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by: Emily Braun II


Emily Braun II
GPA 3.82


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Braun II on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOEN 457 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/192001/bioen-457-university-of-washington in Bioengineering at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
CellBased Therapy and Vaccmes I D 00 f3 5 Largefymphucytb C V 9 Q mm mils J 0 39 39 o Qam f 7n NWN mm Mm y mmwm m VCRnnnns whammy mam Dy mm cwsmmswecenw mmmmmmw was we mam mm m mnbecwis V C Asswnaovdnss l 4 mva comix 4 4 Wch womb E hltp Www wh eeman u mllmmun 1 gyClekuhylz mm w quot73 RFC Idenuvmc sew Tce11 W TD GEN Altered sell Sell 1 Memory B cell Plasma call Mammy Tc call CTL httpwwwwhfreemauc mimmuu 1 gyCHDllymph cyleactivati uhm ev 839 Lysls WM 39 gaff amine T j 7 Wm 0 12Mquot 13 39U e 9 5 m e1 He Fluh evahon We saw TT Ti I Rywmr mm quotan nmw Immunnluw FIgure 1 1 s hemzucm de1 fTrc 11 and Ercell dev 1 pm nt lercell devel pmeng b 1 Ercell devel pment Dev 1 pm m1 stag szre pr sented s labelled m1 5 mm the m 5 er m and genrrecept r f sIgmfIcantsurfzcermzrk d ublernegznv m 1e 111 s g ne 139 zmng menlzre 1nd1 ated by 1m 5 2b vs the 11e1 cm e Lhym er DE com and cns d ub1ep smve Lhym er 1mm E Immature E e 11 1512 Immatur smglerp smve cns Lhym yl prerTCR prerTroell anugenreoept 1 prerECR prerErc 11 anugenrecept 1 512 cns 1 c attached The zppr x1 atep 1mg dunng Wm hlymph cerc mmumeng pr Menu 11 s The 1 s fEZA r HEEpr Iems are 1nd1lt12led m red cu e mm nlymph 1d pre 11 s 1 UN CD4 and 14 smglerp smve Lhym cyI TCRx Trcell recept r 0 TH MIC STEM CELL 04 208 TCR39 EVPALNSION A ND MAT URATION NEGATIVE SELECT0N CD4 CDSTCR DOUBLE R g 9 POSITIVE X X X POSITIVE SELECTION z 2 CD4CDS 0R CD439CDsquot SINGLE POSITIVE MATURE THIMOCI39TB 11f l inil y f39 il 0 be pusilively selecled quotLleulh by neglectquot frequency of clones T cell selection muluw inIeImediule in 1110 high uf ni 39 1 PUSi iVEIY negatively selecled deleted nominal affinin ufTCR for quotselfquot T Cell Receptor 1 chain Valiable domains Constant domalns quot 39iiiiiiiiiii COOH COOH Cytoplasm Thymocyte development m mme TCell Receptor The T cell Receptor plasma membrane http WWW path cam ac ukmrc7 functions mhctcr1 html gum in I i M f m fn 61 i lhe D egmenls can be read in all 3 frames no of possible HL combinations 16 million The T cell Receptor Complex TC R CD8 CD4 5 plamm ps lt k C 051 imulatDry molecules Dendri c cell httpwwwiimmun path cam ac ukNimmun part1 CLASS 1 CLASS 1 x3 Q a microglnhuliu S PLAS MA MEMBRANE Pu nidehimlin A 739 Ck 39L39 h ul Llumum r ag 4 dumuhu 7 almnzlin httpment rlscfucsbedumcdb133chapt rO7figureO7706 htm CLASS 1 CLASS 11 x 1 a2 a l 5 5 N 13 a2 microghmulin 5 PLASMA MEMBRANE L L Peptide Binding Site The 3D structure of a class I MHC molecule Lususnme 39 igen 39 K Nuci us a 39 39 7 39 I al DN l IMiic wl39nage class I nlslncnmnatlhllltu I mulenule mm PE tide en de 1 cell receptor T clall renenlnr hup MVW ultmnetc mINJhmballBx 1 gyFagesAAnugenPresemau nhtml blipIdele gymihb rgDOJV lsnumuuanscu nsmelan ma gEIEIB gxf hup Manual 1 gyndhb rgDOJV lEnumlLmnsacu n lmelan ma gEIEIE gxf blipIdele gymihb rgDOJV lsnumuuanscu nsmelan ma gEIlEI gxf httpldermat 1 gycdlib rgDOJV l numlLmnsacu nsmelan ma goolglf MHC Class 1 Presentation Endoplasmic reticulum TAP transporters MHC CLASS I PROCESSING PATHWAY plumInn 2 I mu glubulm mquot we l m We I up 39 119 lassl m ieeui s are v ry uns39able m Lb abseme p p de m ybmdpepud s mLheEnd plasmm r ueuium can Pepnd 5 mm Llecellswfanewatheg lg MHC CLASS 2 Pnocssswe PATHWAY f 49 MIIC f quot MHC 2 MHCcl 55 m 12 u shmdt athudp lyp pndemtleERcalled invariant ham 1 Thainvanantchmnsexv stw pulp s 5 me lsLhebmdmg p pndst Lb lassllm leculeandn Oar 395 ed rd 5 meie 1 nm itherby mdph se pmnyl sis rxec pt me mu m y 515 Thsevsml s fuseunththeMllCc mpem mm M39llCc mpemeem Sana aw assthlscmbmaun unf ldsanddegxad sh Lthzanng nendmemvenem ham ausmgth gen xau n snug mep udsandtherlease r lassll ul 5 r phat sequeme m ufs Theclassll m lecul s pepuaee mplexed r empt Lhn ualet thepl smam mb n Endoplasmic reticulum Endoplasmic reticulum MHC 1 and CTL Interaction Edoplasmic reticulum Delivery of Delivery of I umzauon Wlth Pmtem Engineered TCells Dendritic Cells httpdermat 1 gycdib rgDOJv 16numltransacti nsmelan mafig008gif httpdermat 1 gycdlib rgDOJv l6num1transacti nsmelan mafig007gif Corixa Our MELACINE melan ma vaccine is available f r sale in Canada MELACINE vaccine c nsists f lysed br ken cells fr m tw human melan ma cell lines c mbined with ur pr prietary DETOX TM adjuvant DETOX adjuvant W kn wn utside f Canada as ENHANZYNTM adjuvant 77 includes MPL and myc bacterial cell wall skelet n b th f which activate the human immune system in the c ntext f vaccinati n We are currently in discussi ns with the FDA regarding the future regulat ry path fMELACINE The vaccine is administered as a tw sh tvaccinati n nce a week f r five weeks with a tw eweek break and then a repeat f the weekly vaccinati ns f r five weeks Patients wh resp nd may receive erap f ne vaccinati nperm nthf r six m nthsf 11 Wed by less frequent maintenance vaccinati ns Biomira THERATOPE Vaccan f 139 Breast Cancer Breastcancens the m fr uendy dfagn sed cancer am ng w men m N th Amenca an Lhe sec ndleadm ause cancer death As ew as 10 per cent fw menw pr gressL metastauc dlsease actually have ngeErmsurvwal Bl rmm hasdevel ped THERATOPE Vaccme 1L 5 ea Lhempeuuc cancer Vaccme n w m lakestage chmcal ESng t address 11115 cnucal medical need THERATOPE moment 1 glcalpr duct mc p ratesasyntheucrmrmc foalyl Tn STn amarkerappearmg nLhe surface fbreastcancercells attachedt alargecamerpr fem T 1 kn wnasKeyh 1e Limpet Hem cyamn nxsals ass elated w c n Vanan and pr state cancers and THERATOPE vaccan may have applicability m m se areas KLH IS a hlghm lecularew lghtpr Lemandap Lentlmm re sumulanus lafedfr mLhe bl d une sys m famannem llusk Thew rkmg hyp thesxsf rthxscancervaccmelsLhauLsumulaLesLhe generau n fanlmmune resp nset Lhe mm uzeass mated STn pft pe which leadst a therapeuuc effect Cell Based Therapies mum lmmunz lexpnmz xeeumm my v u mum mu 0 a n x a u n n 3 2 mnmm m Amsdnwmme m n mm cquot ix Tmquot h39wluuu 9 quot Vumm KHImg q 51gt wwinn Hgming w Wm unlw Amnltd39ln mm 1quot how H mm a mmm mm chte Technology mum 4 httpldermatl gycdhb rgDOJV 16num1Lransacu nsmelan maflgUlZ glf hLLpldermatl gy cdhb rgDOJV l numlLmnmcu n lmelan ma g013glf Dendritic Cell Targeted Vaccines r 91 Q lnhse Patient Dendreon Corporation 2 TCell Receptor Engineering in vitro Directed Evolution ol39TCell Receptor Holler et a1 FNAS 97 5337 What kind or allinity increase observed what Where were mutations located What was concluded abom basic biology or Tcell receptor repertoire What are technology imp m ors


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