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by: Zelda Parker


Zelda Parker
GPA 3.8


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Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zelda Parker on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOC 270 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/192050/soc-270-university-of-washington in Sociology at University of Washington.




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Date Created: 09/09/15
FINAL EXAM RE VIE WSHEE T The following are some of the terms and concepts with which you should be familiar You should be able to apply and define them as well as relate them to other sociological concepts To effectively study for this exam you should know all of the readings and understand all relevant terms critical thinking questions and theories You must also review your lecture notes This is a guide not an exhaustive list of all we ve covered What is on the Final Exam Taylor Whittier Huber Gender Inequality and Sexism Caringella amp MacDonald Rape How Culture Laws and Practices Reinforce Criminal Sexual Violence against Women Faludi The Undeclared War on Women Lecture Notes 7 Section 6 Pittman Teenage Pregnancy Gender Panel7 Faludi Backlash Faludi Stiffed Blankenthome Fatherless America Hall Apocalypse at Jonestown Black Jonestown 7 The Last Hour Tape amp Lecture Black Jonestown 7 Two faces of Suicide A Durkheimian Analysis Tucker 7 Theory of Charismatic Leadership Videos Not on the Exam Bearman AIDS Conceptsl Definitionsl Etc Sexism Feminism Household division of labor Sex Liberal feminism second shift Gender Socialist feminism matrix of domination Gender stratification Radical feminism backlash Gender stratification theories MulticulturalWomanist male mystique sex role theories feminism hypermasculinity Gender differentiation misogynist ideal types Gender gap Professional social movement verstehenale sociology gender division of labor organizations otherworldly sect comparable worth Equal pay act total institution Occupational sex segregation Title VII of the 1964 Civil analytic induction Feminization of poverty Rights Act altruisitic suicide Rape culture Comparable worth fatalistic suicide Rape Equal Rights Amendment charismatic leadership Sexual harassment Affirmative action charismatic movements Social movements quid pro quo Taylor Whittier Huber Gender Inequality and Sexism Describe the two theoretical explanations for women s low status What are some of the strengthsweaknesses of each approach What factors maintain occupational sex segregation Explain the division of labor between men and women What are the three principles underlying the gender division of labor What are the three ways that the economic arena hasdoes discriminate against women How is violence against women seen as a form of social control What are the forms of violence discussed in the chapter What are the four types of feminism Describe each in a sentence or two What are the three basic strategies utilized by feminists to effect change Describe the second shift What key legislation has affected gender inequality What constitutes sexual harassment Caringella amp MacDonald Rape What do Caringella and MacDonald believe to be the root cause of rape How have traditional laws discriminated against rape survivors What are three ways in which rape victims are treated differently in the legal system than the victims of other kinds of crimes What are some of the myths about rape What are some legal reforms that have been implemented How have they beennot been successful F aludi The Undeclared War on Women What are some of the arguments used by the opponents of feminism to show how feminism has had negative consequences for women What kinds of evidence does Faludi offer to explain women s and men s ongoing inequality According to Faludi why has the status of women fallen in the US What does Faludi mean by backlash When does it tend to occur How does this backlash work or manifest What does Faludi argue is feminism s basic agenda How does Faludi argue against the claim that feminism is responsible for making women miserable According to Faludi what has made women unhappy in the last decade Pittman Teenage Pregnancy What makes teen pregnancy a social problem What is the trend in teen pregnancies in the US What are the consequences of early parenthood Who is most at risk of teen pregnancy and parenthood What are the main predictors of teen pregnancy What is Pittman s solution to teen pregnancy What eVidence or statistics does Pittman point to in order to support each of her arguments in this article Hall Apocalypse at Jonestown Black Jonestown The Last Hour Tape amp Lecture Black J onestown Two faces 0fSaicide A Darkheimian Analysis Tucker Theory of Ch arismatic Leadership What are the common explanations for Jonestown that Hall argues against According to Hall what are the origins of Jonestown According to Hall why was the People s Temple distinctive among otherworldly sects Who constituted the members of the Peoples Temple According to Hall why did the people at Jonestown commit mass suicide How is it possible for Jones as a Marxist to be a religious leader What is Hall s argument with respect to the People s Temple and Jonestown What is Prof Black s critique of Hall s argument How does Johnson explain Jonestown What is Weightman s argument regarding Jonestown What do these three arguments have in common What is Prof Black s view on this What is Prof Black s argument in his article regarding Jonestown What is the difference between altruistic and fatalistic suicide What are examples of each type of suicide Explain each type of suicide in the context of Jonestown What is Durkheim s typology of suicide What are the dimensions of the charismatic bond according to Prof Black What are the elements of charismatic leadership according to Tucker Tucker gives us Weber s de nition of charisma What is that de nition What is a charismatic movement How do they arise Why does charismatic leadership emerge in the setting of movements for change LECTURE NOTES Along with the readings you must carefully study and understand the material contained in the assigned lecture notes from the text Dr Black uses the material in these notes on his exams Be aware of the general direction of statistics explained Questions containing statistics are commonly used and although it is difficult to know all of the statistics a general understanding of the direction of the relationships will be adequate PANEL DISCUSSION Gender Panel F aludi Backlash F aludi Stiffed Blankenthome F ath erless America You are responsible for studying and understanding all the material related to the gender panel that has been presented to you This includes the summaries that are available on the course website ll of course that which was presented by the panelists during lecture VIDEOS As with the previous exams there will be questions regarding any videos we view in class EXAM 2 REVIEW SHEET SOCIOLOGY 270 The following are some of the terms and concepts with which you should be familiar You should be able to define and apply them as well as relate them to other sociological concepts To effectively study for this exam you should know all of the readings and understand all relevant terms critical thinking questions and theories This is a guide and not an exhaustive list of all we ve covered You must also review your lecture notes CONCEPTS AND TERMS Wealth 173 Chronic Episodic homelessness 204 Prejudice and Discrimination 268 Capital Wealth 174 Slums of Hope Slums of Despair 293 Affirmative Action 276 417 Official Poverty 176 Hyperghettoization Deindustrialization 305 Poverty rate 177 Social Capital 315 Financial Capital 313 Food Basket 17D Skid row Melting Pot 323 Homeless old and new Feminization of poverty 211 403 Physical Violence 334 Underclass 181 Guaranteed Annual Income 219 Abuse vs 1 nor violence 339 Welfare for the poornonpoor 185186 AssetBased Poverty Model Elder Abuse 342 TANF Culture of Poverty Thesis 229 Hidden Violence Direct Expenditures 187 Ethnicity 246 AFDC 359 Tax Expenditures Minority Group 248 Sexual Orientation 377 Workfare 190 Plessy v Ferguson Domestic partner laws 379 Personal Responsibility amp Work Explanations of social inequality 262 Family Values 385 Opportun1ty Reconciliation Act 180 CRITICAL THINIGNG QUESTIONS Turner and Leonard What is the difference between income wealth and capital How is the official poverty line determined and why can this be problematic What are the differences and similarities between the old and new homeless What larger structural forces does Turner cite as causes of homelessness What does meanstested mean What are the two types of welfare for the poor The nonpoor What are the different options Turner talks about for dealing with poverty Yetman What is the difference between race and ethnicity Is race a biological category How do we define a minority and majority group Explain Plessy v Ferguson and Brown v Board of Education What did they say and why are they important Explain income wealth net worth and net financial assets Which is best for explaining the disparity of wealth in the US Why What is an internal explanation of social inequality Give 2 biological explanations for inequality Give two cultural explanations What is an external explanation of social inequality How does this explain the solution to reduce racial inequality What is the relationship between prejudice and discrimination What methods have we used to combat racial inequality Steinberg What does the term culture of poverty refer to What is Lewis s explanation for a selfperpetuating cycle of poverty If the elimination of poverty will not eradicate the culture of poverty what will according to Lewis What argument does Banfield make in response to Lewis What is the position of critics of the culture of poverty thesis What are slums of hope and slums of despair Give examples Why might these be oversimplistic What are the implications of the Moynihan Report What is Liebow s reaction to the idea that poverty is a function of cultural transmission Wacquant and Wilson How do the urban black poor of today differ from others according to Wacquant and Wilson What is their explanation for these changes What has altered the social structure of the inner city What are the spatial and industrial changes that the authors describe What is hyperghettoization What are its causes Explain the Black class structure in and out of the ghetto What is social capital How does social isolation brought about by living in the ghetto effect the use of social capital Gelles What are the three main sources of information on family violence What is the psychopathological model of domestic violence and abuse What are the problems associated with this mo el What are the two myths about social factors and domestic violence Among which groups in society are rates of family violence the highest How do the does each of the following theories explain family violence Social Learning Theory Social Situational Theory Resource Theory Ecological Theory Exchange Theory Patriarchy Feminist Theory What are the five steps for the prevention of violence that Gelles discusses Harris Name three myths about single mothers hint race employment reason to have children out of wedlock Name two attitude changes that can describe why American Families have changed name the two forces that underlie these shifts in attitudes Describe what economic incentives a single mother has to take a lowwage job vs reliance upon welfare Name five potential consequences for children who grow up in motheronly families What are two flawed assumptions of policy makers that have led to welfare to work policies Name three practical social policy approaches to restructuring the welfare system Riedman Define sexual orientation What do those in favor of legal marriage for samesex couples cite as their reasons Name 45 of them Why do gay and lesbian opponents of legal marriage object to it Name two reasons About how many gay male or lesbian parents have produced how many children in America Discuss three factors which demonstrate that children of lesbian and gay parents are welladjusted with no noticeable differences from children of heterosexual parents Name two challenges adolescent children of samesex parents may face What are the origins of these problems LECTURE NOTES Along with these readings you must carefully study and understand the material contained in the two sets of lecture notes assigned This material is often used on exams in this course Be aware of the general direction of statistics explained Questions containing statistics are comm only used and although it is difficult to know all of the statistics a general understanding of the direction of the relationships will be adequate Wilson Review Questions 1 When did problems in ghetto neighborhoods reach catastrophic proportions and how was it characterized 2 According to Wilson have the affects of discrimination increased or decreased today 3 What has been the net result of immigration into the US 4 What are the basic economic changes that he makes mention of How did these affect urban minorities 5 What has been the effect of social transformation in the inner city 6 What has been the effect of Social Isolation 7 The resulting Vicious cycle is perpetuated through what four things And the result is what


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