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by: Lincoln Hintz III


Lincoln Hintz III
GPA 3.79

Wendy Johnson

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About this Document

Wendy Johnson
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lincoln Hintz III on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HSERV 590 at University of Washington taught by Wendy Johnson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/192011/hserv-590-university-of-washington in Health and Human Services at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
Registered students please go here for the most recent syllabus readings and assignments httpshserv quot ViUWphpld255 Samgle Syllabus Summary The assignments and readings are from the Quarter listed They will most likely change use as an examgle ONLY Introduction to International Health HSERV 590 EXDP 3 4 Credits Fall 2007 Course website 39 I 39 39 g 39 quot Vq31 Instructor Wendy Johnson MD MPH email wjohnsuwashingtonedu Of ce Hours By appointment Course Description The course explores relationships between political socioeconomic cultural and demographic conditions of developing countries and their impact on health and health services A major focus of the course is the evolution of primary health care and alternative responses to health problems Other topics addressed include structural adjustment population dynamics child survival policies water and sanitation AIDS appropriate technologies international organizations traditional healing pharmaceutical policy and human resources development The material is presented mostly in online readings and in posted lecturespodcasts and case studies Content of the discussions is shaped by the experience of the students and lecturers The course is based around two basic themes the determinants of health in the Third World and the nature of the responses to Third World health problems Throughout this exploration students will learn both about the upstream and downstream factors affectng health in the developing world and how to systematically assess international health problems devise interventions and begin to plan implementation of programs Course Objectives At the end of this course students will be able to 1 Identify the determinants of health in the Third World 2 Determine and discuss the nature of responses to Third World problems 3 Infer upstream and downstream factors affectng health in the developing world 4 Formulate how to systematically assess international health problems 5 Devise interventions for international health problems and 6 Plan implementation of programs for international health problems Determinants of Health What are the major factors that determine poverty and health in poor countries How does social and economic development in uence disease patterns What are the roles of education family income national income population pressures and land reform on health and well being How do countries differ with respect to the complex tapestry of systems values politics and socioeconomic processes that in uence health How are health and disease distributed among different social classes within countries Responses to Health Problems What have been major responses to the world health situation and how have they evolved over the past several decades What is the mix of biological technical socioeconomic and political responses How do technical or diseasespecific interventions affect the overall pattern of disease causation Who makes decisions about priorities and health related policies On what basis For what end How much local community involvement eXists in decisionmaking What difference does it make What is the nature of international responses to health problems What assumptions and intentions underlie aid programs How do different approaches to improving health affect different countries and different groups within countries of the Third World Given underlying political and socioeconomic inequalities is it possible to intervene locally to address major health problems in resourcepoor settings If so how can we as public health professionals play a constructive role Course Requirements The grade for this course will be based on the following Th ere are two optional inclass sessions Participation in both sessions is required for th e full 4 credits Students unable to participate in the inclass sessions will still be required to complete th e following assignments except for the last inclass presentation for a 3 credit course Please contact me at registration to clari if you will be participating for 3 or 4 credits Participation in an inclass session 4 credit option Weekly posting on the forum each week A short assignment A 5 page paper A short assignment A short assignment A 7 10 page paper A 15 minute presentation 4 credit option 899P NE


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