamymls y d2 2 I l 21 2 lung b39X a 2 Z i 1 Z 1 quot Kth Z 26 544x 0 Xr O AU 0 3 Wit7 01 4 W W13 quot 3


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