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by: Sallie Lind PhD


Sallie Lind PhD
GPA 3.84

Kern Ewing

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About this Document

Kern Ewing
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sallie Lind PhD on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ESRM 473 at University of Washington taught by Kern Ewing in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/192022/esrm-473-university-of-washington in Environmental Science and Resource Management at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
ESRM302CFR590 Restoration Design This class reviews disturbancebased Agriculture Grazing Water storage examples of restoration Wetland dredge and Marine bed disturbance Recreation I I Brownfieds Coastaldiking Mining Forestry Urban environments Transportation Ecosystembased restoration examples are presented in ESRM 473 Winter Weekl introduction Design Process Landscape impacts Weeks 23 Elements of a Resturatiun Pruiem Weeks 44m Project Examples and Design Exercises Weekszlrl Design labs 1 Design case studies 2 Site assessment 3 Designing ecological services Designing restoration projects for 4 Agricultural modi cation 5 Grazin damage 6 Wetland dredge or ll 7 Surface mining 8 Brovm elds 9 Recreation damage 10 Urban cree s Each design lab will be based upon the lecture Wednesday morning project example or You will work in teams Grading 10 Weekly reading report 20 Takehome test covering rst three weeks material 35 Each design lab exercise will be turned in for review 7 labs 5 for each 35 Final compilation of design lab solutions Project grades for individuals will be determined by 1 The grade that instructors assign the p 2 Adjusted by the peer evaluation you are given by your group members McLaren cum MlnE Cooke cnv Muntana Mmeacn mow Creek Lower reach mow Creek Site Analysis Determine ecosystem type condition Important steps to go through in before disturbance including ecological elements successional state diversity any reStorat39on des39gn prOblem stability resilience natural disturbance regime functions that should be performed by such a system in good shape Ecological Functions Constraints Assess damage done List the constraints Estimate functions lost What level of repair is possible What is the prOSpeCt for aUtogeniC repair Predict the level of repair that is possible Estimate level and speed of autogenic What is possible in such an ecosystem repair that can be BXPBCted What is possible in such an ecosystem with a modified surrounding environment What are your options Determine a range of restoration outcomes Low stabilize the site and allow autogenic repair to occur High create a site that functions as well as the original Provide many shortcuts to assist plant growth soil development structure What resources are required Plants materials equipment manpower transport Prepare a site design Grades plant material access sediment control storage ecological elements Sequencing and timing Lay out sequencing flow and timing when events must occur for the site preparation and installation Continuing activities What must be done continually during project preparation and installation What must be done after installation


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