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by: Graciela Hilpert III


Graciela Hilpert III
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 17 page Class Notes was uploaded by Graciela Hilpert III on Wednesday September 9, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to DXARTS 472 at University of Washington taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/192121/dxarts-472-university-of-washington in Digital Arts And Experimental Media at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 09/09/15
003000 h O00100ODOOODUUQOODOUOOqu D U U O DID 00 010 O D C O O D U O O 0300 O oawwwvow muoow meoow WWMQOWWLMW MOWOQOWW chWOo r z lt n 0300 no oaaoua Q o 00 D O o o a 2 f 1 LP nJ CF CO 00001 OOL DUO 00 comma Do an coco a o a Goa amo a o o no 0 Enoch nooyu noown x u 30 a c 50 c L 1 r L 000 000 e on a 09 mo 00 030va oxu oo 000 000 0b ogto o 0 o o o c r o oltn co 0 a Q 0 00 clto a as 2 am a an no no a u z so a DXARTS 472 Modularity lecture 12 Modular Hardware Assemblies of smaller parts modules that are interchangeable o Modules are scalable reusable and selfcontained both physically and functionally Modular systems are highly customizable alternative versions of modules can be easily snapped into place Modular Software Paradigms Unstructured programming background51l hackground45 0k until the program gets large all data is global and sequences of commands need to be repeated Procedural programming void changeBackgroundint col hackground col changeBackground 51 changeBackgmundmm Reduces errors if a function works then it can be called repetitively If something goes wrong it is easier to locate Limited to the current program these functions are not shared Modular programming import someLibrary void changeBackgroundint culvH backgroundcol ChangeBackgrouudsomelerarysumeMethodOl Crossfertilization cloned vs generative OOP is the best way to implement modular programing here we consider each module as an object composed of other objects Some of these objects will be fixed some variable Size Color Temperature Display Sound Thereby two identical modules can in fact demonstrate different behavior Further when one module interacts with another novel behavior can emerge Systems Theory With a modular approach we can construct complexity from simple units We can also attempt to predict the behavior of the whole from the parts To what extent can a module change without affecting the functionality of the entire system InsidP outside interfaces Evolution within speci c parameters The Universal Connector The universal connector provides a means for modules to communicate with each other and share data Does a module s behavior change when interconnected with another module Any given connector is designed to pass specific kinds of information in this project this is a key aesthetic decision What is communicated 7 if 0 What changes on each side 0 What do we discover from this DTR 12VW Pm 39 V1 1 crs TxD RTS RxD 23 39 VT T O Pm O I V2 I Serial DB9 IVIale 00300 00 COO 3000 JO OQOOOQ b 00 0000100ODOOODUUQOODOUOOqu no 0 J mu cod 00 03 000 on 00 on no Wooonusxoamp Mooawneoqw munow macaw 000W 0Lu0 000 Woooww vowwoocmU n cooomooo oxo a mnouaoom Do on D 0amp0 enema Do an cocoa o o a Dog amo a o o as oo o u a 00o noo u ocean x u 50 a c 50 c o w r a L 000 000 e on a 09 mo 00 030va oxu 000 000 0b 09 o 0 o o o c r o oltn 30 0 Q 0 00 clto a as a as a an no a u 2 as a DXARTS 472 lecture 10 Network Software u a Computer Networking Computer networking can be de ned as communications between two or more computers Using the Arudino and Processing you are already familiar with one type of computer networking RS 232 communications RS 232 Is relatively slow sena and operates over short is 311C954 15 50m meet a It is a standard that is Incorporated into many elettronie devices sensors computers displays ere Network Protocols TCP1P In order to communicate over larger distances computer to computer we ally use either TCP1P or UDP r TCP1P Transmission Control ProtocolInternet Protocol is a core 1 protocol for Internet communications 39 WWWV Emajl We use it to allow different machines to run applications that can connect to each other and exchange streams of da a An application will communicate with TCP which formats data for sending TCP sends the formatted data up the stack to the IP for transmission to the other computer The TCP gives each transmission a sequence number and sends an acknowledgement for any received message This way bo computers TCP modules can confirm receipt of whatever data they send This makes TCP1P robust and reliable capable of recognizing when r 7 packets of data are lost or damaged Network Protocols UDP UDP user datagram protocol is a simplified version of TCPIP that sends short datagrams It does not authenticate and verify the arrival of data packets making it quicker but less reliable than TCPIP Messages sent via UDP will not necessarily arrive in the order they are sent This makes it well suited for fast lightweight applications such as microcontroller communication real time audio online games etc Network Ports In both TCPIP and UDP we send data packets to specific port addresses on remote computers This way different kinds of data can be sent to the same machine simultaneously We use a 16bit number 165535 that is agreed in advance between the sending and receiving machine Certain port numbers are reserved FTP21 Telnet23 HTTP80 Typically ports 11023 require authorization to use Routing When packets are sent using TCPIP or UDP we can select a range of different paths for them to follow Anyeast oneto many message is sent to one of several possible addresses Broadcast onetomany message is sent all available addresses simultaneously Multjeast onetomany message is sent to a range of addresses simultaneously Unieast oneto one message is sent to one speci c address V H u w Hunting Schemes 0 o o o o o anycasi O i Q 0 broadcasl C mumcasl 39 o O I O umcasi OpenSound Control OSC Developed at Center for New Music and Audio Technologies CNMAT UC Berkeley OSC is a protocol for communication between computers sound synthesizers and multimedia devices particularly audiorelated connect sensors to musical instruments 0 receive data from several performers simultaneously 39 networked performances Ported to many software platforms including Processing MAXMSP Python etc 77 Individual contribution Individual contribution H IndIVIdual l 7 contribution Exposed l amaers 7 A rameiers Exposed l parameter OSC in Processing Typically OSC messages are sent between computers using UDP In Processing we can use the oscP5 library httpwwwsoiamodeiviudexphpnu OSC messages consist of an address in the format bob followed by type identi ers i integer f oat s string etc I bob f 02 Software Serial You are used to sending serial messages between devices with the Ar uino d Arduino rProcessiug Mduino 7 LCD We simply use the Serial Library Se albegintg ool Whenever we send or receive a serial message using the above commands itis sent through the USB port on the Arduino and also through the RXTX pins 1 and 0 Sometimes we need more than one serial device to be attached at once 7 7 eg talking to Processing and controlling an LCD For this we use the So ware Serial Library in which we de ne other pins for serial communications smwarue 311 p e Wireless Serial A simple way to connect multiple microcontrollers together wirelessly is Via radio modules such as the XBee Xbee transmits using a Wireless PAN protocol typically to communicate with other Xbee modules Range is around 30 ft and usage involves setting up a common PAN ID and port addresses then sending receiving serial messages Xbeesendpde Pin 1Arduin0 33V i 394 7 39 Pin 2 Arduino RX t I Fla 2 o Pin 3 Arduino TX I I i i u 39 Pn6 LED l D quott L l Pin 15 LED I II n t Pin 13 LED I l Pm 10 Ground luvIt Pln Lab Exercise Work with a partner to establish a Xbee connection between your Arduinos Set one Arduino up to send and one to receive the following A 39 39 n1 input mmde push bunnn gt LE 1 An analog input command potantiometergt pwm Serial Data to be displayed on an LCD tax gt text Experiment with communicating with other groups If you have time do the same using OSC and Processing


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